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Fighting Dragon, The

original title: Shen Quan Fei Long


  • Reconstructed Movie Version
  • Original Series Version
Release: Jul 19, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Reconstructed Movie Version (German DVD by Schröder Media / Asia Line Vol. 12) and the Original Series Version (US DVD by Mill Creek)

- 15 additional scenes in the Original Series Version

In the 70s, Yasuaki Kurata got roles in a few Eastern. in 1974, he was in a TV show called Fight! Dragon which contains 26 episodes. Based on 5 of these episodes, a movie called The Fighting Dragon was edited.

Since there are only decent DVD masters of the Original Series Version, the Reconstructed Movie Version has been reconstructed from that source. And the Reconstructed Movie Version works surprisingly well because there are not that many cuts. A little cut here, a small cut there and that is basically it. Most of the length difference is the result of missing end/opening credits and missing recaps in the Reconstructed Movie Version. Also, there is 1 recut. Nonetheless, it could be much worse.

Time index refers to
Reconstructed Movie Version (German DVD in NTSC) / Original Series Version (in NTSC)
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The Reconstructed Movie Version (German DVD) contains additional English opening credits.

Reconstructed Movie Version (German DVD)Original Series Version

00:16 / Episode 1: 00:16-01:14

The opening is longer and shows further scenes - also with Bolo. In the Reconstructed Movie Version, this is footage which is also in the actual scenes later on so nothing to worry about here.

58.1 sec

18:30 / Folge 1: 19:28-19:30

Lung (Kurata) a little earlier before he starts screaming.

1.4 sec

Redundant 0.3 sec get lost here.
Please note: The explanation for this cut, the previous one and also the subequent one is that the repetetive footage from the beginning of episode 2 is being used for the Reconstructed Movie Version.

18:40 / Episode 1: 19:40-22:57 + Episode 2: 00:00-02:13

At this point, the Original Series Version contains an additional shot - freeze frame - end credits - preview of the next episode.
Episode 2 then begins with the regular opening and a recap.

330.2 sec (= 5:30 min) in total

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