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Demoniacs, The

original title: Les Démoniaques


  • US DVD (2nd Edition) / NL-DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Jun 07, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US DVD (2nd Edition) by Redemption and the uncut German Blu-ray by Wicked-Vision Media

- 2 additional scenes
- Length difference: 483.8 sec (= 8:04 min)

Background Information

Over the years, there were 3 digital releases of The Demoniacs just in the US. And from release to release, the move got a little longer. The 1st edition with a lengt of approx. 94 minutes has already been compared. It contains some alternate footage and lacks one scene with a lengt of approx. 1 minute - compared to the NL DVD that is. In 2009, said version from the NL DVD was released as 2nd edition in the US. For whatever reason, this DVD also runs with PAL speed (~ 91 Minuten = ~ 95 Minuten NTSC). In 2012, the very same label released a Blu-ray: The so-called "Unrated Extended Cut" which is even 5 minutes longer. In other words, the movie now has a length of approx. 100 minutes.

And this is where the German Blu-ray comes in because it contains 3 more minutes which makes it 103 minute long. Also, the picture quality is much better.

US DVD (2nd Edition) vs German Blu-ray

The fact of the matter is that both versions are identically equal resp. there are no jump cuts or anything. The yellow color filter on the US Blu-ray is not an issue anymore and picture is better/sharper in general. Compared to the US DVD (2nd Edition), there are two additional scenes on the German Blu-ray.

Part of the 8 minutes length difference is the 3-minute sex scene from the German Blu-ray which is also missing on the US Blu-ray (comparison). Interestingly enough, the second short scene missing on the US Blu-ray is not missing on the US DVD (2nd Edition).

In fact, the remaining length difference results from one single scene close to the end. Female gang member Tina looks watches the other members rape the two girls and masturbates to it. Not exactly for everyone which is probably it was cut - despite the missing MPAA rating. Or maybe, it was cut with the international markets in mind. The scene had been reconstructed for the US Blu-ray though and the scene on the German Blu-ray is identically equal.

Time index refers to
US DVD (2nd Edition in PAL) / German Blu-ray

Cut Identically Equal to the US-Blu-ray
47:15 / 49:17-52:19

After the sailor (Yves Collignon) is being calmed down by Maryse (Isabelle Copejans) resp. she tells him he better go to her room with her, this actually occurs.

On the bed, the sailor complains about everything and everyone. Cut to Maryse who is already completely naked, trying to make him hot. The sailor laughs and plays along - sexual intercourse included.

182.1 sec (= 3:01 min)

The US DVD (2nd Edition) actually contains Tina dropping the veil in minute 54/59. In other words, it is exclusively missing on the US Blu-ray.

85:27 / 92:08-97:10

Further shots of the mass rape (right after the shot that is alternate in the 1st resp. 2nd edition US by the way - as the comparison shows click here). Tina then gets on her knees and starts masturbating - a comment every now and then included.

It should be pointed out that the alternate footage of the 1st edition US DVD is at the very end of the scene here as well.

301.6 sec (= 5:02 min)