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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Nov 09, 2010 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
The Director's Cut of 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels', a British crime comedy, has been around England on VHS and DVD for several years now. This version very much goes deeper into characters and in many cases focuses a bit more on their past. The plot, too, becomes a bit smoother because of the new scenes.

Both the theatrical version and the Director's Cut of this not exceedingly bloody movie were given an 18 rating by the BBFC. In the US, where the Director's Cut is available, too, both versions were given an R-rating.

This comparison is between the theatrical version and the Director's Cut.

The times given refer to the theatrical version.
Time was taken from the 'Ska Films' logo which can be seen in both versions of the movie. There is a total of 25 cuts equaling 11 mins. 46 secs. runtime difference.
The Director's Cut starts entirely different:
The beginning of the theatrical version (the sale of stolen goods on the street) is preceded by the following scene:
The poker ace (Eddy) is explaining some rules of the 'Three Card Bracked' poker game two two policemen before dealing the cards. Here the viewer gets to know the importance of the 'three Threes' of the game for the Director's Cut. (Until he starts dealing the cards, you see his face in a close-up view)
60 secs.

Chris ordering the guy to address Harry with 'Mr. Harry' is missing. Afterwards, Chris allows the guy to talk but reminds him to choose his words carefully. (The following is contained in the theatrical version: The guy tells Chris that he was too busy to be able to get the money...)
18 secs.

The three who are waiting while Eddie is gambling with their money have a seat in the Samoan Pub. Bacon orders a refreshing drink and tells the black guy in an agitated manner to turn down the TV set's volume. The black guy looks at him.
24 secs.

The card game can be seen earlier. bets are placed, Harry utters something.
29 secs.

Again the card game (bets, short conversation, and commentaries).
51 secs.

After hanging up, the bald man utters his anger about the two guys who stole his guns.
3 secs.

With a worried face, Eddie gives in and calls cards on table. The ref also is looking at him kind of tense. Harry reassures if Eddie really wants the cards down for half a million yadda yadda yadda.
20 secs.

The guy eating peaches from a can explains to his friend, who is ironing the notes, that HE (following the plot he is the black mob boss, but this is not known yet) is investing money in them and therefore wants to see some profit being made.
15 secs.

The guy with the pipet says something else.
5 secs.

The three friends of Eddie's are still sitting in the bar and think about ways to get half a million quid. Soap has just finished talking about one idea when the guy next to him says that the idea is stupid, desperately putting his head on the table.
44 secs.

Again those friends of Eddie's in the bar - the air is tense. Soap is upset about Bacon. He tells him that if he were that clever he might as well come up with a solution of his own. Bacon replies, quite agitated, that he is thinking.

Change of scene to Harry and the bald guy. Harry asks about the whereabouts of Chris. The bald guy answers and adds that it might be a mistake to trust Chris at such an amount of money.
Harry, upset, asks the guy who he thinks that he is to dare to criticize his decisions. He goes on asking what he knows about Chris, anyway. He tells him that when one puts Chris on a job, that job would be finished as expected, no matter the cost.

Harry tells the story that Chris' father, as well as his father's father, already was collecting money debts, and that his son would do so in the future, too. He states that God Himself had chosen them to do so. While he is telling that, you can see a flashback of Chris entering a lift with two guys in it, rubbing his hands.
When the lift doors open on another floor, the two guys are lying around, blood is on the walls. Chris' son is standing in front of the lift.

During this scene, Harry explains that there is a problem with Chris: his only weak spot is his son, and if someone should touch him, so help him God..
77 secs.

After Eddy has talked about his plan, he explains that there is nothing illegal about it as the mobsters couldn't go to the police. Hesitating at first, his friends eventually agree.
35 secs.

At this point, some alternative material as used:
After the bald guy has asked the two if they were somewhat attached to their fingers, he continues yelling at them a bit longer and more aggressively. Then one of the two, scared, tries to calm down the bald guy - but he only utters a rude remark.
ca. 15 secs.

After Eddy's father (Sting) has told Chris that he should tell Harry to go fuck himself Chris replies that Harry might suffer a second heart attack because of him.
This short scene presumably was cut as there are no indications of the relationship between Harry and Eddy's father (who once was responsible for Harry's heart attack, mentioned below) in the theatrical version.
6 secs.

Bacon hears a loud screeching noise through his headphones, which he takes off. His neighbours (who want to rob Eddy and associates) hear it, too, and ask themselves what was going on there. Then they turn to talking about the details of their plan.
31 secs.

Bacon continues eavesdropping with his headphones a bit. Afterwards, Eddy and Soap are talking a bit before Soap shows Eddy the masks for the heist.
30 secs.

After Eddy's father has knocked out Eddy, the following scene that severely enhances the plot appears:

Eddy's father's employee tells Eddy, accompanied by a flashback, that his father (Eddy's) had played cards with Harry years ago.
After J.D. (Eddy's dad) had already lost all, Harry wanted to go on gambling in order to ruin him completely. In the last and decisive round of the game, Harry got dealt three aces, an almost impossible to beat hand. J.D. started crying while the other players were showing his cards for him. - J.D`s hand, however, was 'Three Threes', the best combination possible and the only one able to beat Harry's aces.

After the game, Harry suffered a heart attack and Eddy's dad never played a game of cards again.
With the money he had won, he bought the bar which he now is supposed to trade for Eddy's life.

Since that card game, Harry longs for revenge on Eddy's dad but never had the opportunity, which has been given to him now by Eddy.

After the employee has finished the story, Eddy's mobile rings, Bacon calling.
a total of 117 secs.

Before the guy (Plank) is standing in front of the door of the weed growers, there is a scene missing. In their flat, one of them is walking hither and thither nervously, yelling at the others to hurry up. The doorbell rings and the nervous guy reminds his pal to lock the cage in front of the door. Then his pal approaches the door control system.
29 secs.

One of the protagonists cuts himself with a knife and says 'Oh fuck!'
4 secs.

After the scene with Harry, Chris, and the bald guy where Harry repeatedly asks them whether he is supposed to take such things and both of them reply in the negative, you are able to see the boss of the mob who have just been robbed by Eddy and his pals while he is freeing himself from the tape, yelling.
15 secs.

The 'weed grower' explains himself to the black guy (Rory Braker) before mentioning that they have got one by his neck.
20 secs.

The black mob boss tells his interests to Nick the Greek.
9 secs.

Chris takes the guns to Harry while being watched by the two guys who were supposed to return the guns for Harry, too. In Harry's home, Chris is shortly talking with someone coming out of Harry's office. He then enters and gives the guns to Harry.
42 secs.

Eddy is being interrogated by the police (continuation of the scene mentioned above).
17 secs.

Eddy's dad is talking with Eddy's pals in his bar. Then you see Eddy walking.
20 secs.