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1.02 The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game


  • TV Version
  • Blu-ray
Release: Jun 17, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the censored US TV Version on NBC and the uncensored Blu-ray Version (German Blu-ray by New KSM)

- 106 differences, including 5 scenes with altered audio & 15 scenes with alternate footage
- Length difference: 193.1 sec (= 3:03 min)

Compared to the two other characters he is famous for, Fox Mulder and Hank Moody, David Duchonvy plays a rather nice L.A.P.D. cop in Aquarius. Here, he has to deal with the hippie community of Charles Manson. The initial situation is quite interesting and the characters evolve during the first season. Similar to the Netflix shows House of Cards and Daredevil, the entire season was made available in May 2015. But contrary to the two mentioned shows, Aquarius also aired on NBC at the same time. These TV Versions are als the versions one got to see online. As the topic already implies and as seen on Hannibal recently, some things were too explicit for US TV - especially the sexual references.

While the differences on Hannibal are rather redundant but with Aquarius, the situation is entirely different. Here, there are absurd alterations like removing swear words such as "God!"/Jesus!" or bare breasts but in addition to that, a lot of further alterations for the TV-14 rating have been made. Also, the TV Version lacks a few plot scenes. For that reason, it is quite delightful that the uncensored versions are available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Episode 1x02 ("The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game") does not deliver what the premier episode promised: Surprisingly, the number of the alterations has three digits but there is almost none with censorship background nor are they relevant storywise. On the one hand, one wanted to avoid excess length at all costs - the result are numerous unspectacular frame cuts for pace reasons which do not withhold any vital element whatsoever. But then again, the producers took the liberty of turning to fine-tuning even though the alterations are rather irrelevant. But what I would like to point out in this context: There are several scenes exclusively in the TV Version, such as Grace's phone conversation or Sam on the way to the diner. Whether this is an additional value and to what extent is for everyonne to decide on their own. At least, the TV Version gets a little curiousity bonus here.

Time index refers to
TV Version in NTSC / Blu-ray
00:45-00:48 / 00:51-00:59

The TV Version only contains a distance shot of Ken grabbing the bag.

The Blu-ray contains a closer shot, followed by footage of Grace and Sam.

Blu-ray 5.1 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

00:57-01:00 / 01:09-01:12

The TV Version cuts to Sam earlier, followed by a cut to Ken when he negates the name Charles Manson.
On Blu-ray, the previous medium long shot is a little longer. Then a longer shot of Sam.

TV Version 0.2 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

01:50 / 02:02-02:11

Sam gets up and says good night.
Ken's response: "Good night, Sam."

9 sec

02:28 / 02:49-02:51

Emma makes a step forward.

2.4 sec

02:43 / 03:06-03:10

Additinal shot of Emma saying "Like, not a crop" - audible from the off during the previous shot of Charles Manson in the TV Version.

3.9 sec

02:55 / 03:21-03:22

Emma a few insignificant frames longer.

0.5 sec

03:11 / 03:38-03:39

The look through the window at the rest of the gang a moment longer.

1.1 sec

03:14 / 03:42-03:44

Emma a bit earlier after Charles asks her about the dream.

1.1 sec

03:54 / 04:24-04:33

Charles walks away and leaves Emma behind alone.

9.2 sec

03:59 / 04:38-04:39

Emma a bit earlier after Charles asks her about the dream.

1 sec

04:06 / 04:46-04:48

Brian earlier on the phone. From the receiver, one can hear: "I don't know, Brian."

2.1 sec

04:09 / 04:51-04:52

Brian slightly earlier.

0.7 sec

04:43 / 05:26

When Brian gets a slap on the wrist, the shot starts briefly earlier as well.

0.7 sec

04:48 / 05:31-05:32

Sam's dialog partner on the phone a little earlier. At first, he says "Huh."

1.2 sec

04:52 / 05:36-05:39

Sam sooner. He tries to ease the conversation with the question "Are you a scotch, vodka, or bourbon man?".

2.8 sec

During the identical rest of the shot, only the Blu-ray contains the answer to the previous question through the receiver: "Bourbon.".

05:05 / 05:52-05:53

The shot of Brian in the hallway begins a bit earlier.

0.8 sec

05:14 / 06:02-06:05

Brian hesitantly explains about Vickery, the snitch: "You know, that guy we got the-- off of--"

2.9 sec

05:57 / 06:48-06:51

Extended shot of them driving around the block plus a guy gets on the porch earlier.

3 sec

06:27-06:29 / 07:21-07:27

After the shot of the blood-soaked brick, the subsequent shot of Sam is different. Only on Blu-ray, he looks up and one also gets to see the undergrowth.

Blu-ray 3.5 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

06:39 / 07:37

Sam a bit earlier.

0.9 sec

06:46 / 07:44

A few more redundant frames again.

0.4 sec

06:56 / 07:54-07:56

And another superfluous cut.

1.5 sec

07:00 / 08:00-08:01


0.6 sec

07:07 / 08:08


0.5 sec

07:11 / 08:12-08:13


0.7 sec

07:22 / 08:24-08:29

Mr. Nankin sparts speaking a little earlier: "Yeah, we now own a home in the Congo, so there's no-- no problems. ('Cause business is booming.)"

5.3 sec

07:33 / 08:40-08:42

Same here: "When our windows was smashed, (when my car was broken into...)"

1.7 sec

07:52 / 09:01-09:03

Mr. Nankin a moment longer at the end of the scene.
As a consequence thereof, the following dialog starting off-screen does not start at the same time. The dialog itself is identical though.

1.8 sec

Altered Audio Track
08:15 / 09:26

A comment from the off has been removed: "(He's crazier than ever.) Jesus."

Screenshot to illustrate the scene

08:24 / 09:35-09:36

One more redundant cut.

0.9 sec

08:41 / 09:53-09:54

Ken a few frames longer...

0.9 sec

08:43 / 09:56-09:57

...and sooner...

0.9 sec

08:45 / 09:59-10:00

...and again longer.

1.1 sec

08:48 / 10:03-10:04

The inexplicable cuts continue.

1.7 sec

09:27 / 10:43-10:45

The final shot at the office is also a bit shorter in the TV Version.

2 sec

09:44 / 11:02-11:03

The guy at the shop slightly longer.

0.9 sec

10:00 / 11:19-11:29

Emma sees a coat she likes and steps closer.

9.7 sec

11:18 / 12:47-12:48

Before the cop outside drives off, the Blu-ray shows Charles one more time.

1.2 sec

Altered Audio Track
12:17 / 13:47

A part of the comment is missing: "He didn't see a goddamn thing."

Screenshot to illustrate the scene

13:02-13:26 / 14:29

Interesting: Here, the TV Version is quite longer for a change.
We see Sam and Brian getting out of the car in front of the diner, discussing how to proceed.

Brian: "So you make the husband as the doer?"
Sam: "I do indeed."
Brian: "Not seeing a whole lot of evidence."
Sam: "Well, domestic homicide, you usually don't. It's usually he said/she dead."
Brian: "So what are we doing here?"
Sam: "Best milkshake in town."
Brian: "We're stepping off the suspect for a milkshake?"
Sam: "Well, we're gonna let him stew a little bit, give him some alone time with his conscience."

+ 23.7 sec

13:34 / 14:36-14:38

Sam on his way to the bar before the shot of Brian.

1.6 sec

13:36 / 14:40-14:41

Additional shot of Nate.

1.4 sec

13:46 / 14:51-14:55

Laughing Sam again, Brian accepts the situation.

4.4 sec

14:17 / 15:26-15:46

Longer conversation.
Brian: "That man's terminal. Last few months on earth he decides to beat his wife with a brick?"
Sam: "Hmm. Hey, Nate, you still married?"
Nate: "29 years."
Sam: "Our young friend here wants to know why husbands kill their wives."
Nate: "Survival of the fittest, baby."

The subsequent shot at the crime scene starts a little earlier as well.

19.6 sec

14:39 / 16:08-16:09

Redundant cut when Brian is being questioned.

1.1 sec

14:46 / 16:16-16:19

After Sam mentions Fred Astaire, Leo corrects: "Ray Bolger."

2.4 sec

15:03 / 16:36-16:38

Brian's interview starts slightly earlier. As a result, one gets to see the question "You sure you're a cop?" (identical in both versions) on-screen. However, there was another question beforehand on Blu-ray: "And you're sure about the time?"

2.6 sec

15:15-15:17 / 16:50-16:56

On Blu-ray, the woman (Ms. Lee) also says: "All morning. He never left."
Brian: "Okay."

In the TV Version, the following shot of Ms. Lee starts a little earlier instead (no screenshots).

Blu-ray 4 sec longer

16:39-16:42 / 18:19-18:21

Brian again: The Blu-ray shows Bunchy on-screen sooner while the TV Version contains a sideway shot.

TV Version 0.8 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

17:00-17:01 / 18:39-18:53

The Blu-ray contains an additional shot of Brian walking off.
Then Leo: "I don't have to talk to you, you know. I have a lawyer--"
Sam: "No, we're nowhere close to that."
Brian knocks at the door: "Hodiak."
Sam gets up and approaches him.

The TV Version simply contains a longer shot of Brian walking off (no screenshots).

Blu-ray 13.4 sec longer

17:22-17:24 / 19:14

Another additional shot in the TV Version.
As response to a shot of Brian, Sam says: "All right, follow my lead."

+ 2 sec

17:38 / 19:28-19:30

Leo gets up at the end of the shot plus the following shot on the street begins earlier.

2.5 sec

Altered Audio Track
18:12 / 20:04

Rick gets to swear on Blu-ray: "Shit, man."

Screenshot to illustrate the scene

Altered Audio Track
18:23 / 20:15

Bunchy in the car: "This is bullshit."

Screenshot to illustrate the scene

18:35 / 20:28-20:29

Sam a bit earlier in the car.

1,3 sec

19:16 / 21:10-21:16

Brian on his way to the diner.

6.3 sec

19:23 / 21:23-21:24

The first shot in the diner is a bit longer.

1.3 sec

19:25 / 21:26-21:27

Ditto in the back rooms.

0.6 sec

19:30 / 21:32-21:33


1.2 sec

20:35 / 22:36-22:44

Closer shot of Charles plus the camera pans to a producer (Jack) who blows smoke in a girl's face.

8 sec

20:47 / 22:56-23:04

Jack comments: "But, uh, it's raw. It's raw."
The girl says: "'Cause it's real."
Charles: "That's right, Jack, yeah."

7.6 sec

21:15-21:37 / 23:32-23:35

The TV Version shows Grace on the phone: "Detective Hodiak, please. Well, do you know when he's expected? Thank you. Um, no. No, I'll call back."
One can hear Ken in the background: "Grace, where's the cointreau? The bartender's out."
She hangs up and puts a picture of Emma on the nightstand: "Coming."

On Blu-ray, the subsequent shot of Ken at the party starts earlier.

TV Version 19 sec longer

22:07 / 24:05-24:06

Charles makes a comment about Nixon and Reagan: "They get shit done."

1.6 sec

22:11-22:13 / 24:10-24:20

Charles grabs another canapé: "Oh, thanks. Mm, like the new pad. It's outtasight."
The following dialog with Ken is identical. It begins with an alternate shot though.

Blu-ray 8.4 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

22:45 / 24:53-24:55

The Blu-ray contains a longer shot of Charles reaching for the pen.
In the TV Version, the following shot begins a few frames earlier (no screenshots).

Blu-ray 2.2 sec longer

23:18 / 23:28

The last shot of Ken is insignificantly longer.

0.6 sec

23:31 / 25:41-25:47

More walking around on the hippie plantation.

5.5 sec

23:34 / 25:50-25:52

When the other community members enter, the shot begins slightly earlier.

2 sec

23:47 / 26:05-26:06

Ditto before Emma offers cherries...

1.3 sec

24:00 / 26:19-26:20

...and Charles calls her his cherry.

1 sec

24:12 / 26:32-26:35

The girls ensnare Emma longer after Charles gave her the new nickname.

3.6 sec

24:20-24:23 / 26:43-26:49

Random cut of the exterior shot...and the first two little interior shots. All in all, there is a length difference of:

2.2 sec

25:37-25:39 / 28:02

Commercial break in the TV Version. As a result, only the TV Version contains an exterior shot of the police station.

+ 1.9 sec

25:42-25:43 / 28:05

The first interior shot is also a bit longer in the TV Version.

+ 0.5 sec

25:47 / 28:09-28:10

At the beginning of the shot, Bunchy asks: "You think it's that easy?"

1.2 sec

26:22 / 28:45-28:47

Sam tries to ease the situation by saying "You do.". Meaning Leo knows exactly why he is there.

2 sec

26:25 / 28:50-28:52

Extended shot of Leo leaving the room.
His comment "You know what" begins a little earlier in the TV Version.

1.4 sec

26:28 / 28:55-28:56

Two shots at the end/beginning briefly longer.

1.3 sec

26:36 / 29:04-29:06

Leo slightly longer.

1.5 sec

26:44 / 29:14-29:15

Now Sam.

0.9 sec

26:51-26:54 / 29:22-29:33

When Leo mentions his lawyer, the TV Version contains two alternate cuts to Sam and Brian.
Furthermore, Leo's comment is more detailed: "(I called my lawyer.) Yeah, the minute that he asked me to come on down, I knew it. I knew it. So I called him. (And he's gonna be here...)"

Blu-ray 7.5 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

26:57 / 29:35-29:38

Leo: "He was the fixer at MGM. Mm-hmm."
Sam: "Nice. Was he?"

2.9 sec

The rest of the shot is basically identical. However, the TV Version slightly zooms in on the action.

27:00-27:03 / 29:41-29:45

The Blu-ray sticks to the previous shot of Leo. The following one of Sam on his way to the door is different - at least at the beginning because after the image turns black for a second, the rest of the evidently identical shot is in sync all of a sudden.
Stupid alteration.

Blu-ray 0.6 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

27:12 / 29:54-29:56

Sam a bit longer on his knees saying "So, uhm--".

2.3 sec

27:27-27:32 / 30:11-30:20

The TV Version redundantly changes the angle and lacks a part of Leo's comment at the end of the shot: "See, because I knew what you did, I saw what you did. (You arrested him--)"

Blu-ray 3.7 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

28:58 / 31:46

Leo briefly earlier.

0.6 sec

29:21 / 32:09-32:12

The shot of Sam giving the map to Leo is longer: "It's yours."

3.4 sec

30:27 / 33:19

Leo insignificantly longer.

0.4 sec

32:26-32:27 / 35:17

In the TV Version, Bunchy leaves a bit sooner.

+ 0.6 sec

33:25-33:26 / 36:15-36:17

Only the Blu-ray contains Brian's entire comment: "Would you pull any of that shit if he were white?"
This time censored more skilfully though: While the Blu-ray shows him completely on-screen, the TV Version cuts to Sam right before the bad S-word.

Blu-ray 0.3 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

34:08 / 36:59-37:00

They arrive slightly earlier at the driveway.

1.1 sec

34:11 / 37:03

The following shot starts briefly earlier as well.

0.7 sec

34:27 / 37:19-37:21

The shot of Brian before he makes his "ladies comment" starts earlier.

2 sec

34:54-34:56 / 37:48-37:54

Alternate footage when Kristin introduces herself. Only on Blu-ray, she offers something to drink but Sam refuses.

Blu-ray 3.3 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

35:19-35:21 / 38:17-38:19

The medium long shot is longer on Blu-ray while the TV Version cuts to Sam.

TV Version 0.2 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

35:23-35:24 / 38:21

Shortly afterwards, the TV Version cuts to Sam in the middle of a shot of Brian.

+ 0.8 sec

35:29 / 38:26

Small cut.

0.5 sec

35:31 / 38:29-38:30

Ditto regarding the shot of the station.

1.6 sec

35:49-35:50 / 38:48-38:52

The Blu-ray shows Ed one more time. With a pan shot from the trees to the bottom, the following shot begins earlier.

In the TV Version, the previous shot of Sam walking away is insignificantly longer (no screenshots).

Blu-ray 3.4 sec longer

35:54 / 38:56-38:59

Small cut before they get to the Opal's garden.

2.5 sec

36:29 / 39:34-39:37

Opal sooner...definately worth mentioning though because a line from the off has been added to Sam's previous on-screen comment: "(You gonna turn me in?) Mother of your child? (No.)"

3 sec

37:05 / 40:07-40:10

Grace keeps talking: "(Ken had gotten nine phone calls from Manson,) starting in September."

2.4 sec

39:09 / 42:14-42:15

Grace slightly earlier.

1 sec

Altered Audio Track
39:49 / 42:55

During the shot of Ken, Charles comment has been censored: "Shit, Ken."

Screenshot to illustrate the scene