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original title: Jack el destripador de Londres


  • Ifvw DVD
  • Televista DVD
Release: Sep 08, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Ifvw version and the one by Televista.

There is a serial killer roaming the streets of Longon. In the fashion of Jack the Ripper, he kills mainly prostitues and takes their organs. Inspector Campbell is being trusted with the case and thinks the unemployed aerial artist Peter, whose girlfriend is one of the victims, to be the main suspect. Peter claims that he is innocent and starts to look for the murder himself, both the police and gangsters on his heels...

This is a quite solid Giallo with Paul Naschy starring as the tragic antihero.

There was a long wait for a licensed DVD release of this movie. For a long time, the Ifvw, which was probably taken from an Italian VHS with added subtitles, was pretty common. Not before the end of 2007, Televista released a new DVD release. This version was taken from a 35mm print which is pretty clean and (most important) in the right aspect ratio. This DVD only contains the English audio track.
A direct comparison shows that the Ifvw version is not complete. On the one hand, there are some film tears when the reels where changed, on the other hand some of the plot is missing and a violent scene was shortened.
Both versions are basedon the Spanishversion on the movie, which means there ar no nude scenes. The export version containing those remains lost, but it is probable that it exists. Towards the end, flashbacks of Peters girlfriend being naked can be seen, but in the murder scene she wears a nightgown.






Running times:

lfvw: 83:22 min (PAL)
Televista: 90:00 min (NTSC)

A camera pan from Big Ben to the street is missing right at the beginning.

15 sec


The tracking shot starts earlier. The murderer walks through a door.

9 sec


Sloppy work with the Televista: Rosemary can be seen descending the stairs twice.

8 sec


Peter is being watched significantly longer. He crosses the street and turns into a side road. The car follows slowly.

50 sec


Peter and the girl are walking down the street longer. The girl is drunk and states that all men were bastards.

1:10 min


The inspector can be seen earlier.

1 sec


More stabbing can be seen when the prostitute is being murdered.

6 sec


The beginning of the camera pan across the street is missing.

10 sec


Winston can be seen earlier and longer.

4 sec