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Vikings: Season 5 Vol 2


Warrior: S1



original title: Crime Fighters 2


US Arcade Version
Region: USA/Europe

Japanese Arcade Version
Region: Japan

Release: Oct 31, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123
The good old arcades saw many "Beat'em Ups", often also called "Brawlers". In Japan, these games were hugely popular towards the begining of the 90's, thus many game series like "Final Fight", "Double Dragon", "Turtles" and so on (just to name a few very popular ones) came to be.
Another series was "Crime Fighters" which was only able to compete with the other games on the market from part 2 onwards, since the first game was rather below average. The international version was quickly renamed and marketed as "Vendetta".
Again, a woman was kidnapped and the guys have to fight their way through the streets to save her. Of course, this has nothing to do with self justice or gang fights, since we are beating up bad guys who deal with drugs and the like. Thus, you know, they deserve it ;)
The characters you can play look very much like celebreties that were hugely popular at the time.
Interestingly enough you can not only play guys who look like Hulk Hogan, Mike Tyson, Mister T., and Jean-Claude van Damme, but they are also described very similar: one is an ex-pro-wrestler named "Hawk", then there's an ex boxer, an ex-soldier and a Martial Arts fighter.
Here is a picture of the Cobra Gang:

Besides the usual movements yo can also perform joint attacks or involve your enemy in your moves. Also, you can attack enemies that lie on the floor; however, they can do the same to you.
While there is no blood involved in the game, there is still some censorship. A few enemies were taken out or replaced by other characters, apparently because they were not PC enough for American standards. Apart from that, there is not too much missing in the game, thus you can also check out the international Arcade Version of "Vendetta". Have fun with this report.
Here is a comparison of the title screens:
International VersionJapanese Version

During the third stage you walk through a dirty alleyway, where you have to fight several weird characters. This is where you first run into missing/altered enemies. While walking/fighting through the streets, you suddenly run into two guys that wear leather outfits. They confront you from both sides of the screen.
International VersionJapanese Version

Their outer appearence does not seem to be the issue, it is rather their "attack" that was not okay for "Vendetta". If one of these guys gets a hold of your character, he presses himself to the body real tight, licks his enemy and starts dry-humping him. Each hump takes away a lot of energy. Even if you are lying on the floor, you might be attacked in the same "heavy petting" kind of way. If you dodge them often enough they even start dryhumping the street lamps that are standing around. Thus they seem to be a danger for any passer-by. Then there is a dominatrix that wears leather and swings a whip around. Not too much about her was altered, except for the fact that she stops your character with her whip so that the dry-humpers can have their way with you. In the "Vendetta"-Version she attacks you alone and thus is much less of a threat. Here are a few images of all this:
All images are from the Japanese Version:

Also, here are some animated gifs of the attackers. We also added the dogs of the exact same level, which - judging from their attack - seemed to learned a lot from their masters.
All images are from the Japanese Version: