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Knock yourself out

artist: Jadakiss


  • Censored Version
  • Uncensored Version
Release: Oct 21, 2012 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Tony Montana
The idea of the rap video "Knock yourself out" was doomed from the very first beginning which is why another version was precautionally produced. Most of the parts are different but not that different that a comparison would be impossible. To sum it up, one could say that the shots of rapping Jadakiss are equal. But then again, almost any other shot is different. Furthermore, but due to its obviousness not really woth being mentioned, several text parts have been removed from the audio track. That doesn't only concern the swear word but also any comment about drugs and weapons.

The Uncensored Version is available on the DVD "Uncensored Music Videos Hip Hop Volume 1" by Hardware. Due to two music videos, this German DVD is rated FSK 18. "Knock Yourself Out" is one of them even though the HC scenes keep within a limit.
Right at the beginning, some fast cuts to Jadakiss and an orgy with three women on a huge bed have been removed. The Censored Version doesn't contain a single frame of the orgy!
4 sec

In the Uncensored Version, the tracking shot of the sports car gets interrupted by a further cut to the three nude chicks. For the period of the interruption, the corresponding part of the tracking shot has been removed.


In the Censored Version, there's no interruption of the tracking shot because there's no cut to the chicks which is why the tracking shot ic complete here.
2.5 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

Jadakiss howls like a wolf. Most of the chauvinistic suggestion comes from the off. Jadakiss isn't on the screen until the echo scream. And when he's finally onscreen, a different angle has been used.
Censored Version:

He also howls in the Uncensored Version but there's no comment from the off and (as already mentioned) the angle is different. All in all, the montage of the scene is totally different which is why determining the difference is not only a long shot but also a shot which is simply too long:
Uncensored Version:

In the Censored Vesion, Jadakiss also gets in the sports car:

Freeze frame after he howled in the Uncensored Version, then the lyrics start:

In the Uncensored Version, only the yes of a woman are visible. Then a recut to one of her eyes that opens. Subsequently a further shot of Jadakiss:

Now the Uncensored Version finally cuts to the chase and the orgy on the bed gets going:

2.5 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

The Censored Version also contains a shot of the woman, that approaches Jadakiss, from the front plus a futrther shot of Jadakiss. Then the woman again. She approaches him from another angle:

The Uncensored Version begins with a black screen, followed by a close-up of the woman's top. She slowly lifts it. As if the angle wasn't close enough yet, another more closer shot follows:
approx. 5 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

Censored Version:
In the Censored Version, the woman is flirting with Jadakiss in front of his ride plus further shots of rapping Jadakiss.

Uncensored Version:
The Uncensored Vesion shows the orgy on the bed again. Two chicks are making out, Jaakiss is between them.
3 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

Now a scene in the Uncensored Version that appeared earlier in the Censored Version (someone puts a Playboy ring on her finger).
The Censored Version contains a scene that's not in the Uncensored Version instead. The woman also kisses Jadakiss' cheek:
2 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

Now sth. absolutely contrary for a change:

The Censored Version shows rapping Jadakiss. He whips out a tag or sth. with a Ruff Ryders logo on it and waves it around. Then a shot of his and the woman in front of his sports car. Then a cut to Jadakiss, he's smiling to the camera. The last shot is also at the beginning of the Uncensored Version. The chorus is being rapped for the very time during that shot. Now a shot of Jadakiss and woman, they're cruising around:

There's no car and no broad in the Uncensored Version. But therefore it has several shots of the orgy (with three other chicks). The black chicks rubs her boobs against the boobies of the blond one. Then another shot, one of the chicks adjusts her string while the others are lolling.
approx. 9 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

The images during the chorus are different in either of the versions:

In the Censored Version, he and the chick keep cruising around in his ride. Having arrived, they leave his ride and go to another upmarket apartment with others in it. Moreover, the scene is being interrupted by intercuts of rapping Jadakiss. Instead of describing it, you better see for yourself:

In the Uncensored Version, the orgy continues. No need for a description here.
12 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

Censored Version:
The upamrket apartment again. Some chicks are sunbathing, others getting out of the pool:

Uncensored Version:
The orgy one more time.
5.5 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

Censored Version
Jadakiss' "escort" is lying on her lounger, looking at the camera. Cut to Jadakiss on a lounger, followed by an extended shot of him rapping. (The Uncensored Version only contains the remaining part of this shot.):

Uncensored Version:
Quelle surprise! The orgy continues.
approx. 4 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

Censored Version:

  • Shot of a bikinied chick.
  • Rapping Jadakiss.
  • Jadakiss gets up from the lounger.
  • Rapping Jadakiss.
  • A chick on a lounger protrudes her boobies.
  • (Rapping) Jadakiss in front of the BBQ.
  • Some general party scenes.
  • Shot of a laughing black dude.

Uncensored Version:
Two further shots of the orgy. Two of the chicks loll and hug each other.
9 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

"Check this out, I'm runnin' out of my patience"
From now on, the entire gets totally out of hand. The versions don't match anymore for quite some time. The summarized sequence in the Censored Version:
The party is in progress. People are dancing, regular intercuts to rapping Jadakiss - once in front of the BBQ, once somewhere else. His escort gets up from the lounger and approaches to the pool gracefully. On her way to the pool, she drops her jacket. Now, since she's just wearing a bikini, she jumps into the pool. In the meantime, the party's still in process. People are still dancing, singing etc.

The Uncensored Version on the other hand goes freaking berserk. While the shot of Jadakiss' escort jumping in the pool looks smoking hot in the Censored Version, the three chicks on the bed get completely undressed during the line "Don't sleep with me and don't speak with me". Any detail is being revealed here and there are 2-3 HC scenes as well. I don't even make the attempt to explain all the positions, you better see for yourself (no HC pics!):
36 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

Censored Version:
Shot of Jadakiss' escort:

Uncensored Version:
The chicks are fooling around with Jadakiss. He spanks of them.
1 second has been replaced (no difference)

Censored Version:
Jadakiss' escort comes closer, bends over and whispers sth. to him.

Uncensored Version
Oral sex - but offscreen. One of the chicks pushes the head of the "busy one" gently down.
5.5 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

Censored Version:
Jadakiss' companion looks at the camera. Cut to the party. People are dancing to the music, interrupted by intercuts of rapping Jadakiss.

Uncensored Version:
Guess what we have in the Uncensored Version? If you thought at the orgy, you were right. Jadakiss with one of the broads at first. Then a bit making out and finally a close-up of Jadakiss' hand between the legs of one of the chicks. But he's being shot in profile so that the scene is sleazy but not yet HC.
40 seconds have been replaced (no difference)

The end of the song has also been removed. The beat changes and Jadakiss presents himself and his posse in front of the camera. They keep rapping to the new beat. Besides Jadakiss, one of his dogs has also the opportunity to come up with some lyrics.
38 sec