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Dirty Love


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  • Unrated
Release: Sep 11, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Compared is the with the unrated version, both released by First Look Home Entertainment.

The unrated version of this flick is not worth to lose a word about it. The half of extended time results in longer logos. Other differences contain alternative material and scene extension. This cut report shows that an import of the longer version is not worth the money because the differences are extremely minimal.

Runtime R-Rated w/o credits: 1:25:53 (NTSC)
Runtime unrated w/o credits: 1:27:09 (NTSC)

1 x longer logos in the unrated version (29 Sek.)
1 longer scene in the unrated version
2 alternative scenes in which the unrated is longer
1 alternative Scene in which the R-Rated is longer
= 75,78 Sec. bzw. 1 Min. 16 Sec.
Timeindex: R-Rated / Unrated

The unrated versions shows various logos.
29,23 Sek.


R-Rated: 3 Sec.
Unrated: 14 Sec.

When Rebecca uncovers Richard while having sex with another girl, both versions offer alternative material.


One can see Richard how he has sex with the woman. During this act he grabs her leg and has a hand behind his head. Then he notices Rebecca.


Richard grabs both legs whil ehaving sex. Then he tips for his nipples and goes through his hairs. Then he notices Rebecca and while he is still humping the woman he waves to Rebecca. Then he finishes what he has begone.

11,68 Sec.


R-Rated: 4 Sec.
Unrated: 3 Sec.

After a short intercut to Rebecca both versions run differently.
The R-Rated ows him smiling and saying: "Hey, baby." In the Unrated he says: "I'm sorry."
+1,03 Sek.



R-Rated: 9 Sec.
Unrated: 40 Sec.

Carrie's audition is longer in the unrated version. The R-Rated shows her in a closer view while the unrated is set to a far angle.


Carrie: "So hold on your seats everyone because we're gonna bring you heart stopping, claw biting, family action fun."


Carrie: "Here at the Animal Kingdom we bring you non-stopp excitement. In a world filled with lions and tigers and bears, oh my, we bring you all of the fun without any of the danger." She roars like a lion:"Well, maybe a little bit of the danger. So hold on your seats everyone because we're gonna bring you heart stopping, claw biting, family action fun."

30,9 Sec.

The unrated shows the guy a bit longer while having a fisch in his butt. He says "Please, touch my bass" and shakes her booty.
5 Sec.