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Release: Jan 28, 2016 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Nearly 10 years after the really succeeded WISHMASTER the special effect artist Robert Kurtzman (one of the founders of the legendary KNB group) again takes a seat on the directors chair.
So, what made him do that?
I imagine the story like this: the Kurtzman family and friends having a nice barbecue on a campground with lots of booze, they drink like fishes and chew the fat about this and that. Sooner or later the talking comes to the point of movies and all the deadly serious horrorflicks of the last years: „Boah, have you seen HILLS HAVE EYES ? The remake ? Strong meat, isn’t it ? Also severe effects – like yours (to Bob) in your prime days!“ Another one: „Yep, and HOSTEL also pretty rough…..absolutely tough!“ Again another one: „Yes, but at that time, you remember (to his wife) ….you had good times at the movies” All around nodding in agreement. „EVIL DEAD, yeah, that was great … and also funny. I could watch it again.“ Another one chips in with: „BRAINDEAD…..was even better. Absolutely funny and really rough effects.!“ But then it is the Maestro himself who proclaims: „At that time the very best has been RE-ANIMATOR! That was cult. Twice as funny and really rough splatter scenes! Today such a thing doesn’t exist any more ….“
And all the rest of it. As time goes by this evening the more a plan set up in ther minds: such a thing has to be done again ! And Bob, meanwhile totally drunk like all the others, meant: „I will do that. But I am in need of a little money. I think one or two million bucks will be sufficient. “
And bingo ! All of the attendees signed an agreement in which they committed themselves, to relase a wicked movie, extremely funny and at the same time bloody splatter !
I think it happened this way or something similar....
How could I make such a guess ? Well, see for yourself...

And what was the result ? A pleasurable fun splatter, overshooting the mark with some scenes and will only be released with some cuts here in Germany. The script is not so important, the main focus – as it should be for F/X artists – is solely oriented on to the splatter effects. There are lots of them in the movie. Although the poor budget is obvious, the CGI-effects always reveal themselves – but therefore the handmade effects and the partial boundless ideas compensate for many things. Another plus is the speed of the movie. In the 80ies FEHLFARBEN (a german rock band) sang “Keine Atempause….Geschichte wird gemacht. Es geht voran!” Nonstop from one effect to another, boredom has no chance at all.
You cannot expect outstanding performances, but Andrew Divoff (buddy of the old WISHMASTER days) plays his part sovereign (this guy speaks 6 languages fluently! I do accept his role as a russian scientist...) – the other actors are the victims, so who cares?
Now here comes again a party movie, which really deserves the name!
Reminiscences of the cult movie RE-ANIMATOR are not only in the storyline but also distinguishable at the movie poster. Kurtzman does not try to cover something.

So let’s face the versions: in the US, besides the rated R version there was an unrated directors cut released at the same time on DVD, which shows about 40 sec. More violence. Here the name – analog to the movie ROBOCOP – has again the importance, the common gorehound relates to.
Due to censorship belongings exclusively close-ups and additional takes during the effects have been removed for the R. These can be admired in full glory in the unrated version.
5:16 Min.
In a further take the convicted mutant nibbles on an arm
( 3 sec. )

7:52 Min.
In an additional close-up Viktor cuts in a skull as well as a counter cut on to the blood soaked mouth of the victim
( 3sec. )

7:53 Min.
The skin flap is removed from the skullcap, also in a close-up
( 4 sec. )

12:10 Min.
Viktor got two more stabs into the chest (knee shot), while the rated R version not begins until the close-up of the last stab
( 2,5 sec. )

18:11 Min.
In a front view the girl gets an eye squeezed out
( 1,5 sec. )

26:59 Min.
Uncle Ben discovers Sadie. Here a close-up pan shot over the child’s dead body is missing
( 1,5 sec. )

28:33 Min.
Uncle Ben slays his nephew. Here, about half was removed , three complete settings and two were shortened
( 3,5 sec. )

35:24 Min.
In a close-up Zombie Ben gets a stone dashed against his skull two more times plus counter cuts
( 4 sec. )

35:24 Min.
In a close-up the vulture pecks an eye out of the skull
( 2,5 sec. )

47:31 Min.
Again an extreme close-up of the vulture pecking in Olivia’s mouth is missing
( 3 sec. )

52:18 Min.
In Viktor‘s lab. When Josh discovers the dead boy in the cage, the following track shot already ends on the head in the rated R version. In the unrated on the other hand the camera still moves to the abdominal wound
( 1,5 sec. )

59:28 Min.
Another close-up where the drill breaks into Pris’s head
( 1,5 sec. )

68:00 Min.
Only in the unrated version Josh tears the arm completely away from the shoulder of the dead body so that the shredded meat can be seen
( 2 sec. )

69:36 Min.
The contaminated, who attacks Josh, gets a shot in the head in a close-up
( 1 sec. )

75:48 Min.
Kat drives a scythe from behind through the body of Gor. The very short close-up, where the tip comes out of the abdomen with meat parts hanging on it, is missing
( 1 sec. )

76:50 Min.
Kat continues chipping on the gnome. Again the extreme close-ups are missing
( 3 sec. )

77:04 Min.
And once again the shredded gnome, this time in a front view….Kat still chipping on it
( 2,5 sec. )