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Hot Dog... The Movie

Sergio Leone Westerns


Elvira: Mistress of the Dark


artist: George Michael


  • Nice Version
  • Rude Version
Release: May 08, 2017 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX
This is a comparison between the censored Nice Version and the uncensored Rude Version, only the latter is part of the DVD Twenty Five.

There is alternate footage shown on 4 occasions. It was made harder to lipreaders 2 times. Every chorus has the a word changed or omitted (see cut at 1:19)

The Rude Version shows a gyrating couple, the Nice Version shows something less explicit.

Nice VersionRude Version


The Rude Version shows something that is shown later in the Nice Version, while the Nice Version shows something both versions show later in a longer scene.

Nice VersionRude Version


Here, the Nice Version shows the mentioned material. The Rude Version shows someone who apparently sunk too low to be nice.

Nice VersionRude Version


The f-word has been exchanged in the Nice Version. To make it harder for people that can read lips, an X is imposed over Goerge's mouth.

Nice VersionRude Version


The Nice Version omits the f-word this time. An X still marks the spot.

Nice VersionRude Version


While the Nice Version shows George Michael, the Rude Version shows two dogs. The following shot of George Michael starts earlier in the Rude Version as well.

Nice VersionRude Version