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American Dad

5.07 My Morning Straitjacket


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Release: Mar 27, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the extended DVD Version (both included in the US Box "Volume 5").

- 1 altered scene with alternate footage
- no difference


From the series Family Guy, fans are already used to extensions and uncensored sequences on the DVD box sets since the release of the 4th season. With Seht MacFarlane's other baby - American Dad - they do a similar thing. However, not too many episodes per DVD box are different in comparison to their TV version; probably also because the series isn't as rude as the one starring the Griffins. As a result, there's not too much that needs to be censored.

Similar to Family Guy, the release policy for American Dad is equally confusing. Instead of an entire box set for one season, the releases are divided in volumes (unlike Family Guy the volumes are identical in each country). The first season for example consists of 23 episodes, while the "volume 1" set only includes the first 13 episodes; thus, the following volumes often include episodes of 2 different seasons.

Vol. 1 and 2 didn't include episodes that were different to TV versions except for one: the episode Tears of a Clooney (1x23) on Vol. 2 has a censored and an uncensored soundtrack. Since this censorship only involves beeping out curse words, we decided not to release a report for this episode.

Additionally, we took a closer look at Vol. 2's episode Finances with Wolves, since the official rating entry listed that the episode was about 2 minutes longer than an average episode. However, it is highly possible, that the entry is simply faulty, since the episode actually has an average runtime and does not at all differ from the TV version - neither on the German, nor on the US DVD.

Volume 6

"Volume 6" contains all episodes of season 5. At least we have an entire season in this DVD set this time but calling season 5 "Volume 6" is still weird.
Here, we have 13 episodes with alternate versions. In this context, I have to mention that the only of difference in 7 of these episode is the uncensored audio track (no different footage at all). As already indicated, comparisons have only been made for episodes with more differences than simple audio track corrections.

Episodes with extended scenes or unncensored footage
- 5x02: Moon Over Isla Island
- 5x07: My Morning Straitjacket*
- 5x09: Rapture's Delight
- 5x12: May The Best Stan Win
- 5x13: Return of the Bling
- 5x14: Cops & Roger

Episodes with additional uncensored audio track (no new footage)
- 5x01: In Country... Club=> 1st minute: 2x "shit"
- 5x10: Don't look a Smith Horse in the Mouth=> 12th minute: "fuck"
- 5x11: A Jones for a Smith=> 3rd minute: "fucker"
- 5x15: Merlot Down Dirty Shame=> 20th minute: "fucking"
- 5x16: Bully For Steve=> 7th/11th minute: "fucking" ; 12th/20th Minute: "shit"
- 5x17: An Incident at Owl Creek=> 16th minute: "dildos"
- 5x18: Great Space Roaster=> 4th minute: "penetrated him with a strap-on" / "shit" ; 5th minute: "cocksucker" / "dick" ;
10th/20th minute: "fuck"

Despite the highest number of episodes with different DVD Versions, this release isn't very popular among fans because, for some reason, several episodes are still censored. This concerns the remaining 5 episodes and also (and now it's getting totally pointless and weird) one of the "Episodes with extended scenes or unncensored footage" - marked with * in the above list. The DVD Version shows an uncensored middle finger but a swear word still gets beeped. Totally absurd, considering the fact that another scene (middle finger) is uncensored now and so are the swear words in other episodes.
Moreover, the DVD Versions have been named differently for this volume. The above-mentioned episodes are either called "Uncensored Audio & Video", "Uncensored Audio" or "Uncensored Video". As a detailed comparison proves, the last name has been has been chosen wisely because, despite the uncensored footage, the audio is still censored.

About this Episode

My Morning Straitjacket (5x07) is the first example to prove that uncensored footage isn't necessarily equal to uncensored episode. Indeed, a blurred middle finger is uncensored now. But another scene with Stan swearing (probably the F-Word) is still censored.

Censored audio track track in both versions. Stan says "Now pass me the (beep) sweet potatoes!"


Avery shows Stan the middle finger.

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