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Goodbye & Amen

original title: Goodbye e amen


  • Export Version
  • Italian Version
Release: Apr 04, 2024 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
The Export version was compared with the Italian version.

Goodbye and Amen

In Rome, CIA agent John Dhannay plans to assassinate an African politician. Without any apparent motive, his colleague Harry Lambert kills two people and holes himself up in a hotel room. He takes the actor Jack and his mistress Mrs. De Mauro hostage. John's operation is at stake and he does everything he can to eliminate Harry...
Goodbye and Amen begins as a political thriller about a planned assassination, but quickly turns into a hostage drama. The extent to which the CIA mission and the hostage-taking are connected is only slowly revealed, with the movie still delivering a few twists and surprises. Exciting and worth seeing. With Tony Musante and Claudia Cardinale.

UK Blu-ray with two cut versions

On January 29, 2024, Goodbye and Amen was released on Blu-ray in the UK by Radiance Films. In addition to the uncut original Italian version, an export version seven minutes shorter is also included. This has been trimmed by a few plot scenes that are not absolutely necessary to understand the film. The export version is cut quite cleverly and the cuts are not noticeable if you are not familiar with the uncut version. When Mrs. De Mauro reads the letter from the police, it is in English or Italian, depending on the version.

Anyone interested in the movie can pick up the UK Blu-ray from Radiance Films without hesitation.

Running time:
  • Export version: 102:17 min.
  • Italian version: 109:33 min.

Alternative title overlays.

Export versionItalian version


No time difference


Before John enters the conference room, Rogers is seen looking out the window and asking a man if this is the balcony from which Mussolini gave his speeches. The man confirms this. John joins him and the two go into the meeting room. Beforehand, John tells the secretary not to receive any calls.

IT: 18 sec


The meeting is followed by another scene in IT.

John is walking down the corridor. Parenti follows him and is approached by a woman who says he has to sign a contract. Parenti replies curtly that he has to wait. When Parenti enters John's office, he is immediately grabbed by John. John is furious and says that he should never do anything like that again. People trust him because he always knows about everything and is the first to know. Parenti says he was told by Connors last night to break the news to Udomi as a surprise. The idea was to put Udomi under pressure. John asks him who is giving the orders. Parenti replies that the boss thinks that John is sometimes a little too brash after the last flop in Beirut. John says that it wasn't his fault in Beirut and tells Parenti to never do that again because he has to follow his orders, not Connors'. Parenti says that they've been working together for a long time. John seems reassured and says they should get back to work.

IT: 1:32 min


Renata tells John she needs to see him. John replies that he can't right now. When Renata won't let go, John says he'll come see her as soon as he can.

IT: 14 sec


John and Parenti are seen in the car earlier. John radios Goldie to stop Lambert.

IT: 6 sec


Renata watching television.

IT: 10 sec


Grayson can be seen longer, aiming his rifle. Then we see the beggar Agostino asking an American for money. He sends him away and walks on. Cut to Grayson.

IT: 35 sec


The camera pans further down the hotel corridor after Grayson has left the room. Two maids are walking down the hallway. One of the women wonders why the door to the room is unlocked. She looks around the corridor.

IT: 20 sec


John wants to know from Renata when Harry stopped sleeping with her. Renata replies that it's been almost four months and says that they barely spoke to each other during their time in Africa. Renata wonders why Harry took her with him in the first place.

IT: 26 sec


After Mrs. De Mauro calls for the inspector, you can see the policeman opening the ventilation shaft. The gunman takes up position. Moreno can be heard over the loudspeaker in the background.

IT: 12 sec


Ron sneaks into the garden and watches from there as the two policemen talk to Renata and John. They show them the case with the gun. Renata faints.

IT: 33 sec


The note from the police that Ms. De Mauro reads is in English or Italian, depending on the version.

English versionItalian version

No runtime difference (4 sec each)


Grayson has to visibly restrain himself from throwing a punch at Mrs. De Mauro. He orders her to her knees and forces her to say that she is a dirty whore. Mrs. De Mauro does as he asks and begins to cry. Grayson tells her that he would have done the same thing. He tells her to call the police.

IT: 1:02 min.


Some hotel guests walk past a policeman and ask him if they have finished with the terrorists yet. The policeman says that it is not a terrorist, but a common criminal. He asks the people to be patient.

Jack says to Grayson that he is now a VIP. Mrs. De Mauro asks Grayson why he is doing this, since he is a diplomat. Grayson says that Mrs. De Mauro must think he's crazy or a junkie. He shows her his arm to prove that there are no puncture marks. Jack shouts that he's almost an ambassador. Grayson asks him what's so special about that.

IT: 45 sec.


As the phone rings, Grayson leans against a wall. He talks to himself that it's his fault, holding the barrel of the gun to his head. He comes to his senses and says that they won't get him this time. He gets up and picks up the phone.

IT: 49 sec.


After looking at the projectile, Moreno runs to Grayson's body. He shows the projectile to his colleague.

IT: 20 sec.


Depending on the version, the English or Italian credits can be seen.

Export versionItalian version

No time difference.