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original title: Die Säge des Todes


  • Old BBFC 18
  • Uncut DVD
Release: Sep 30, 2010 - Author: polter - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored English VHS (BBFC 18)
and the uncut DVD.

Spanish filmmaker Jess Franco - who could be called a workaholic since he directed more than 160 movies - is rather known for his trashy erotic movies than for gory horror movies - with only a few exceptions he mostly passed on bloody depictions of violence. One of these exceptions is the German production Bloody Moon from 1980, making it Franco's bloodiest movie throughout his movie career.

Bloody Moon was banned in several countries (such as Germany), but the English censors also gave the movie a hard time - in the 80's it was banned for being a so-called "Video Nasty". 1993, the English lable "Vipco" released the movie on VHS and DVD, but it had to be (heavily) cut to get a BBFC 18 rating. The UK DVD by Severin Films is uncut and classified as BBFC 18 as well.

9 cuts = 1 minute and 21 seconds.
The time designations refer to the English VHS.

The close up shot of the scissor-stabbing scene does not show the scissor being stabbed in the body for a second time:
0,5 Sec

Further bloody details of the scissor-murder:
4 Sec

When the young woman is killed, the UK version stops when she screams out. You don't see the knife coming out of her chest, followed by a cut to her face. Then she falls on the bed with the knife sticking out of her chest.
5 Sec

The snake's head is cut off with a pair of hedge clippers. The end of this sequence was cut out where you shortly (but clearly) see the cutting process:
0,5 Sec

Further cuts: The headless snake can be seen - at first you see it in the background, then in a close up shot. Then the camera shows the head lying on the floor - it's still twisting and turning.
10 Sec

A missing camera panning over the corpse in the closet.
4 Sec

You don't see the woman being chained a little longer, while the boy is sneaking up on them.
24 Sec

The infamous saw-scene was entirely cut out after the first gory take.
16 Sec

When the victim is killed with a pair of pliers, you don't see her spitting blood and dying stertorously.
17 Sec