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Release: Jun 21, 2014 - Author: Buster - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
In "Meet the Parents", male nurse Greg Focker had quite a hard time to convince his Ex-CIA stepdad-to-be Jack Byrnes that he is the right man for the latters' daughter Pam. In the sequel "Meet the Fockers", Greg runs into even more problems. Jack wants to meet Greg's parents. Since they already have a date for the wedding, Jack and his wife Dina accompany the young couple as they head for Florida to go to Greg's parents. The prudish Byrnes finally meet the very unconventional Fockers, i.e. the freethinking sexual therapist Roz and her excentric and broad-minded husband Bernie. For some reason, Greg's husbands do not seem to get along with Jack and Chaos is inevitable.

It is hard do say why they took out the following scenes for the Theatrical Version. It cannot be a rating issue, after all, those scenes would still be okay for a PG-13 rating. The additional/extended scenes along with bloopers and deleted scenes can be found in a separate file on the DVD. Depending on which version you pick in the menu, they will be included at the respective part of the movie or not. You will recognize the additions by their image quality which is worse than the rest of the movie.

For this report we compared the PG-13 Theatrical Version with the PG-13 Extended Version (both included on the US DVD released by Universal Studios).

Theatrical Version: 114:59 min. [NTSC] (including credits)
Extended Version: 122:37 min. [NTSC] (including credits)

There are 7 minutes and 39 seconds worth of missing footage:

4 additional scenes: 5 minutea and 58 seconds
5 extended scenes: 1 minutes and 41 seconds
Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
After the flight, Pam and Greg arrive at Dina and Jack Byrnes' house. Right after the greeting, Jack smells like alcohol.

39 sec.

Jack: "Have you been drinking, Focker?"
Greg: "What? No. You kidding?"
Jack: "No, I'm not kidding, Greg."
Greg: "Wait, yes. No, no, no, I had a-- had a little glass of champagne on the plane because they bumped us up to first class. Yeah. Yeah. But the flight was two hours and the body metabolizes alcohol in an hour or so. I was fine to drive the rental car. Yeah, but that's why you might have detected a hint of alcohol in my breath. But I would never drink and drive, Jack."
Jack: "Thanks, Greg. I missed his over-explanations."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Baby Jack is hungry and needs some food. Since his mother is out of the house at the moment, his grandfather Jack Byrnes takes care of things. For this job he had someone construct a fake breast which he filled with recently tapped mother's milk. He wants to make sure that Greg believes that the breast feels genuine so he tells him to touch it. In the process, Pam and Dina run into them. The scene where they try to explain it away was cut out of the Theatrical Version.

14 sec.

Pam: "Greg?"
Greg: "What? I'm... No, Jack just asked me to touch his Mannary Gland to feel how soft it is, that's all."
Jack: "That's it. I told him how soft it was, and he didn't wanna touch it. Then I said, 'Just touch the thing and you'll see how soft it is.'."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
Greg's mother Rozalin works as a sexual therapist. When Greg, Pam, and the latter's parents arrive at the Fockers' house, Roz is in the middle of a seating. She says that she is going to send all the attendants away though. However, Ira has some problems with his girlfriend. That short part is missing.

7 sec.

Rozalin: "Ira, what are you doing? The Rin Tin Tin routine?"
Ira: "No, it's 'Lassie Come Home'"

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
During their first joint dinner, Greg's father insists on showing the rest an old family photo album. He simply kept everything from Greg's childhood and put it in the album. One of the collected pieces is Greg's foreskin after the circumcision. Of course, Greg gets pretty embarassed about all of this and tries to get a hold of the album. However, he uses a little too much force and the foreskin flies out of the album. In the Extended Version you can see how Greg can just hinder it from landing in Jack's mouth. However, it falls right into the fondue.

12 sec.

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
During their sexual roleplay, Rozalin and Bernie do not really take care to be quiet. Dina and Jack notice that, too.

39 sec.

Jack: "Can you believe this? We have a $100.000 luxury motor home outside and we're forced to sleep in a Dutch bordello."
Dina: "They're-- they're probably just doing some yoga. We might wanna try it sometime, you know."
Jack: "We're not yoga people, Dina."
Dina: "Yeah."

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
During a game of football in the Fockers' garden, Bernie tackled Jack quite rudely. During a joint ride with Jack's Bus, Bernie wants to apologize.

47 sec.

Bernie: "Jack, I--I--I wanna apologize for my behavior on the football field, okay?"
Jack: "It's okay, Bernard."
Bernie: "No, no, no, I was showing off for Gaylord. I--I guess I still wanna be his hero."
Jack: "I understand that. I want my kids to feel the same way about me."
Bernie: "Really?"
Jack: "Really."
Bernie: "I guess we all have our meshugaas."
Jack: "What does that mean?"
Bernie: "You know, our little issues. The truth is when I get pumped up, it's--it's hard to hold me down. I have testosterone like bull's."
Jack: "You just got a little carried away."
Bernie: "No, no, no, I mean, I had it tested. It's literally the size of a bull's."

Extended Scene in the Extended Version:
During a party, Dina and Jack get to know more members of the Focker family. Some Reggae music can be heard in the background.

29 sec.

Frida: "Hello, I'm Frieda Focker."
Woody: "Woody Focker."
Moe & Bonnie: "We're Moe and Bonnie Focker."
Moe: "It's a pleasure. Welcome."
Dina: "Thank you."
Harry: "Harry Focker. How are you doing?"
Anita: "Anita Focker. I'm verklempt with joy."
Jack: "That's a lot of Fockers."
Dom: "I'm Dom Focker."
Jack: "Of course."

Additional Scenes in the Extended Version:
Subsequent to the marriage there's alonger missing sequence.

Insgesamt 2 min. und 31 sec.

Dina and Jack sneaked out. Once they come back, Jack seems unusually happy. Rozalin also notices this and asks them about it.

Rozalin: "Well, well, well, where have you two kids been?"
Dina: "Oh, we've just been doing a little yoga."
Rozalin: "Yoga?"
Jack: "It's okay, honey, she's a professional. We were making love, Roz."
Rozalin: "Ah! Music to my ears."
Dina: "May I have this dance, Mr. Burns?"
Jack: "You got it, beautiful."

Greg got a little present for his father.

Bernie: "Hey."
Greg: "Hey."
Bernie: "You having fun, kiddo?"
Greg: "I am. I--I got you something."
Bernie: "A gift. You didn't have to do that."
Greg: "No, I--I did."
Bernie: "Gay, I'm sorry if I've been a little smothering for the first 36 years of your life."
Greg: "Dad, it's okay. Listen, can you do me a favor? Can you not call me 'Gay' anymore?"
Bernie: "You got it, Greg."
Greg: "Go on, have fun. Take my love with you whereever you go."

Among the guests Kevin notices Isabel and decides to talk to her.

Kevin: "So how long have you known Greg?"
Isabel: "Oh, a long, long time. I was hist first, Rabbi."
Kevin: "Oh, no, no, no. I'm not a rabbi. I'm just a fan of faith. Yeah. Greg certainly has excellent taste in woman."
Isabel: "Oh."

Additional Scene in the Extended Version:
Finally, Greg has the opportunity to welcome Jorge whom he mistook for his son. After some smalltalk with Jorge, Greg also gets to know Rusty, the boy's biological father.

2 min. und 1 sec.

Greg: "Hey, Jorge. Glad you and your mom could make it."
Jorge: "Greg, thanks for the invite. It's--it's a coll party."
Greg: "Good. Hey. Listen, I just want to say I'm sorry about that whole, you know, 'thinking you were my son' thing."
Jorge: "It's okay, Greg."
Greg: "Good, okay, good. Hey, are you drinking?"
Jorge: "No, no, I ordered this drink for someone else. Um, I don't drink, I'm underage. Even if I was old enough, I wouldn't drink it anyway."
Greg: "So, okay."
Jorge: "Yeah."
Rusty: "You growing the fruit for that pina colada or what, Jorge?"
Jorge: "Oh, hey, Dad. Come here, I want you to meet someone. Greg, this is Rusty Bridges, my father."
Greg: "Hi."
Rusty: "Damn, Jorge, you really thought this fugly man-nurse was your padre? He don't look nothin' like us. Just playing with your head."
Greg: "Yea. You got me. All right, nice to meet you."
Rusty: "Good to meet you, too. Hey, congrats on getting hitched, Gaylo. Oh, and, uh, thank you."
Greg: "For what?"
Rusty: "Well, for hooking me up with my little hijo here."
Jorge: "Yeah, Greg, after all that stuff you said at the engagement party, you know, I--I realized I really wanted to meet my real dad so I looked him up on the Internet."
Greg: "Really?"
Rusty: "Yeah, he just typed in or whatever the hell it is. I don't work too hard though. I'm a third-base coach. Throwing signs for the Tidewater Tides. Yeah. We had a good record this year. Triple-A League. Little guy called me in the middle of a twinight double-header. Threw off the second game."
Greg: "Well, you're a lucky guy, Rusty. He's a great kid."
Rusty: "No, I'm the lucky one."
Greg: "That's what I... Yeah. Right."
Rusty: "What do you say we hit that Hooters up in Weeki Waschee. Watch som girls in hot pants serve us chicken wings?"
Greg: "That's good, a little father-son bonding. Nice."
Rusty: "Hey, don't steal no bases I wouldn 't. Let's go."
Jorge: "Catch you later, Greg."