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Action Jackson


  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Feb 19, 2010 - Author: Demerest - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Runtime of the BBFC18-video: 1:31:43 (1:28:48 without credits)
Runtime of the FSK-16 DVD: 1:31:53 (1:28:58 without credits)

4 cut scenes= 8,56 seconds
1 different opening credits logo= 0,12 seconds

The cut BBFC 18-version by Guild Home Video has been compared to the uncut German DVD by Warner.


As roughneck feared cop Jericho "Action" Jackson was too brutal arresting the son of unsympathetic industrialist Peter Dellaplane two years ago, and ever since then, he was damned to do a desk job. When two union leaders are murdered by a killer commando and Jackson is told by his friend Tony about Dellaplane being supposed to have ordered the attacks, he cannot be tied to his desk any more. Jackson starts investigating and when shortly after Tony, who is also working for the union, falls victim to the killers, there is only one target left for Jackson: To shoot down Dellaplane, whatever the cost!


After his appearances aside Sylvester Stallone in the first four "Rocky"-episodes (produced from 1976 to 1985) and Arnorld Schwarzenegger in "Predator" (1987), Carl Weathers was fairly famous in the 80s and thus he finally got his first main role in the humorous actionthriller "Action Jackson" (1988), in which, as cop from Detroit Jericho Jackson, he tries to run down his arch enemy, wealthy indutrialist Dellaplane, because he had his old friend killed and also has several other skeletons in his closet.

The plot is neither very imaginative nor extraordinarily thrilling, in return, which the audience gets compensated for with some nice action scenes (beatings, shootings, car stunts and explosions), which aren't exaggerated and often present, though. Even though the movie shines with his solid action scenes and good cast (support actors as Craig T. Nelson, Robert Davi and Sharon Stone a.o.) and can be classified as "pretty good", it surprisingly bombed at the US-box offices.

His following attempts "Dangerous Passion" (1990) and "Hurricane Smith" (1992) didn't get Weathers the success he'd hoped for, too, which unfortunately caused him to drop down in oblivion and to never get anything better than cameos or B-roles. The audience will probably remember Carl Weathers positively as ambitious boxer "Apollo Creed"...


Due to the BBFC-rules, the UK-video had to be removed of a few short scenes, in which a butterfly knife is shown (only the moments depicting the butterfly knife being pulled out for play were cut), because this weapon is prohibited in Great Britain to this date. The fact that additional, pretty harmless shots of a dead body were cut is not replicable, since other, uncomparably rougher scenes were left in.

Connotation: Short master errors, jump cuts or other sceneextensions/-abbreviations are neither classified as censorship nor were they added up to the total runtime of the cuts, so a remaining runtime difference between the two versions is possible. Runtime designations relate to the uncensored version.
BBFC 18:
The "Lorimar Motion Pictures"-logo appears.

The "Warner Bros. Pictures"-logo appears here
The uncut version is 0,12 seconds longer here.
BBFC 18:

Frank is checking the room a little longer. Cut to an assassin who is playing with a butterfly knife.
2,64 seconds

You see the guy in the white suit break down dead a little longer. The assassin, who plays with the butterfly knife in front of the yacht guard, is standing behind him.
2,12 seconds

A close-up of Patrice's body is missing, also the following commentary of a policeman who says there were not many women this pretty.
2,16 seconds

Again, you see the assassin playing with the butterfly knife.
1,64 seconds