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Taste of Vengeance (aka Cowards Don't Pray)

original title: I vigliacchi non pregano


  • French DVD
  • Uncut German DVD
Release: Jul 23, 2019 - Author: Uncut-Master - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut French DVD by Evidis and the Uncut Version (German DVD by Koch Media).

There is 1 cut with a length of 978.96 seconds .

Duration cut French DVD (excl. end credits): 1:36:25 (in PAL).
Duration uncut German DVD (excl. end credits): 1:53:35 (in PAL).

A very interesting and successful Italo-Western with Gianni Garko and Ivan Rassimov in the leading roles. In France and Spain the film has been available on DVD for some time now, but it was only released in a very short version and only in the respective national language. Due to the identical running times of about 96 minutes one can assume that they contain the same short version, especially as the type and the extent of the censorship of the French DVD is a special one, which can't be proven for sure due to the lack of a Spanish DVD. Instead of several action or violence cuts, only one action cut was made for reasons of tightening, which seems sensitive with a length of 16.5 minutes rounded up, but doesn't really harm the film, but rather prepares a healthy tempo. It hit the scene block in which Daniel (Rassimov) asserts himself as the new sheriff and among other things ends a power struggle between two rival families as well as a revolver duel. In itself well and at times thrillingly staged, which above all puts the focus on Rassimov's character, but doesn't support the plot, but rather slows it down. As you can already see on the cover of the French version, the label Evidis also unnecessarily marketed the film as a "Django" film - a practice that was very successful especially in Germany - which can also be seen from the synchro, as Garkos and not Rassimov's character, which one might assume from the cover, is always addressed with the name of the famous antihero, even though it doesn't fit at all to this film. As already indirectly noted at the beginning, the film was released in 2013 by Koch Media together with three other Italo westerners in a DVD box, which is completely uncut and carries a FSK-16 approval. It should also be noted that the remaining runtime difference results from the longer black images at the beginning and end of the uncut version as well as various master errors, which are mainly found in the cut version, and the latter were not included in the cut report due to lack of relevance.

Time-index refers to
cut French DVD (in PAL) / uncut German DVD (in PAL).
0:00:00 / 0:00:00

The uncut version begins insignificantly earlier.

1.6 sec

0:49:20 / 0:49:28

After Daniel was appointed as the new Sheriff of Fort City, the uncut version is followed by a shot of the captain of the village and his troops riding out of the village. Then you can see how Daniel pursues his new activity and looks after what is right. He finally meets "Filthy Bottle", who gestures that he has nothing to drink anymore, whereupon Daniel gives him money and he hurries to the nearby saloon. Arriving there, he orders two schnapps for himself and Walter, which are also served right away. Shortly before Filthy also wants to take his drink, he is stopped by the saloon owner, who has already observed him before, and made aware of the fact that first they pay and then they drink. He replies that there had been more trust in his time and that he had been drunk first and then perhaps paid for, whereupon they counter with the fact that eight owners had gone bankrupt for this reason. She adds that this will never happen to her, whereupon Filthy calls her a cutthroat and reluctantly pays her before he drinks his glass with a sip. Then he hangs and rolls out a sheet with the inscription "Sheriff" and reports that the odds are three to one. After one asked the other who was there, a prospective customer asked what exactly was going on, whereupon Filthy said that he was talking about the new sheriff and that she would get three dollars from him if he - the sheriff - were still alive until Saturday. If he was killed before that, he would demand that they give him a dollar. After Filthy has asked who is there, he asks for the names of the participants, who are also named and written down relatively quickly, while Filthy accepts and takes the bets at the same time. The last person hands Filthy the bet without naming a name, whereupon the latter angrily requests the name. It's Daniel who registers with his name and job title, whereupon Filthy slowly turns around and looks at Daniel in shame, who obviously takes the action with humor. After Filthy has said meekly to Daniel that the minimum stake is one dollar, but since it is Daniel, the Sheriff, he also - obvious to the viewer - accepts an apparently lower stake. Because at that moment shots are fired outside the saloon, whereupon Daniel and Robert go outside and enter the saloon again with a serious face. The first asks the people if they happen to know what just happened, whereupon Filthy says that they are small massacres among families and suspects that it was probably the Douglas' and the Perkins'. After Daniel has asked who they are and Filthy apparently doesn't like to talk about the families and shrugs her shoulders, the saloon owner confidently answers that they are the true rulers of the village and that they "discuss" them more often, whereupon Daniel confronts them with the rhetorical question that they let their guns speak. Filthy tries to put the problem into perspective by saying that words are not exactly their strength, whereupon Daniel assures those present that they will then learn and order them to tell these people who will kill from now on will be hanged. At the end Daniel leaves the saloon and grabs Robert by the left shoulder.

The next scene follows, in which Julie talks to Daniel about Bryan. First they greet each other. Then he asks her what's wrong with her and if she's still thinking about him - Bryan - whereupon she opens up to Daniel and says that there's something about Bryan she didn't figure out. Daniel knows, whereupon she goes on to say that the former is a friend of his and that he should not have let him down. She finally asks Daniel to help him, whereupon he replies that he doesn't want him to help him and adds that Bryan doesn't take anything from anyone. He takes what he wants for himself. Suddenly shots are fired outside, whereupon Daniel looks and, together with Filthy and Robert, discovers the body of a man who has a bloody gunshot wound to his left temple. Daniel asks Filthy if he knows him, and the latter answers somewhat hesitantly that he is one of the Perkins'. Daniel confronts Filthy with the suggestive question that one of the Douglas' might have killed him, whereupon the latter agrees with the question not verbally but mimically and advises him to leave the matter alone. Daniel asks for the reason and argues very cleverly that it would be in his - Filthys - interest if he would go before Saturday, whereupon his interlocutor agreed with him and he hadn't even thought of it. After Daniel has asked who it was from the Douglas', Filthy suggests a pact. He would tell him with the condition that if he - Daniel - was still alive on Saturday, he would pay out the winnings for him. Filthy asks Daniel if this is all right, whereupon he agrees and is given the name "William". The next scene follows, in which Daniel publicly talks to William's mother about her son. First you see Daniel and Robert, who are in front of the Douglas' house and the first speaks directly to William with the words that as Sheriff of Fort City he will arrest him for the killing of James Perkins. Both take a few steps, and Daniel orders William to come out with his hands up. Otherwise, he is forced to take him. William replies that he - Daniel - could try and that he would receive him with open arms. While the two then approach the house with further steps, Robert tells Daniel that he is afraid, and Daniel lets him know that he feels the same way. When the two saw two armed men at the open windows, Daniel advised them not to do so in their place. After suddenly some henchmen of the Douglas' and also Bill and Felix Perkins joined, William's mother comes out of the house and asks Daniel what the jester's posse is supposed to do and since when the Perkins' are on the side of the law. At the moment the Perkins are the law, Daniel says, whereupon William's mother replies that they are pigs and criticizes him for believing them at word. She further asks him if he wants old booby to live her son's life and insults him as a swine dog, whereupon Bill calls the Perkins' the word "murderer". Daniel remains objective and tells William's mother that her son will have a regular trial and if found guilty, he will pay. Otherwise, he would return home unharmed. After he has also given her his word, she assures him that he will give her much more if her son's hair is crooked and finally calls William out of the house, who is then taken away.

We continue with the next scene, in which William is made the process. First the judge asks for silence and then opens the trial. The accusation that William Douglas was accused of the killing of James Perkins is dealt with, whereupon Daniel is given the floor and this William asks whether he pleads guilty to the killing of James Perkins. William denies this and defends himself by saying that he acted in self-defense and shot at them. After the spectators discussed loudly and the judge admonished them to be quiet, Daniel William asks the suggestive question that James was not alone, whereupon the latter denies it. William explains that James was with his brother Felix and that he was the first to shoot. Felix says that this is not true and that he - William - killed poor James by shooting him in the back when they were about to leave. After Filthy mumbled that it wasn't like that, the saloon owner asked him what he had just said. After Daniel has requested that the body of James Perkins be examined, the two are seen again in the audience. The saloon owner, who apparently understood what Filthy quietly said in front of her, makes her neighbor an offer that he says what he knows and she would grant him a loan, whereupon he suddenly calls out to Daniel that this - the examination of the body - is not necessary and that he can testify. He had seen everything and his eyes were good, whereupon Daniel asked him if he had witnessed the shooting, which he affirmed. How else could he claim to have seen everything, says Filthy, whereupon Daniel hands him the word and asks what he saw. He tells that he had just met James and Felix Perkins when he saw William approaching them from the other side. He goes on to say to the judge that Felix shouted to William Douglas that his mother was the Sheriff's girlfriend, whereupon Felix angrily calls her a dirty worm and Bill reacts angrily to the insult against his son. After the judge repeatedly asked the audience to rest and threatened to evacuate the room, Daniel asked Filthy to continue, who eventually told that Felix was not satisfied with insulting William's mother and that he and his brother fired some bullets at him. William fought back and it was exactly the same, says Filthy. After Filthy has further explained that James is retarded, William's mother takes the floor and tells Daniel that Felix has left, whereupon the judge judges that William Douglas is free and the trial is over. After all those present have got up, William's hands are released, whereupon he goes to his mother and takes her in his arms. After Filthy has gestured to the saloon owner that he wants his reward now, the two disappear from the room, whereupon William's mother Daniel asks what happens next. Now it's Felix Perkins' turn and he goes to get him personally, says Daniel, whereupon Bill calls out that this will show up. In the end, William's mother says to her son that this time it will be they who actively support the law.

The last scene is about the revolver duel between Daniel and Felix that Bill initiates. First, Daniel speaks to Bill, saying that the trial had shown that his son Felix was the first to shoot and that it was his duty as sheriff of this county to arrest him and present him to the judge. He would then go to a regular trial, Daniel continued, whereupon Bill would criticize him for believing a drunkard more than his sworn representatives. Daniel then says that having sworn allegiance to the law does not mean that it does not apply to him - Bill - and that he is also a man of the church, whereupon Bill contradicts him that he is a man of God and only willing to accept his - God's - judgment. He then asks Daniel whether he is prepared to face the judgment of God. This one and his son. Daniel asks the counter-question what that means, whereupon Bill approaches him and with a flick of his finger calls one of his henchmen, who brings along two revolvers. After William's mother, who observes the conversation with the other inhabitants of the village, asked herself why the Sheriff was getting involved with this fool pose, Bill Daniel explains that there are twelve bullets in the revolvers. Eleven are blanks and only one in the two colts is deadly, whereupon Daniel should make a choice. After he chooses a revolver, Bill asks his son to do the same, who is reluctant to follow his father's orders. Daniel then calls Bill an exalted man, whereupon he wishes God to guide their hands. Eventually both take up their positions as the people standing about step back and make room. After Filthy had persuaded Daniel to play along and was confident that it would end well for him - Daniel - Bill explained to the two of them that everyone should fire a shot. First one, then the other. After asking if that was clear, he tells Daniel that he is starting and that God is making the right decision. There are a total of three complete rounds in which neither of the two has fired the deadly bullet. After Daniel has pulled the trigger a fourth time and has not released a shot again, the far more fearful Felix asks him excitedly, how come that he is so calm and whether there is a trick behind it. Felix then calls Daniel a bastard and tells him to see if he can stand on his legs, whereupon he pulls his own revolver, which is shot out of Felix's hand by Daniel, who had the real cartridge in his barrel. Bill finally stands between the two and tells Daniel that he had the right bullet. God knows the truth, whereupon Bill speaks to his son that he is handing him over to human justice. After Daniel Bill has said that he should hang up the revolver and that he agrees, the captain appears with the cavalry troop and asks the former whether everything is in order that he affirms. He also asks if the captain has heard of Bryan Clarke, whereupon Daniel asks for the reason. The captain tells him that Bryan had apparently been spotted in their county and that this bounty was on Bryan's head, whereupon Daniel looks at Bryan's profile, while the captain makes it clear to Daniel that if Bryan were to show up with his men here, he would have to be caught. Dead or alive. At the end Daniel speaks imaginary to Bryan that he is playing an ugly game. The first one and a half seconds of Bryan's next shot through the window of Julie's room are also missing.

978.96 sec

1:36:24 / 1:53:08

The black image at the end is much longer in the uncut version and continues to be accompanied by the film score which begins before the "Fine" insertion and can only be heard in the uncut version.

25.96 sec