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  • R-Rated (US DVD)
  • Unrated (US Blu-ray)
Release: Jul 05, 2018 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB

In a way, Blood Hook can be considered as initial spark for Mystery Science Theater 3000. It appeaars as if director Jim Mallon had to shoot a movie that does not make a secret out of the fact that is an incredibly weird and probably intentionally parodistic slasher in order to get a feeling for how to spoof a movie that are actually pretty bad. Originally called Muskie Madness, Troma bought the movie and changed its title to Blookd Hook. Numerous cuts were made as well - almost 18 minutes are missing. Even though Troma's intention was to simply cut things out for pace reasons, the narration and character development suffer from these cuts.



What really sucks for people who bought the R-Rated VHS or DVD is the missing violence. So, why this comparison? Because the label Vinegar Syndrome released the movie on Blu-ray and it is uncut for the very first time.



Compared are the cut US R-Rated DVD (by Troma) and the uncut US R-Rated Blu-ray (by Vinegar Syndrome)



30 cuts = 1049.28 sec resp. approx. 17 min 30 sec

0:04:32: Peter is also being asked why he had bought the property instead of his father. He explains his father did not want to have anything to do with it because it had been kept under wraps ever since the grandfather mysteriously vanished. Peter adds he had not been there for 17 years and he could at least check it out when he was 21. Ann says Peter had to finally face his feelings of guilt because he felt responsable for what had happened back then. Peter ironically thanks Anne for that comment.
48 sec

0:09:39: Denny Dobyns gets Peter as well but Peter acts incredibly goofily and the hook winds up in some other fisherman's money pool - everybody is laughing.
27.56 sec

0:11:12: The group enters the platform that looks like a fish. They take a look around. Wayne watches them distrustfully.
55.84 sec

0:17:15: In the flashback, the grandfather waves at Peter.
7 sec

0:17:37: Longer conversation at the table. They make fun about the name of the restaurant, talk about art and videos. Rodney then stands up and goes to the jukebox. Some woman can't take her eyes of him which the others at the table realize as well - according to them, she probably thought they were from another planet.
55.44 sec

0:22:21: Peter is still shaken up by what he saw. Ann appears resp. she is worried about him. Some other guy explains Peter's condition is the result from alcohol abuse and he recomends to Ann to not let Peter behind the wheel.
31.72 sec

0:24:44: Finner wants to go fishing and tries to talk Peter into it. He is not in the mood though but tells the others to be careful with his father's fishing equipment because it was pretty valuable. Finner starts annoying Rodney who is playing some kind of game with Kiersten and Finner does not stop until Rodney is in. Rodney explains fishing was not boring but gruesome and brutal and it got stuck in the head. Kiersten remains behind by herself.
62.52 sec

0:27:21: Peter sits in the living room, he is sulking. Kiersten is with him as well. She seems to have the intention to work in the usic business again - like he does. But given the way she keeps touching him, he has probably other things in mind.
23.8 sec

0:28:15: Rodney is fishing and he keeps talking nonsense about how intense everything is. In the meantime, Finner starts urinating in the water. When Rodney realizes what Finner is doing, he makes the boat swing a little but Finner tells him to knock it off because Finner does not know how to swim. Rodney is surprised and he says ironically there were many things they did not know about Finner. Then he asks him one more time and Finner confirms it. Finner then says he was probably still learning while they were in that area.
45.36 sec

0:29:53: Bev tells the boys to better take their big catch to the competition headquarter in order to keep it from getting stolen. Finner does not worry about it though. He wants to have breakfast. Then they get going.
17.96 sec

0:31:24: Finner says to Bev the Song Rodney had just found on vinyl was his favorite. They start plying said record and party.
20.4 sec

0:32:13: Peter and Ann are by the lake, then it is boat trip time. At that point, the camera pans to a spot with a dead fish with some brooch which belonged to the butler's mother who has vanished as well.
42.24 sec

0:37:54: Rodney is fascinated by a bullet. Leroy then namess a few spots where going fishing is really worth while.
43.8 sec

0:40:11: Rodney wants to go fishing by the house with Finner but he is not there. Rodney is upset and leaves. Last but not least, he starts the motor.
38.12 sec

0:47:31: Peter and Ann are "in trouble": Dobyins is really angry about their big catch because he knows it is his illegally overbred fish. He yells, then he pushes Peter to the ground and walks away. Leroy comes running and he and Peter introduce themselves to each other. The boy from the diner spots somw weird bulge on Leroy's head and gets some kind of (electrical?) device out of his pocket, pushes the button and leaves.
51.64 sec

0:51:40: Peter, Ann and Finner are discussing the fact that they still do not have any lead as to where Peter is. Ann tells Peter to chill and stop thinking about his dead grandfather all the time. Finner talks about his ambitions regarding Bev but he wants to play it slow. At the beginning of the subsequent scene, the announcement whose catch is currently the biggest, the Unrated Version also shows Wayne being really happy with his catch.
62.6 sec

1:02:01: The father is trapped on his own boat because the motor does not start. In this quite long scene, he screams in anger and calls for help.
72 sec

1:03:36: Missing violence for the very first time: There are several shots of the hook causing a bloody wound and also of the father looking pretty shocked.
8.6 sec

1:09:08: Peter is on the radio with the sheriff. Peter tries to talk him into doing more because he knew who the killer was. The sheriff tries to play it down by explaining that there was still no dead body and that he could not do anything else at that point for the very same reason. Peter is not happy at all.
60.36 sec

1:12:41: Finner looks at Leroy. Only a brief moment - unclear whether or not this has been censored intentionally because one can still see the ear wound.
2.08 sec

1:13:51: The rope also goes Finner' chin and mouth.
3.52 sec

1:13:56: The shot of Finner's "prepped" body is a little longer in the Unrated Version.
1.48 sec

1:14:49: With the axe, Leroy severs the fingers - in the off though.
8.96 sec

1:15:07: The R-Rated Version lacks the footage of what used to be Finner's fingers coming out of the meat grinder.
7.56 sec

1:15:45: Leroy puts the gloves back on, grabs the axe and chops Finner's severed arm.
7.44 sec

1:19:58: Peter explains Finner was not the killer after all. Then he shows the yanked off ear to the others. A long flashback follows: Little Peter and his grandfather are on the pier. His grandfather then vanishes.
87.24 sec

1:24:14: The theory that Leroy turns into a killer every 17 years because cicadas then show and give off some weird sounds/frequencies that drive him completely insane - "thanks" to his lobotomy surgery. And even though it does indeed sound prretty nuts, Peter elaborates on it.
31.56 sec

1:25:01: Trivial. Leroy's store is being searched longer but nothing that is important somehow happens here.
30.04 sec

1:26:09: And a further scene simply cut for time reasons: Ann wakes up and Kiersten and the kids are sleeping on the couch.
33.76 sec

1:38:22: Peter gets in the bedroom and Kiersten hits on him subtly. She stroke each other for a moment but Peter is determined to leave and so he does.
60.68 sec