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Ninja Gaiden (aka Ninja Gaiden: Sigma)

original title: Ninja Gaiden


Censored Version
Region: International

Uncensored US / Black Version
Rating: ESRB Mature, 17+
Region: Worldwide

Release: Nov 22, 2011 - Author: Thor - Translator: Mr Miau
Ninja Gaiden was first released for the MS Xbox in 2004. Later it has been re-released under the title "Ninja Gaiden: Black". The original version from 2004 has been censored for it's international release. This regards the UK and every other European version. Furthermore the Japanese version. It seems like only the US Version of the original was uncensored.
However, the later "Ninja Gaiden: Black" re-release was uncensored. This regards the US version as well as the international version.

In 2007 the Game has been re-released once again. This time exclusivly for the PS3 as graphical enhanced version. This version is called "Ninja Gaiden: Sigma". The story for this version is the same like with the original version from 2004: Only the US-Version of "Ninja Gaiden: Sigma" is uncensored. Every other version only includes the censored version.

One of the big criticisms has always been and still is the extremely high difficulty. There are parts in which it seems almost impossible for less experienced players to finish the game and which can be quite frustrating. Ninja Gaiden Sigma continues this "tradition" and the player wants to throw the gamepad against the wall at some points.

Compared has been the censored international PS3 Ninja Gaiden: Sigma Version (= Original Xbox Version) with the uncensored US PS3 Ninja Gaiden: Sigma Version (=Original US Version / International Blac-Version)
Removed Violence

Enemies' heads

There are several possibilities in the game for decapitating, for example with a "rechargable" attack from the stand or a jump attack, with which the character basically flies towards the enemy. Both attacks decapitate the enemy, the head flies away several metres and the rest of the corpse collapse in a slow animation, which is the same for both attacks.
In the censored version, the enemy is getting hit like in a normal attack and reacts normally without any special animations.

Pictures only from the uncensored version.

It should be mentioned that this censoring only applies to human enemies, later demons or undead opponents can be beheaded in both version.

Interestingly enough, the descriptive text for the jump attack (Flying Swallow) in the first chapter of the game was not changed and still describes the beheading ability although it mostly is impossible in the censored version.