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  • Chinese DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Sep 14, 2021 - Author: Sun Wukong - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The censored Chinese DVD was compared to the uncut free TV broadcast on the Swiss channel TV24, identical to the German DVD (FSK 16).

While part 1-3 of the Resident Evil series was denied a theatrical release in China, Resident Evil: Afterlife, the first film of the popular video game adaptations in Chinese cinemas, was officially launched on 16 October 2010. In the following year, a DVD release published by the Shanghai Sony subsidiary Epic Music also found its way onto the shelves of retailers.

This DVD turns out to be quite a curiosity in comparison. The version is obviously based on the "harder" version published in Germany on DVD, which is discussed in detail in the corresponding report. As could hardly be expected otherwise, Resident Evil: Afterlife, which sometimes comes up with rather rough splatter effects, did not completely remain uncut after it was viewed by Chinese censorship officials. What's very strange about this DVD, however, is that only a minute of comparatively harmless material was removed, while the most rude gore scenes, such as exploding heads, bloody bullet wounds in close-ups, etc., are largely included in their entirety.

Unfortunately, for the time being, it is not possible to say with certainty which version was shown in Chinese cinemas. At this point, I dare the following hypothesis: In order to temper the strict censors, the Chinese theatrical release was based on the German theatrical version, which had already been severely defused, and accordingly got away with comparatively minor censorship interventions. The cut conditions prescribed for the theater were adopted for the Chinese DVD version in exactly the same way, except that the completely uncensored version was used here (accidentally?), which meant that the most basic splatter inlays were retained here. But, as I said, this is only a theory. The facts look like this:

8 cuts = 58.2 seconds

A zombie shows its tentacles growing out of its mouth and is shot by Alice without further ado. Another zombie grabs one of the survivors.
4.8 sec

A very strange cut: A gate locked up with a fire axe can be seen.
1.7 sec

Alice rams a short sword into a zombie's mouth.
1.3 sec

The zombie massacre on the roof of the tower really gets going. Dozens and dozens of people, sometimes more and sometimes less bloody, are mown down by Alice and company.
11.7 sec

Ditto. Numerous other zombies have to separate from the undead life.
16 sec

Alice gets backup from Luther. Some zombies are eliminated.
6.1 sec

The hammer cuts Kim Yong in half.
2.1 sec

Bennett Sinclair rams a knife into Alice's arm. Albert Wesker then grins at Alice sneeringly, after which spider-like gripping arms grow out of his mouth. Alice manages to pull the knife out of her arm.
14.8 sec