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Censored Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Sep 30, 2013 - Author: robthetop94 - Translator: Mr Miau
When the Pokémon editions "Blue" and "Red" appeared 1999, probably no one would have guessed that the game franchise would be one of the most important and profitable ever. The aforementioned first games already were a huge success and the development of a successor was no question at all. In 2000, the next generation – "Gold" and "Silver" - was released and briefly afterwards the special edition of the two, "Crystal", followed. Until today, this so-called Second Generation of Pokémon is considered by many fans of the series to be the most innovative and interesting generation. The new features were obvious: the games were in color for the first time, 101 new Pokémon and an extremely extended game world.

However, the game was censored for the international release. The reason for this were the guidelines of Nintendo USA, which were designed to give the company a family friendly and rather conservative image. Because of this a lot of violence, suggestive themes and religious aspects were removed from countless games. This also happened to Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal. As was the case quite often, the US game was then used as a basis for every other worldwide version. It seems that only the Japanese Version is really uncensored.

This is a comparison between the uncensored Japanese version of Pokémon Gold and the censored International (German) version. The alterations are the same in the Gold, Silver and Crystal editions.
Missing Cigarette
The smoking fisherman's cigarette was removed so he could be a good model for the children of the rest of the world.

Censored Internation Version:Uncensored Japanese Version:

Longer Skirt
The very short skirt of the beauty was extended and the International Version features a lot less skin.

Censored Internation Version:Uncensored Japanese Version:

Bead Chain
The Japanese medium calls ghosts with a bead chain. It was removed because it could have been associated with a catholic crown or something similar.

Censored Internation Version:Uncensored Japanese Version:

The winking of the slightly bent over and bikini wearing girl was too erotic for Nintendo USA. They therefore decided to protect the children from her advances by opening both of her eyes.

Censored Internation Version:Uncensored Japanese Version: