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Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, The


  • Theatrical Version
  • US TV Version
Release: Apr 04, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Badly injured and with several gunshot wounds, police officer Nordberg is fished out of the harbor of Los Angeles. His colleague Frank Drebin has just returned from an assignment in Beirut and is immediately put on the case by his boss Ed Hocken. Nordberg has sneaked aboard the boat "I luv you", which belongs to the company of the respected businessman Vincent Ludwig. When Frank questions him, he becomes suspicious and sets his assistant Jane Spencer on Frank. The two fall in love with each other. Things get turbulent when the visit of Queen Elizabeth II is imminent and Frank learns that Ludwig is planning an attempt on her life. With the help of hypnotically induced triggers, he can turn anyone into an assassin. At a baseball game, Ludwig plans to strike. Can Frank stop him?

When the legendary trio Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker brought the series The Naked Gun, about chaos cop Frank Drebin, his colleague Nordberg and his boss Ed Hocken, to TV screens in 1982, the three were too far ahead of their time. Despite gags every second, crazy puns and weird ideas, it remained for only one season with six episodes. In 1988, they made a second attempt and brought Frank Drebin to the big screen with The Naked Gun. Little changed in the concept and the comedy became a huge success, eventually spawning two sequels.

Extended version with additional scenes on US TV

A longer version of the film was shown on US TV, which was extended by various gags, but on the other hand was cut by somewhat too coarse or frivolous jokes. For example, the entire scene in which Frank escapes from Ludwig's office after the fire and staggers into the woman's apartment with the broken stone penis is missing. Conjecture about Nordberg's potential gay lover is missing, as is the middle finger of student driver Stephanie. When Jane retrieves the stuffed beaver from the attic, the phrase "Nice beaver." by Frank in the TV version was changed to "Nice one." which ruined the gag.

On the other hand, the many scene extensions are very amusing. When Wilma is sobbing at her husband's bedside at the beginning, in another scene you see her despairing over the fact that they can't have children anymore. Frank just says that Nordberg isn't even dead yet and they can talk about their life together later. As Frank leaves Nordberg's room, he hits a switch on the wall that turns off Nordberg's life support, setting off an alarm at the hospital. There is a bit more dialogue from the mayor at the press conference, but the scene of Frank going to the bathroom has been shortened considerably. At the harbor, Frank talks longer with the foreman in the TV version, exchanging bills more often. During the assassination attempt on Nordberg in the hospital, Frank unsettles a nurse with erroneous police codes until she jumps out of the window out of panic. The scene in which Frank reflects on the case in an inner monologue is considerably longer. So we see him riding bumper cars, doing aerobics, and walking through a women's shower while deep in thought. As he investigates Ludwig's office, a fox fur gets stuck on Frank's pants and there are more scenes of the office on fire.

In a completely new scene, Ludwig is seen in the burned out office and ordering that Frank be killed. The scuffle in the slaughterhouse is longer and there are also more scenes of dialogue at the dinner for the Queen. When Frank clears out his desk, it leads to great sadness for Al and later we see Frank accidentally destroy Al's desk. There is more dialogue at the baseball game and also at the end when Jane is taken hostage by Ludwig. Ludwig shoots at Frank's breastplate, which explains why it collapsed.

In the Theatrical Version, there are hints of the extended scenes. For example, in one shot as Frank searches Ludwig's office, you briefly see him still holding the fox fur in his hand. At the Queen's dinner, before Frank and Ed examine the guests, you can see a sombrero in the background. Ed has previously taken this off Al, as it was a violation of police uniform regulations.

For fans of the film, the US TV version is of course a must. The majority of the newly inserted gags are terrific and further round out the film. You can even get over the cuts. Unfortunately, the additional scenes have not yet been released on DVD/Blu-ray, so you're really only left with grabbing the TV release.

Picture comparison:

German Blu-ray:

US TV version:


Theatrical Version (German Blu-ray): 85:01 min.
US TV Version (USA Network): 91:20 min.

The Theatrical Version (German Blu-ray by Paramount) was compared to the US TV version (USA Network).

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In the TV version, during the opening credits, the end of the sequence where the car drives through the ladies locker room is missing.

Theatrical Version: 4 sec


When Frank lists who might be responsible for Nordberg's condition, the TV version is missing the gay lover.

Theatrical Version: 2 sec


When Frank lists what he thinks is a good death, the TV version is missing his line "Having your nuts bitten off by a laplander."

Theatrical Version: 3 sec


In the Theatrical Version, Wilma leans on Frank and says it's awful.

After Frank says he wants to die this way, Wilma clings to him and says she can't have children now. Frank comforts her and says that Nordberg isn't even dead yet and they can talk about their life together later.

Wilma: "Oh Frank, oh, this is terrible. Now we can never have children."
Frank: "Wilma, please. He's not even dead yet. We'll talk about our lives later."

Theatrical Version: 4 sec.
TV: 14 sec.


In the Theatrical Version, you can see Frank, Ed and Wilma leaving the hospital room for a little longer.

In the TV version, Frank is the last to leave the room and flips a switch on the wall, thinking that this will turn off the lights. In fact, this deactivates life support for Nordberg. As Frank, Ed and Wilma walk down the hall, an alarm sounds from Nordberg's room. Agitated, the doctors and nurses run into Nordberg's room. Frank says that Wilma can be glad that she is not the poor guy's wife.

Ed: "Don't worry Wilma."
Frank: "Just be thankfull that you're not the wife of that poor guy."

Theatrical Version: 1 sec


After the mayor tells the press that Queen Elizabeth will be coming to Los Angeles, there is a brief cut to the reporters. The mayor then thanks Vincent Ludwig.

Mayor: "This time I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Vincent Ludwig, chairman of the Queens reception committee. Mr. Ludwig has worked tirelessly, taking off time from his busy scedule as one of the citys most respected business man."

TV: 23 sec


After the reporter asks if additional police protection will be hired for the Queen, it cuts to the Mayor saying that the eyes of the world will be on Los Angeles.

Mayor: "Because the eyes of the world will be on the city of Los Angeles during the coming week."

TV: 6 sec


Theatrical Version shows Frank going to the bathroom. He can be heard over the loudspeakers while he is urinating. People look in amazement.

The TV version instead just shows an alternate shot of Frank going into the bathroom.

Theatrical Version: 23 sec.
TV: 7 sec.


After showing the family in front of the TV, the Theatrical Version cuts to Frank taking a leak. He wobbles back and forth.

Theatrical Version: 3 sec


Missing from the TV version is the end of Frank's scene in the restroom. The mayor sits down in her seat in despair.

In the TV version, all of Frank's fart noises were also removed.

Theatrical Version: 8 sec


After Frank says to the foreman that he has some questions, he shows him the picture of Nordberg in the Theatrical Version.

In the TV version, more dialogue follows between the two. The foreman justifies himself to Frank for various other offenses.

Foreman: "Hey look I already told the cops everything. I swear to god the girl was 18, what's a guy to do?"
Frank: "No, no, I'm not here about that."
Foreman: "Oh, you guys still harp about my condo across from the boys academy. Look, I told you I was bird watching."
Frank: "No, it's about the body."
Foreman: "I didn't know she was dead. Looked like she was sleeping."
Frank: "No, no, it's something else. Are you familiar with that face?"

Theatrical Version: 2 sec
TV: 18 sec.


In the Theatrical Version, Frank takes the dockworker to task. He tells him that Nordberg worked for Ludwig. Frank wants to go to Ludwig. The two pass bills back and forth to each other to answer questions.
Frank: "A you, snivelling scum, I ought to run you in right now."
Vorarbeiter: "All right, all right, he worked at Ludwig's Shipping. He tried to push something at my boys. I swear it. So what are you gonna do about it, copper?"
Frank: "Why should I tell you?"
Vorarbeiter: "Maybe this'll help?"
Frank: "I still don't think I should tell you."
Vorarbeiter: "Can you spot me a twenty? How about now?"
Frank: "Alright, I'm going down to Ludwig's office. I'll find out if you're telling the truth."

In the TV version, the scene is longer and includes alternate footage.

Frank: "A you, snivelling scum, you're not better than your old man."
Foreman: "My old man is dead."
Frank: "I'm sorry, Johnny, I forgot."
Foreman: "Maybe this will help you refresh your memory a little."
Frank: "A yeah, he's dead. Now where were we?"
Foreman: "I don't remember."
Frank: "Maybe this will help."
Foreman: "A yeah, Nordberg, he was dealing H."
Frank: "A you, snivelling scum, I ought to run you in right now."
Foreman: "All right, all right, he worked for Ludwig's Shipping. He tried to push something at my boys. I swear it. So what are you gonna do about it, copper?"
Frank: "Why should I tell you?"
Foreman: "Maybe this is the reason."
Frank: "I still don't think I should tell you."
Foreman: "Can you spot me a twenty? How about now?"
Frank: "Alright, I'm going down to Ludwig's office. I'll find out if you're telling the truth."
Foreman: "Hey, don't you want the address?"
Frank: "Not on a cops salary."

Theatrical Version: 20 sec
TV: 48 sec.


When Jane gets the stuffed beaver from attic, Frank's sentence was changed.

Theatrical Version:

Frank: "Nice beaver."

TV version:

Frank: "Nice one."

No time difference.


After Frank learns that Lieutenant Drebin is believed to have sent the police officer home from Nordberg's door, the scene continues in the TV version.

Frank: "Call police squad. Tell them that 411 is in progress."
Nurse: "411? Oh, my god. Fire!"
Frank: "No, no, 1411."
Nurse: "1411? Oh, my god, a poisned catholic."
Frank: "No, no, 1414."

The nurse screams and jumps out the window.

TV: 19 sec
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