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Sailor Moon

original title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon


Censored SNES Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Mega Drive Version
Region: Japan

Release: Mar 20, 2012 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Tony Montana
"Sailor Moon" is an arcade game based on the eponymous anime series. The game is basically a classic beat'em up. One's playing one of the Sailor warriors and has to kick the crap out of anyone who shows up on the screen before moving on. There are two portations, both from 1994: one version for the SNES and one Genesis/Sega Mega Drive - the two big game consoles at that time.

Both the SNES and the Genesis/Mega Drive version differ from each other as well as from the original arcade version: The look of some levels is different, so are parts of the music, some of the bosses only show up in one version (only the Mega Drive Version contains all four Generals in the final fight) but this was just a result of the different hardware.

Nevertheless, there is some obvious censoring in the SNES Version. Please find more details in the following comparison. Unfortunately we have no information wheter the censorship applies to the international SNES version and maybe even the Japanese version. We can only assume that that every international SNES version contains the same censored version while the Japanese SNES version most likely contains the uncensored game. We also have no information wheter the international Sega Genesis/Mega Drive version is uncensored or if this only goes for the Japanese one. If you have further information please contact us.

Compared are the Sega Mega Drive Version, which was only released in Japan, and the SNES Version (taken from the France SNES version).

Mega Drive Version:SNES Version:

Cancelled Intro

If one waits until the title songs ends, the intro begins. But not in the SNES Version which only contains the credits and some info about the girls (plus the French names). Definetely censored because the plot has been removed here.

Mega Drive Version:SNES Version:

Censored Transformations

After the selection of five Sailor warriors, they transform. During the transformation, the silhouette of the naked girls (not very detailed) is visible for a couple of seconds. The SNES Version is apparently censored here, the girls' silhouettes must have been too delicate for Nintendo. For some of the girls, an entirely new image has been created. For others, only some details have been altered.

Very eye-catching is Ami's / Sailor Merkur's alteration. In the Mega Drive Version, she presents her butt but she's not allowed to in the SNES Version. Makoto's / Sailor Jupiter's boobies have been reduced and Rei / Sailor Mars has another posture, apart from the removed curves. With regard to Bunny /Sailor Moon and Minako / Sailor Venus, only curves have been censored.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Merkur

Sailor Mars

Sailor Venus

Sailor Jupiter