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1.06 A Whiter Shade of Pale


  • TV Version
  • Blu-ray
Release: Aug 03, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the censored US TV Version on NBC and the uncensored Blu-ray Version (German Blu-ray by New KSM)

- 66 differences, including 1 scene with altered audio, 11 scenes with alternate footage & 1 recut
- Length difference: 269.1 sec (= 4:29 min)

Compared to the two other characters he is famous for, Fox Mulder and Hank Moody, David Duchonvy plays a rather nice L.A.P.D. cop in Aquarius. Here, he has to deal with the hippie community of Charles Manson. The initial situation is quite interesting and the characters evolve during the first season. Similar to the Netflix shows House of Cards and Daredevil, the entire season was made available in May 2015. But contrary to the two mentioned shows, Aquarius also aired on NBC at the same time. These TV Versions are als the versions one got to see online. As the topic already implies and as seen on Hannibal recently, some things were too explicit for US TV - especially the sexual references.

While the differences on Hannibal are rather redundant but with Aquarius, the situation is entirely different. Here, there are absurd alterations like removing swear words such as "God!"/Jesus!" or bare breasts but in addition to that, a lot of further alterations for the TV-14 rating have been made. Also, the TV Version lacks a few plot scenes. For that reason, it is quite delightful that the uncensored versions are available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Episode 1x06 ("A Whiter Shade of Pale") is rather harmless. There is a little bit more sex but not very explicit. Other than that, it is just the usual stuff like small cuts. A few longer scenes are cut as well but most likely for time reasons - especially at the end of the episode. For instance, the Blu-ray contains a rather critical conversation between Principal Neil and Emma's mother Grace and racist neighbor Howard gets an additional scene as well.

Time index refers to
TV Version in NTSC / Blu-ray
Missing recap in the Blu-ray Version (no screenshots) which explains the length difference.

01:30 / 00:43-00:45

Brian and Sam redundantly earlier.

1.9 sec

01:50 / 01:05-01:12

More dialog.

Sam: "You get your new friend home safe?"
Brian: "Jimmy Too? After the show you put on? I didn't feel like baking."

6.9 sec

03:28 / 02:50-02:54

Katie pulls down the guard's pants plus one gets to see the girl rummaging around inside for the first time.

3.8 sec

03:31-03:33 / 02:57-02:59

Alternate footage of Katie getting on top of the guard.

no difference

TV VersionBlu-ray

03:35-03:41 / 03:01-03:07

After an identical cut to the companion, the following shots consists f alternate footage. All in all, the TV Version is more harmless.

no difference

TV VersionBlu-ray

03:44-03:46 / 03:10-03:12

Additional shot of the girl packing food in the TV Version. On Blu-ray, the following shot starts earlier: There is more footage of Katie having sex.

no difference

TV VersionBlu-ray

04:24 / 03:50-03:54

Before asking the girls to leave, Charlie also says: "What'll make me feel better is bandages."

4.2 sec

05:33 / 05:03-05:04

Ken poors the coffee a bit earlier.

1 sec

06:13 / 05:44-05:49

Ken makes another remark: "If he wanted something, anything, I'd give it to him. Emma's what he wants."

5.3 sec

07:02 / 06:39-06:40

Grace a little longer.

1.2 sec

08:22 / 08:00-08:01

Brian and his stepmom earlier.

1.1 sec

08:45 / 08:24-08:26

After the attack, the shot of Brian running off is a little longer.

1.6 sec

09:00 / 08:41-08:43

Longer shot of Brian at the end of the scene.

2.8 sec

09:20 / 09:03-09:04

The landlord a few frames sooner.

0.8 sec

09:35 / 09:19-09:20

Sam earlier on the couch...

1.1 sec

09:56 / 09:41-09:42

...and a moment longer.

1.2 sec

12:43 / 12:29-12:30

Sam's comment is a bit longer: "(Me and Ken?) That's bullshit."

1.1 sec

14:29-14:30 / 14:16-14:17

The TV Version cuts sooner to Tolson in order to hide a new, harmless comment made by Sam.

TV Version: "You tell me you banged her, I'm gonna beat the living daylights..."
Blu-ray: "You tell me you banged her, I'm gonna beat the shit out of you."

Blu-ray 0.1 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

16:36 / 16:23-16:29

Charmain slightly longer plus the girls asks: "So, what, they send a girl because I'm a girl?"
Charmain: "Well, I'm supposed to put you at ease."

6.1 sec

17:59 / 17:52-17:54

Additional shot of the harmless neighborhood.

1.9 sec

18:16 / 18:11-18:12

Howard slightly longer.

1.2 sec

18:19 / 18:15-18:16

The same goes for Sam.

1.2 sec

Censored Audio
18:26 / 18:23

When Howard catches the stone, he actually mumbles "Jesus!".

Screenshot to illustrate the scene

18:31 / 18:29-18:31

Sam keeps provoking with Howard's vehicle - his "Fresh wax" during this additional shot is also in the TV Version a little later.

2 sec

18:42 / 18:42-18:43

Howard a bit longer, he says: "You know, stuff like that? (This is exactly...)"

1.8 sec

19:04 / 19:06-19:11

Finally, Howard says: "If I move, I take a bath on my mortgage, and if I stay, well, pretty soon, they'll outnumber us."

4.9 sec

19:10 / 19:17-19:18

Small cut during the car ride.

1.4 sec

19:12 / 19:20-19:22

And another one.

2.1 sec

19:15-19:16 / 19:25-19:28

Alternate angle when getting out of the car (resp. the shot starts slightly earlier in the TV Version while the Blu-ray contains a shot from a different angle).

Blu-ray 1.6 sec longer

19:25 / 19:37-19:38

Charles welcomes Brian a moment earlier.

1 sec

20:05 / 20:18-20:24

More dialog about Sam on Blu-ray.
Charles: "You know him?"
Jimmy: "Homicide detective. A few of my friends went away because of him."

The following shot starts a little earlier in the TV Version (no screenshots).

Blu-ray 5.7 sec longer

20:51 / 21:10-21:11

Additional shot of Roy and Jimmy fighting for the weapon.

1.3 sec

Alternate / Partially Zoomed In
21:29-21:40 / 21:49-22:00

When Charlies provide two of his girls as reeward for Jimmy, this is a little different. Some of the shots are zoomed in in the TV Version. As a result, one does not get to see bare breasts.

Blu-ray 0.7 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

21:51 / 22:11-22:12

A few more frames of Brian and Katie.

1.2 sec

22:18-23:36 / 22:39 bzw 23:45-25:10

The Blu-ray continues with Ed and Charmain at the station while the TV Version continues with Brian and Kate. Also on Blu-ray after this scene.

22:18 / 23:45-23:48

The first shot begins earlier on Blu-ray.

3 sec

22:50 / 24:20-24:23

Katie longer plus additional shot of her kneeling down in front of Brian.

3.2 sec

26:15 / 26:42-26:46

More dialog between Sam and Drew.

Drew: "What are you talking about?"
Sam: "Put your hand right there, Drew. It's only gonna hurt for a few months, right now."

3.8 sec

27:47 / 28:17-28:19

At the end of the shot, Sam grabs the booze.

2.5 sec

27:52 / 28:24-28:29

On Blu-ray, Sam starts with: "I'd much rather prefer interrupting you when you're working."

The following shot Charmain starts slightly in the TV Version (no screenshots).

Blu-ray 4.7 sec longer

27:59-28:03 / 28:36-28:40

Alternate take of Sam. Only on Blu-ray, he responds to Charmain's comment regarding Jason's girlfriend with "The cheerleader?"

Blu-ray 0.9 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

28:08-28:09 / 28:45-28:47

On Blu-ray, Sam also says: "Think he was all-American, too."

In the TV Version, the following shot of Charmain starts slightly earlier (no screenshots).

Blu-ray 1.2 sec longer

28:26 / 29:05-29:09

Sam also says "Sorry."
Charmain: "You asked me to talk to her."
Sam: "Yeah, now I'm telling you (it's he said, she said...)"

3.8 sec

28:44 / 29:27

Superfluous cut during the conversation between Grace and her mom.

0.7 sec

28:47 / 29:30-29:31


0.5 sec

29:12 / 29:56-29:57


0.6 sec

29:24 / 30:09-30:10


1.4 sec

29:48 / 30:34-30:35


1.4 sec

30:00 / 30:47-30:50

Also here before the mom says the money invested in Ken's company was gone.

2.4 sec

30:07 / 30:57-30:58

Desperate Grace a bit longer.

1.5 sec

30:47-30:48 / 31:38-31:39

Sam earlier in the TV Version while the Blu-ray sticks to the previous medium long shot.

no difference

30:50-30:51 / 31:41

The following shot begins a little earlier on TV.

+ 1 sec

31:04-31:07 / 31:54-31:57

The TV Version shows Brian and Kristin, the Blu-ray just Kristin.

no difference

TV VersionBlu-ray

31:46 / 32:36-32:47

Kristin comes out of the kitchen: "I felt like I was gonna be sick."
Sam: "Okay, I got a statement from Gene's cousin, but most of what Gene did wasn't illegal. So charges against him might not stick."

11.1 sec

32:16 / 33:17-33:19

Kristin and Brian slightly longer.

1.3 sec

32:22 / 33:25-33:27

Sam attempts to reject the dinner invitation: "Anyway, I gotta run, you know--"

2.8 sec

32:38 / 33:44-33:49

At the end of the scene, Brian asks: "What's your pleasure?"
Sam: "You're fucked."

5 sec

32:41 / 33:52-33:55

Charmain earlier at the office.

2.9 sec

32:51 / 34:05-34:06

Slightly delayed phone conversation.

1 sec

34:30 / 35:45-35:48

Extended shot of Charmain entering the patient's room.

3.1 sec

35:12-35:14 / 36:30-36:36

The TV Version contains a longer shot of Sam in front of the door. The Blu-ray shows Grace turning away inside.

Blu-ray 3.9 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

35:16-35:20 / 36:38-36:43

The TV Version contains one single shot of the door being opened in front of Sam. Then he is facing Opal.
The Blu-ray contains another shot of Grace and it turns out that Principal Neil Jacobs is standing in front of her door saying "Mrs. Karn".

Blu-ray 1 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

35:34 / 36:57-37:01

Slightly longer shot of Sam and Opal having sex. In between, Neil says: "I don't know if you remember me. I'm Neil Jacobs."
Grace: "Emma's principal, I know."

4.7 sec

35:37 / 37:04-37:10

More sex plus Neil says: "I was hoping we could have a discussion about Emma's... attendance."
Grace looks stunned.

6 sec

35:40 / 37:13-38:30

Neil enters and has a rather critical conversation with Grace: "A few days is one thing. But she came back, and now she's gone again. At this point, I'm obligated to report Emma's truancy to the police."
Grace: "I am so sorry for the confusion. Emma's been out of town visiting with family. My husband's mother has been sick."
Neil: "Mrs. Karn, this is not an uncommon story. And it's getting more common every year. Biology being what it is, we can keep them in school until they start to show. But in a delicate situation like this..."
Grace: "Privacy and discretion are important to us. I know my husband and I would appreciate yours."
Neil: "Of course. There is the matter of tuition. As a private institution without funding from the state..."
Grace: "We'd be happy to pay her tuition while she's absent. And our usual charitable donation."
Neil: "Girls her age, the weight comes right off. A year from now, no one will ever know."

77.3 sec (= 1:17 min)

37:20 / 40:10-40:36

Only the Blu-ray contains Brian having a final conversation with Howard between the scenes with Opal and Charles.

Brian: "Hey, Howard. Listen, I'm sorry about the trouble the other day."
Howard does not react and Brian says to himself: "Good talk."

26.8 sec

38:39 / 41:55-42:18

Katie says to Charlie: "Please don't..."
Charles: "What, baby child, what?"
Katie: "Don't go where I can't follow. There's no one else I ever loved."
Charles: "Child..."
Katie: "No one else."

22.9 sec