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Lust, Caution

original title: Se, jie


  • R-Rated
  • NC-17
Release: Jun 05, 2008 - Author: azog - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated DVD and the DVD with the American Theatrical version (NC-17), both from Universal.

Though Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution" was aired uncut with an NC-17-Rating in American movie theaters, an additional R-Rated version was made for the DVD release in order to be present in stores which do not sell DVDs with an NC-17-Rating (e.g. a majority of Wal-Mart branches) because those stores have a relevant stake in the DVD market.

In order to reach the R-Rating the two longer sex scenes have been cut and received alternative footage. The rest of the movie remained untouched. So the R-Rated DVD is not quite as explicit as the NC-17.

The movie lead to the career of leading actress Tang Wei being declared as finished by Chinese authorities.

running times:
running time R-Rated = 02:37:39 (02:30:31 without end credits)
running time NC-17 = 02:38:12 (02:31:04 without end credits)

Length of the scenes missing or changed in the R-Rated = 102,67 sec
Length of the alternative footage in the R-Rated = 68,47 sec

The R-Rated starts 1,2 sec later.
NC-17: 1:40:35

Mr. Yee's (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) grip between Wong Chia Chi's (Tang Wei) legs and the following oral satisfaction are missing.

7,08 sec

R-Rated: 1:40:51
NC-17: 1:40:58

Because alternative footage is being used we are further away from what is happening in the R-Rated.

6,08 sec

9,96 sec

R-Rated: 1:41:16
NC-17: 1:41:27

The grip on Wong Chia Chi's neck has been attenuated by the use of alternative footage and seems less aggressive.

6,79 sec

6,88 sec

R-Rated: 1:41:32
NC-17: 1:41:43

Here close shots of the two of them have been replaced by new shots and a more detailed scene has been removed .

6,88 sec

17,79 sec

NC-17: 1:42:13

Yee's hand keeps sliding over Wong Chia Chi's shoulder a bit longer.

1,04 sec

NC-17: 1:42:37

They can be seen from above for longer.

3,5 sec

R-Rated: 1:42:15
NC-17: 1:42:40

The Close-up of Tony Leung's face is a little bit different in the two versions.

6,21 sec
5,25 sec

R-Rated: 1:52:20
NC-17: 1:52:45

In the R-Rated the second longer sex scene starts differently and was shortened. Towards the end of the sequence the framing is a bit different in the two versions.

20,88 sec
28,29 sec

R-Rated: 1:53:27
NC-17: 1:53:59

When Wong Chia Chi is sitting on top of Mr. Yee the frame was darkened to cover his testicles.

3,125 sec
3,25 sec

R-Rated: 1:54:22
NC-17: 1:54:54

When they are wallowing in bed a shot of the couple from the back is missing, additionally the framing is a bit different, again (it can be noticed best when looking at the pillow).

18,5 sec
19,63 sec