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Chuck Rock on Sega

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Chuck Rock


Censored Sega CD Version
Region: USA/Europe

Uncensored Amiga-version
Region: USA/Europe

Release: Sep 21, 2011 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Bensn
Chuck Rock is the name of a Jump 'n' Run and of the protagonist. Chuck Rock, who is the personified cavemen and Ophelia Rock are happily married. Unfortunately, a debaucher called Gary Gritter has an eye on her too and kidnaps her without hesitation. Chuck cannot take this and decides to head out to rescue Ophelia and to beat the hell out of Gary.

Strangely enough, SEGA was the one to censor the porting of the game this time (Sega is commonly known as rather permissive). The censorship affects the intro of the Sega CD-version (the only console-porting containing the intro) as well as the final text which, to be fair, was censored by Nintendo too.

Here, the uncensored Amiga-version and the censored Sega CD-version were compared.
Amiga-versionSega CD-version

Alterations within the Intro

The Intro of the Sega-CD-version which is completely set to music by the way - has been censored at one point. When Gary Gritter sneaks up on Ophelia, in the Amiga-version she bends forward in such a way, that her butt along with her panties becomes clearly visible. This deep insight was obviously too deep for those responsible. In the Sega CD-version, Ophelia just keeps on standing while Gary sneaks up on her.
Amiga-versionSega CD-version

Defused final text

As the game has been won in the Amiga-version, you can read within the final text that Ophelia just cannot wait to free Chuck from his provisionally leaf sheath. It goes on saying that Chuck never seems to get a rest. This apparent sexual reference appears to have been too much as well. Anyhow, in the Sega CD-version as well as in all other console portings like in the SNES-version for example the text merely says that Chuck is going to take a long vacation now.
Amiga-versionSega CD-version