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Internship, The


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Nov 05, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version, both represented by the US Blu-ray/DVD Combo.

46 differences, among them
* 27 scenes with alternate footage
* 6 scenes longer in the Theatrical Version
* 4 Recuts
* 2 scenes with a different image section
* 2 blocks of scenes with digital special effects

Difference: 337.8 sec (= 5:38 min)


8 years after The Wedding Crashers, shot in 2005, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are doing another movie together. In the lifes of their characters, a lot of things have gone wrong. But no need to worry because something has come up: an internship at Google is the dawn of hope. It's supposed to finally give them the opportunity to accomplish long-cherished goals and dreams.
The critics didn't like the movie very much. Too obvious is the fact that the cooperation had its restrictions and a comparison with the selection process in The Hunger Games is pretty much it. The movie was often called an extra-long commercial, the screenplay isn't very innovative either and totally depends on the admittedly working chemistry between the two stars.

More interesting that the actual movie is his history. The movie was shot for a family friendly PG-13 and an R. As expected, the former version was shown in movie theaters while the US Blu-ray, which contains both versions, has a huge "Unrated" on its cover. The studio didn't make the effort to get an MPAA rating because an R was very likely.

The Unrated Version

The 5.5 minutes longer version reveals that most of the differences were necessary for the lower PG-13 rating in movie theaters. Considerung the amount of alternate footage, lots of further alterations were made. Especially the bar/stripclub scene stands out. Thanks to several alternate takes, there are many breasts now. Apart from that, a lot of foul language is added in the Unrated Version. To be more specific, sexual implications are more obvious now plus the F-word is being used quite a lot. Also, there are two entirely new scenes at the beginning and right before the end credits. One the one hand, they could have been removed for pace reasons. But then again, the dialog in these two scenes never would have made it through the rating process without being altered at all. At least, the comparison to the rape scene in Deliverance is quite funny and more Will Ferrell in the second one is also alright.

As a picture for the entire family, the PG-13 Version works quite well because to much nudity and foul language would overdo it. But since critizing Google isn't on the top of the agenda, the fact that the Unrated Version is more sleazy isn't that bad. Furthermore, the Unrated Version simply looks better in many scenes which is why this should be the first version to be watched.
Contrary to the information on the backcover, the US Blu-ray is codefree which means there's no actual reason to wait if you want to see it as soon as possible. The UK Blu-ray will be released 11/15/2013 and is being advertised with a longer version on it, too. The Theatrical Version is rated BBFC 12 while the Unrated Version got a BBFC 15 by the way.

Running time refers to
Theatrical Version Blu-ray / Unrated Blu-ray
05:31-05:35 / 05:31-05:45

It has already begun during the previous identical shot with alternate footage in it. More footage of the angry conversation with the boss, the bold-marked parts are exclusively in the Unrated Version.

Bobby: "What the fuck, Sammy?"
Sammy: "What the fuck me? What the fuck you! Who told you you could barge into my office without an appointment?"

Nick: "You closed the company?! Then you send us out on a sale we really needed and had Bob Williams drop that bomb on us?!"
Sammy: "Bob Williams' got a big fucking mouth."
Nick: "Yeah, he does.

Unrated 10.7 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

07:40 bzw 08:39-10:05 / 07:50-09:16

After the two of them drove off, the Unrated continues with Billy's girlfriend leaving him. Also in the Theatrical Version after the shot of Nick at the kids baseball game.

no difference

08:39 / 10:15-13:13

The ending of the scene with Nick is longer in the Unrated Version. The coach is grouching at little Tate. Nick has had it and tells him very plainly how he thinks about it. The situation escalates, they begin to fight. Subsequently, Nick is talking to Billy at the park. Nick's got a wound on his nose. They're talking about how they both are disappointed by life, including no beating around the bush and a 'Deliverance' reference.

Coach: "That's it. Just take the walk, Eagle Eye. Walk's as good as a hit, come on."
Nick (while standing up): "What is this guy saying? Bullshit. Walk's not as good as a hit. It's not as good as a double or a triple. It's not as good as a dinger. Go on, take a big cut, Tate."
Coach: "Get off the field. What are you doing?"
Nick: "You're calling him Eagle Eye to get him not to swing? Come on, he's 12 years old. He's got the rest of his life to take a walk."
Coach: "How about you take a walk, pal? And get off my field!"
Nick: "Just stop calling him Eagle Eye, okay?
Coach: "Oh, I'm gonna call him Eagle Eye."
Nick: "Oh, no, you're not."
Coach: "Yes, I am."
Nick: "You're Eagle Eye."
Coach: "Want a piece of me?
They start to fight and it doesn't take long until Nick has a bloody nose, the others are holding him back.
Nick also yells: "Go ahead, Tate. Swing! Play ball. Come on, Tate. Swing big!"
Tate takes the swing but he fails.
Another boy is rude to Nick: "Read 'Moneyball', asshole. Walks ARE as good as hits."

Second scene at the park.
Nick: "Just when you think your day couldn't get any worse, it got worse."
Bobby: "I feel like my day bent me over, put a ball in my mouth and fucked me bad."
Nick: "Is it just me, or does life look a lot like those hillbillies from 'Deliverance' now? It's got me over by the tree there, just told me I had a pretty mouth. You over, squealing like a pig on all fours. I'm looking, where's Burt Reynolds with the crossbow? He's not coming. We're there. It's gonna happen. You're gonna get raped."
Bobby: "You know what it is? I feel like life's inside of me. Just working, just pushing. Just going all after it. And all of a sudden, life pulls out. But he's gonna scurry up the pillow. Boom, just explodes right in my fucking mouth."
Now, they notice a woman with child sitting on the bench next to them.
Bobby: "How are you?"
Nick: "Hey. Hey, cute kid. How old is she?"
Frau: "She's a boy."
Nick: "Okay."
Billy (while leaving): "Still very attractive. Without pink or blue, it's hard to tell, but the features are great, maybe put him in some modeling. That's what they're going for, that right-down -the-middle thing."
Nick: "How many different ways do we have to say, 'I give up'? Say 'Uncle', Say 'Mercy', before life stops whaling away on us. I mean, we are getting pounded."
Bobby: "I feel like our whole generation of sheep has been sold a bad bill of goods. We were told, 'Go to college, get good grades.'"
Nick: "Wait, you didn't go to college."
Bobby: "I'm saying in theory, in concept, our generation was told that you go to college, you get a job, you get a mortgage, and here we did everything the way we were supposed to, and what do we get? Where's our thanks? Nothing."
Nick: "I'm gonna call Kevin about that job."
Bobby: "Kevin? Thanksgiving tattoo? We're not that low, are we, Nick?"
They look at each other, Nick leaves and Bobby remains seated thoughtfully.

177.9 sec

12:10 / 15:18-15:19

The shot of the woman with junk in the trunk starts earlier.

0.9 sec

12:11 / 15:20-15:23

A first shot of Kevin (Will Ferrell). He says: "I'd like to play around in that rumpus room, you know what I mean?"
Then the woman again.

3.5 sec

12:14-12:17 / 15:26-15:33

Different explanation of his back alley comment.

Theatrical Version: "Knock-knock. It's me. With my pee-pee."
Unrated: "Back door action? Knock-knock. It's me. With my penis."

Unrated 3.4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

12:21 / 15:37-15:48

Kevin gets more explicit before being interrupted by Nick: "You VIP your way into that back alley, you'll never think about the main entrance anymore. You know what I mean by the main entrance? We're talking dick into the vagina."

10.8 sec

17:29 / 20:56-20:58

Bobby instructs more aggressively: "Put your fucking cheek next to mine!"
Nick: "Yes, I get it!"

2.2 sec

26:40 / 30:08-30:10

Graham says more direct "Shut the fuck up!" and Bobby repeats "Deal with it."
In the Theatrical Version, the following shot of Graham starts a few frames earlier (no screens).

Unrated 1.6 sec longer

28:57-29:07 / 32:27-32:36

Nick reacts differently to Graham's next comment.

Theatrical Version: "There's always one guy in the locker room who runs around snapping towels at the other guys' privates."
Unrated: "There's always some joker who likes to play fuckaround."

Theatrical Version 2.1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

44:53-45:09 / 48:22-48:35

When Neha asks from the background why Yo-Yo had just ripped out a hair out of her own eyebrows, her answer is more harmless in the Theatrical Version plus slightly alternate footage has been used. The following shot of Stuart making a comment and Nina responding is different as well.

Theatrical Version:
Neha: "What the hell was that?"
Yo-Yo: "[...]"
Stuart: "Great. That one's crazy. Somewhere there's a geek orgy you're late for."
Neha: "And somewhere there's a micro-phallus convention you're late for."

Neha: "What the fuck was that?"
Yo-Yo: "[...]"
Stuart: "Great. That one's crazy. And crazy horny over here."
Neha (with the matching gesture): "Let me guess. Big dick, 'cause little dick?"

Theatrical Version 2.4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

49:46-49:48 / 53:12-53:14

Alternate shot of Nick making a comment about the Quidditch game.

Theatrical Version: "What does this have to do with computers?"
Unrated: "What the fuck does this have to do with computers?"

no difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Please note: When the "Golden Snitch" shows up on the field in minute 53 (Theatrical Version) / minute 56 (Unrated), this is the one time the F-word is also in the Theatrical Version. Nick asks "Who the fuck is this now?"

63:28-63:31 / 66:54-66:57

Alternate takes when entering the strip club. In the Unrated Version, the woman coming in from the left is topless.

no difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

63:38-63:43 / 67:04-67:13

The stripper is wearing less clothes during the tracking shot plus there's more booty shaking. Furthermore, there's a cut to Neha and the following shot of two strippers is alternate, too.

Unrated 4.2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

63:44-63:49 / 67:14-67:21

Alternate, more explicit footage in the Unrated Version after the identical cut to Yo-Yo. Due to a further distance, one can explicitely see the stripper shaking it.

Unrated 2.3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

63:52-63:57 / 67:24-67:31

While Bobby explains he had to have mixed up Cantonese and Mandarin with regards to the "dance club", the Theatrical Version cuts to a distance shot right in the middle of it. Then the two of them again from another angle and Nick laughs. The Unrated Version sticks with the two of them all the time. Subsequently, a different distance shot with the stripper topless and a profile shot including her tushy.

Unrated 1.6 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Different Image Section
63:57-63:59 / 67:31-67:33

When the stripper talks to the group, the shot itself is the same. But the shot in the Theatrical Version is zoomed in so that the breasts aren't visible anymore.

Theatrical VersionUnrated

64:00-64:01 / 67:34-67:36

Different take: in the Unrated Version, the shot of the stripper passing the group is longer plus she's not wearing a bra.

Unrated 1.2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

64:06-64:11 / 67:41-67:47

More alternate takes when Stuart's finger ends up in the stripper's mouth.

Unrated 0.5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Theatrical Version longer
64:12 / 67:48

In the Theatrical Version, the cut to Lyle and the others starts slightly earlier.

+ 0.5 sec

Alternate / Different Image Section
64:14-64:15 / 67:50-67:51

The Theatrical Version zoomed in again in order to keep the breasts from being revealed to the audience. Furthermore, it starts earlier while the Unrated Version contains another angle at the beginning.

Unrated 0.5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

64:16-64:17 / 67:52-67:53

Again: another angle when the dancer draws Stuart aside.

Unrated 0.5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

64:36-64:38 / 68:12-68:16

More foul language instead of nudity fora change: Bobby expresses himself differently (the blod-marked part is only in the Unrated Version).
"I'll go grab those guys by their little boners and we'll drag them, we'll all go back on the bus."

Unrated 2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

64:44 / 68:22

Shot of Neha starts trivially earlier.

0.5 sec

64:49-64:53 / 68:27-68:32

Neha explains hentai in a different way.

Theatrical Version: "Japanese comic books where the women get ravaged by octopus tentacles."
Unrated: "Japanese comic books where the women get penetrated by octopus tentacles."

Unrated 1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

65:12-65:14 / 68:51-69:15

The Theatrical Version only contains a short shot of thunderstruck Neha.

The Unrated Version starts later (same take though), followed by an extended shot of Neha. She also says "Thanks!" .
Subsequently, a nude dancer arrives and says to her: "Show you to your table, cutie?"
Neha gladly accepts the offer. Then a few more shots of half-naked girls.

Unrated 21.8 sec longer

Theatrical Version longer
65:18-65:19 / 69:19

Theatrical Version slightly longer again.

+ 0.5 sec

66:06-66:07 / 70:06-70:09

Blurred shot of Nick in the Theatrical Version which is also in the Unrated Version, but a bit later (no screens).

The Unrated Version contains more nudity instead.

Unrated 2.1 sec longer

Alternate / Partially Recut
66:08-66:20 / 70:11-70:26

Two shots of the dancing group - only in the Theatrical Version, for now. Then a dressed dancer (same shot for half-a-second). All in all, the versions very much differ until the shot of the DJ console which is the reason why it's been summarized to a block of scenes.
As usual in the Unrated Version, there are more topless girls like the Asian stripper Nick is taking pictures of. In the Theatrical Version, they're all dressed.

Unrated 3.8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

66:22-66:30 / 70:28-70:36

Quite inconspicuous at first: alternate take of our two heroes encouraging Yo-Yo. In the Unrated Version, the stripper lasciviously presents her booty. Moreover, the shot is longer. The result is a further butt in this shot. The Theatrical Version contains an additional profile shot instead.

no difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Alternate / Digital Special Effect
66:33-66:59 / 70:39-71:11

Yo-Yo's lapdances are wilder.
The shots of him on the can are equal but the implied ejaculate in the crotch has been retouched. Only in the Unrated Version, the little stain implies what has happened.

Unrated 5.6 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

66:59 / 71:11-71:13

Nick adds: "Trifecta."

1.8 sec

68:00 / 72:14-72:15

Two more nudity shots before Lyle talks to his Google dancing teacher.
In the Theatrical Version, the following shot starts a few frames earlier (no screens).

Unrated 1.4 sec longer

69:05 / 73:20-73:24

Lyle looks perplexe, they agree to have shots and order some.

4 sec

By now, a song with the creative lyrics "I can fuck you" is running in the background. In the Theatrical Version, the lyrics are altered of course.

69:08 / 73:27-73:28

Extended shot of pouring the second shot. Whatever.

0.6 sec

Subsequently, a few shots of the Theatrical Version are a few frames (< 0.5 sec) longer.

69:15 / 73:34-73:36

Some random nudity in between.

1.5 sec

Theatrical Version longer
69:17-69:18 / 73:37

Additional shot of Bobby in the Theatrical Version.

+ 0.6 sec

Alternate / Partially Recut
69:23-69:30 / 73:42-73:51

A few more harmless shots of the group are jumbled up randomly in a wild party montage. Several exclusive shots in between, boobs included.

Unrated 0.5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

69:34 / 73:55

Still in the montage: the course of events is pretty much the same now except for one scene where one can see close-ups of boobs again in the Unrated Version. In the Theatrical Version, these shots have been replaced.
Same goes for subsequent shots after identical frames of Lyle and company. Last but not least, one can see Neha on the dancefloor in the Theatrical Version while the Unrated Version only shows Lyle (no boobs).

All that happens within a second.

no difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

70:00 / 74:21-74:22

When "Biff Tannen junior" talks to Marielena, he claims he'd spent a lot of money, he adds "And I expect to nut." in the Unrated Version.
In the Theatrical Version, the following shot starts slightly earlier (no screens).

Unrated 1.4 sec longer

71:16-71:22 / 75:38-75:44

Two alternate shots when they're leaving the club due to the girls around them.

no difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

77:43-77:45 / 82:05-82:07

Sammy's comment is different.
Theatrical Version: "Pull the hackysack out of your ass and join the real world!"
Unrated: "And I'm trying to get hard on my own, but the Cialis is a guarantee."

no difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

91:22 / 95:45-95:48

The Theatrical Version lacks a part of Bobby's apology (marked bold): "I just wanted to come by and let you know that I did study last night, I tried my best. It's just that today on the phones..."

2.9 sec

95:29-95:32 / 99:54-99:57

Randy describes the seniors' activities differently.

Theatrical Version: "You have no idea how much thunder-sticking goes on around here."
Unrated: "You have no idea how much boning goes on in this place."

no difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

97:18-97:34 / 101:43-102:00

Different takes when Nick tells the story about Bobby's past - due to the mentioned activity with the girl mentioned at the end. The following cut to Bobby differs for continuity reasons as well (because the angle only changed in the Theatrical Version beforehand).

Theatrical Version: "You took out that same car, without permission from nobody. Not your parents, not Old Man Law. Just you and Sally Moran, parked at the point, working on your night moves!"
Unrated: "You took out that same car, without permission from nobody. Not your parents, not Old Man Law. Just you and Sally Moran, parked at the point, finger-blasting away!"

Unrated 1.1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Alternate / Digital Special Effect
115:15-115:17 / 119:41-120:52

When a video pops up in Shawn Levy's news window, this introduces the "End Crawl" in the Theatrical Version resp. the end credits on a black background.

In the Unrated Version on the other hand, there's hidden a further clip; the so-called 'Lost Cosplay Scene'. Neha's previously mentioned Cosplay hobby can be seen now - but later at a party where Nick and Bobby are also present. Suddenly, they run into Kevin who makes some rude comments.

Neha approaches them: "Guys, hey. So, what do you think?"
Nick: "Cosplay, what can you say?"
Neha: "I knew you'd love it. Stuart totally loves it too, now. You guys have fun."
Nick: "Okay, great. Don't worry about us, we're having a great time."
A guy in a mask joins them and mumbles indistinctly.
Bobby: "Here we go. I get it. Classics Luke and Han with Boba Fett. Couple of observers, we're just here to observe."
The helmet is being taken off and Kevin appears: "It's me. Kevin!"
Nick: "What the shit?"
Kevin: "Yeah!"
Bobby: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Kevin: "Cosby. Is it your first time at Cosby?"
Nick: "Excuse me?"
Kevin: "It's my new journey. And I have you to thank. You really pointed some things out, I was being a jerk to people. 'Cause I was hurting inside."
Bobby: "Hell, it takes a big man to admit he's wrong, Kevin. Good for you."
Kevin: "Anyway, I'm gonna dive back into the fun. Ooh! Check out this hot little number. I don't know if it's an Ewok or a space squirrel. I can't wait to rip into that."
Bobby: "How do you know who's underneath the mask?"
Kevin: "Look, I don't know what's underneath the hood, and I don't give a shit. I'm insatiable. Now if you'll excuse me, old Boba Fett's gonna give this squirrel a couple of nuts to hide. You know Boba Fett, he always fucked the space squirrel at the end of the movie. Audience knew it was coming, audience wanted it. Audience got it!"

Unrated 69.3 sec longer