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Jackie Chan is Black Dragon (aka Miracles)

original title: Jiji


  • Export Version
  • HK Version
Release: Dec 08, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened Export Version and the uncut Hongkong Version (both represented by the Columbia TriStar US-DVD)

- 10 cuts, 1 recut
- Difference: 1249.5 sec (= 20:50 min)

Trivial jumpcuts with a length less than 0.5 seconds haven't been considered in this comparison.

As usual for Asian movies, this excellent comedy, which is being considered as one of his favorites by Jackie Chan btw, also exists in two versions: a shorter Export Version and a longer Hongkong Version. The Export Version lacks more than 20 minutes of footage. Not necessarily relevant to follow the plot, there are some highlights (e.g. the scene with Jackie accidentally ripping off Anita Mui's clothes at the beginning) among the removed scenes though. Especially the characters of Richard Ng and Bill Tung have less screentime in the Export Version.

The Export Version is available in the UK and US on VHS for instance. While the UK-DVD only contains the uncut Hongkong Version, the US release is a flipper disc with both versions, each on one side. The German DVD only contains the Hongkong Version as well; the new scenes are subbed.

Running times refer to
Export Version in NTSC / Hongkong Version in NTSC

Slightly different, more detailed information about Media Asia (on the US-DVD). Then a further logo of Golden Way Films in the Uncut Version.

Not being considered in the total difference.

Uncut 28.7 sec longer


The credits of the first scene are different (English / Chinese). columbia TriStar couldn't resist to put the US title in the Uncut Version on the US-DVD.

When the camera zooms in to the picture frame and the actual movie begins, the first scene is still in the same aspect ratio. Then the US-DVD keeps zooming in. Due to the loss of picture information during the entire movie, this is only being mentioned here where that difference is perfectly illustrated (see the following screens).

Export VersionHongkong Version

18:38 / 19:06-20:17

The sequence of building the (in the beginning still pretty sleazy) night club has been removed. The rose lady pays a visit as well. Just when Jackie has bought another rose and made two steps forward, a cooler falls from the ceiling and barely misses Jackie.

70.5 sec

36:43 / 38:21-43:32

After the police left, the scene continues inside: Jackie asks for the rose lady who hasn't shown up yet. He goes to his room and talks to his budies while Anita tries to draw attention to herself: she's just about to leave. For that reason, she shuts the case with a big bang. Jackie looks at her for second, then he continues talking about the problems with the shops. Finally, he realizies that she's going to quit working and get married. He tries to stop her and accidentally tears her clothes apart. Anita simply gets more furious but Jackie finally manages to calm her down. He intends to kiss her and the boss shuts the door from outside.

311.1 sec

38:41 / 45:30-46:13

The Uncut Version contains a transition from the rose lady collapsed on the street to the next scene.
A short conversation about Jackie's whereabouts with the gangster boss follows. In the end, there's another (actually nice) transition to the following scene (the gangster is looking at himself in the mirror and that's exactly what's Jackie's doing).

42.8 sec

56:15 / 63:47-68:39

Another missing block of scenes. As a result, several subplots get lost.

The inspector gets into trouble with his superior due to the missing reporter.
- When Mr. Wong wants to talk to the inspector, Jackie is looking for a look-a-like. Anita will handle it by pretending she was the inspector's secretary.
- A short scene with a guy from Jackie's former gang follows. He wants to cause Jackie trouble. This scene is also in the Export Version, but later.
- Then a short missing scene with the inspector still looking for Wong.

291.7 sec

Alternate / Recut
62:32-62:57 / 74:56-75:59

Now the before-mentioned scene with the guy from Jackie's old gang (no screens).

The Hongkong Version continues with the scene of phony Wong (played by Bill) and the inspector. He inconspicuously tries to get money from Wong.

Uncut 37.7 sec longer

76:30 / 89:31-90:06

Another removed scene with the inspector and Bill handling their money business. Of course, the inspector still doesn't have a clue that Bill isn't his uncle Wong.
Meanwhile, a guy asks for the two reporters. The porter claims he hadn't seen them. Now, the real Wong just happens to pass by. The porter informs him that this is the real Wong instantly.

35.1 sec

77:22 / 90:58-92:41

The scene goes on: the inspector stops Bill and wants information about the Police Club. Bill writes a check for him. But he accidentally writes a higher amount on the check. Because this was the inspector's last check, he offers to return the difference in cash. Bill is happy about the option to rip off even more money and says bye.

102.8 sec

77:30 / 92:49-96:26
After Bill stepped outside in the US Version, the next huge cut follows.

The guy from earlier approaches a guard and tells him to get Bill.
In the meantime, the inspector has to deal with his superior and gets a scolding again. The guy runs into thr office and inspector is upset because he didn't knock. Then he throws him out.
Then the inspector gets critized again until his superior leaves. Subsequently, the guy runs into the office again and he's in trouble again because he didn't knock; as he'd been told before. Due to the conversation with his superior, the inspector is in such a bad mood that he doesn't wants to listen to the poor fella in the first place. As a result, Bill is allowed to leave and the disappointed fella clears the air with him.

In the following scene (also in the US Version), someone storms into the inspector's office again. Due to the removed sequence, it becomes clear why the inspector wants to throw flower tub at him.

216.4 sec

78:34 / 97:29-98:31

Jackie's troup practices elegant behavior. It turns out it's not that easy because some of the men aren't satisfied with their parts. One of them would rather be governor, Jackie agrees because the entire thing is pretty bugging.

62.1 sec

97:59 / 117:56-119:16

The scene with Jackie telling the entire story is missing. Furthermore, a shot of Wong asking for the guests has been removed.

79.6 sec


The end credits are in English and Chinese; just like the credits at the beginning. And of course, the aspect ratio miraculously changes to 2.35:1 again.

Export VersionHongkong Version