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Ichi the Killer

original title: Koroshiya 1


  • HK DVD (Cat III)
  • Japanese DVD
Release: Jul 05, 2010 - Author: XBesserwisserX - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Hong Kong DVD (HK DVD): 1:51:29
and the Japanese DVD: 2:08:28
Length of cuts in total: 16:59
02:40 The pimp hits Tachibana in the face once more.
6 secs.

02:55 The rape was cut a bit.
8 secs.

05:30 One of the 'cleaning guys' is lying on the floor among some guts.
10 secs.

07:10 A dialog between Kakihara and another guy about the missing Boss Anjo.
1:46 mins.

12:28 Dialog between Ichi and the waiter who tells him to kill himself with the knife.
14 secs.

15:50 Close-up of Suzuki`s back, with hooks in it.
3 secs.

15:55 View of Suzuki from above.
1 sec.

16:20 Kakihara stabs a needle in Suzuki's cheek.
12 secs.

16:39 Kakihara stabs a needle through Suzuki's chin. It comes out of his mouth.
9 secs.

16:42 Suzuki is spitting blood and Kakihara pulls out the needle.
5 secs.

17:40 A guy tries to stop Kakihara.
5 secs.

17:44 Kakihara is pouring hot oil over Suzuki.
3 secs.

18:32 He continues to pour the hot oil over Suzuki and stabs a needle in his nipple.
48 secs.

23:57 Kakihara cuts his tongue and rips it off.
10 secs.

27:31 Kakihara is bending the woman's fingers a bit longer.
1 sec.

34:40 The pimp is beating Tachibana a bit longer again.
14 secs.

34:58 The rape has been cut a bit.
9 secs.

37:17 When Ichi is splitting the pimp in half the spill of the guts and blood is missing.
4 secs.

39:14 Ichi cuts Tachibana's throat - CUT - her head tilts over and blood spatters through the room by the gallon.
15 secs.

39:33 Close-up of the guy in the TV; you can see blood running from his eye socket.
3 secs.

46:25 Dialog between Ichi and Jiji who eventually slaps him.
60 secs.

47:10 Kakihara is pulling the guy's cheek a bit more.
14 secs.

47:30 Karen pulls the cheek a bit more together with Kakihara.
32 secs.

50:02 Karen is beating Kakihara a bit longer.
8 secs.

52:59 The cut off face is sliding down the wall - CUT - and is turning over.
7 secs.

56:33 Dialog between Kakihara and Kaneko. Kakihara picks up a spine with the needle.
30 secs.

59:42 Ichi is being beaten in an alley by a restaurant owner. Kaneko comes by and sees himself lying there in his imagination. A member of the Anjo gang comes by, too, and helps him. When he sees Ichi again,he helps him and eats with him in said restaurant. There, he sees his little son instead of Ichi.
5:26 mins.

1:02:13 The Dialog between Ichi and Jiji continues.
60 secs.

1:09:10 A woman's nipples are stretched on a glass table and a guy cuts them off with a scalpel.
14 secs.

1:09:23 Dialog between Kaneko and a gang member; The blood spattered woman is thrown on the table.
1:12 mins.

1:12:04 Kaneko kicks down the woman.
19 secs.

1:22:11 Ichi sees in his imagination how he killed Tachibana.
4 secs.

1:23:47 The throat of the woman pretending to be Tachibana is cut - CUT - She bounces through the corridor in panic and blood is spattering out of her throat by the gallon.
12 secs.

1:24:51 View of a guy with needles in his head.
17 secs.

1:26:38 Same here.
4 secs.

1:31:51 One of the twins is looking after the dead person, calls him 'Pinhead' and pulls at his arm.
24 secs.

1:33:35 One of the twins is tearing the arm off a guy.
12 secs.

1:40:37 Kaneko is holding his throat while blood is spattering from it. He is stumbling towards his son.
11 secs.

1:40:41 View of Kaneko with blood still spattering from his throat.
5 secs.

1:40:43 Kaneko falls to the floor, bleeding.
2 secs.