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  • Worldwide DVD Version
  • German TV Version
Release: Jul 07, 2010 - Author: Frank666 - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
In the history of the company, Disney employees have always found creative ways to hide little gags in their works.
There is, for example the "Hidden Mickeys"-phenomenon where they like to insert the silhouette of Michey Mouse into other films.
On the other hand, some artist show a more libertine attitude in the way they embed their humour in films. Just have a look at the phallus-shaped towers on the film poster of "The Little Mermaid" or the word "SEX" written on a starry sky in "The Lion King".

In 1988, the animators of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" had some funnier ideas. However, for the later home entertainment versions, the film was edited several times. The worldwide-released DVD version was edited and censored again.

This censorship report compares the TV version (SuperRTL, April 27, 2010 20:15) with the altered DVD version.

Run time TV 1:32:45
Run time DVD 1:39:40
Deleted scene:
The TV version lacks the Touchstone logo and the production companies' titles. Sadly, a nice intro-score by composer Alan Silvestri is missing too.
22,2 sec.

Altered scene:
Baby Herman leaves the set and very shortly extends his finger as he passes under an employee's dress; for the DVD version, the finger was adjusted.
no difference in time

Altered scene:
Jessica Rabbit is thrown out of the car and slides across the ground. In the TV broadcast, Jessica Rabbit does not wear any underclothes; for the DVD version, her dress was adjusted.
According to the IMDB, also the old VHS version had already been edited at this point, namely by adding a white slip.
no difference in time

Deleted scene:
The TV version misses the closing credits.
392.8 sec.