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Leisure Suit Larry 3

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Leisure Suit Larry 3

original title: Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals


Censored Mode
zensiert Unsuccessful age verification

Uncensored Mode
uncensored successful age verification

Release: Oct 27, 2011 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Bensn
Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals is the third part of the Larry Adventure series and in many ways the most elaborate one. Larry Laffer, who in the last part was yet celebrated as the hero of Nontoony Island, is losing everything on the island which has been commercialized Hawaiian-style. However, Larry does not give up and begins again to search for the woman of his dreams, and thus he really finds her...

Al Lowe, the inventor of the series, got in trouble for this part. The first part of the series was as obscure as it was sufficient to equip it with a lax age verification system in form of a quiz. The second part did almost not contain any sex. The third part got dirtier again and problems began to arise. Since he had such a big publicity by now, guardians of public morals were on his tail and openly threatened him with serious consequences. As Sierra did not want to take this risk, they came to a compromise. Hence, the game contained all of the dirty parts (harmless these days) but had an extremely unfair age verification system in which you had to answer ALL of the five questions right in order to unlock the uncensored mode. What was extremely hard for a non-American back then, is impossible today unless you are immensely familiar with American culture of the 1980s.

Thus, the uncensored mode and the censored mode were compared.

(Note: There is a cheat. If you press Alt-Strg-X during the age verification, you escape unscathed.)
The age verification system

The age verification system can already be regarded as censorship. Not until you answer all questions correctly does the black bar vanish completely and you can see the scene on the postcard entirely. Particularly sneaky: If you answer a question wrong, some black will be added again. Therefore, the picture is never visible without five correct answers.

On Nontoony Island

On Nontoony Island itself there are a few censorships which a certain storyline or place cannot account for and thus belong under this:

At the viewpoint, Larry can use binoculars to watch the inside of a hotel room in which a woman does a private striptease at the moment. In the uncensored mode, she only pulls down the shutters a little before she bares all. In contrast to that, the censored mode does not show anything.

An entire scene has been removed at the toilets. You can see two of the programmers talking to each other (Al Lowe is sitting on the toilet in this moment) when a woman enters the room and begins to change her clothes (thanks to a plant you do not see anything in detail). After she has left wearing a bikini now, one of the programmers comments on how hot she was looking.

Another scene has been removed as Larry sunbathes inside a bay. A fire salamander arrives and… the picture is probably talking for itself.


The uncensored mode shows Twani completely naked during the close up-view as well as the distant views. The censored mode shows her wearing a bikini top (she puts it on during an extra animation).

Additionally, the scene in which Larry and her lie still on the ground, neglecting their “gymnastics”, has been alleviated.

The carving

In order to squeeze the last 20 Dollars out of Twani, Larry has to carve a wooden sculpture and sell it to her while being dressed as a native. At this, there is a DISTINCT difference regarding the results of Larry’s carving. Also, the description is a different one.

Furthermore, the dialogue with Twani is different, which reveals explicitly what the statue is really good for.


The scene showing the dancer Cherri has been massively shortened, too. Any explicit views of what the two do together are missing; the light is being switched off immediately (not only after the action).

In Fat City

After Larry has undressed himself at his locker, he walks through the dressing room in this condition. The uncensored mode shows Larry being fine with showing his full package. In the censored mode, however, he covers it with his hands.

The most beautiful view can be seen in the shower: from below through the transparent floor. However, the censored mode features a black bar at the strategically important area.

After you have finished with your training, Larry is able to seduce the Aerobic-dancer named Bambi. The scene showing them at the tanning bed, however, has been diminished by all movements.