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  • International Version
  • US Theatrical Version
Release: Nov 08, 2015 - Author: Imbor Ed - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Blast from the Past is a nice romcom from the late 90s starring Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone. And although it is quite entertaining, the actual highlight of the movie are Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek, no doubt. For that reason, it is a real shame that their parts are rather small resp. smaller in the International Version because outside the US, more than 9 minutes are cut. Only in the US, the movie is complete.

All in all, the International Version lacks 25 scenes with a total length of 9:16 minutes.

Compared are the International Version (German TV broadcast) and the uncut US Theatrical Version (US Blu-ray).
Calvin instantaneously feels on top of the world in the bunker and prepares breakfast. Helen on the other hand is still shocked that she is going to be locked in down there the next 30 years.
47 sec

Helen wishes she had a rooftop for the replica of the house in the bunker. Of course, Calvin is happy to help.
30 sec

Extended shot of them watching the Honeymooners on TV. Subsequently, Calvin shows Helen the garden.
15.5 sec

Calvin checks out the backdoor since the front entrance has collapsed.
24 sec

The construction works discover the rooftop of the bunker, which they believe is a cesspit, earlier.
7.5 sec

An entire scene at Christmas 1965 is missing. Adam reads "Alice in Wonderland" which makes Calvin proud. Calvin then praises the American educational system which was still good back in the 60s. In the 90s however, when the movie was made, it has already been critized harshly. A nice gag. They then talk about Adam and that he deserves a pretty girl from the ground level as wife. Helen has her doubts it might work out.
45.5 sec

Extended shot of the family watching the Hooneymoners recording. Considerung how bad the reel already is, it is no surprise at all that Helen does not enjoy it no longer. Calvin on the other has as much fun as he had when he watched it for the very first time.
10.5 sec

The scene with Adam being taught how to box by his dad and how to dance by his mom is very short in the International Version. In the US Version, Helen ends the boxing lesson in order to start the dancing lesson.
11 sec

Adam watches his parents kiss. Then the (milk) bar on the ground level in the 70s. The son of the owner looks less dedicated than he was in the 60s.
20 sec

Additional shot of the mom.
2.5 sec

Slightly extended shot of Adam being schooled by his dad. Meanwhile, his mom is bored when playing shuffleboard "outside". It is quite obvious Calvin is having fun in the bunker while it is pure hell for Helen.
13.5 sec

Adam is rollerskating in the garden. His mother just keeps existing.
8 sec

Extended shot of the son buying the (milk) bar from his mother on the ground level.
6.5 sec

Extended shot of the poor fella being happy that the joint is his now.
14 sec

Helen tells her son to take the ellbows off the table. Who knows? Maybe he will be dining with the President one day and that requires manners. Calvin jokes about not knowing whether there still was a President in the US. Helen gives him the evil eye.
11.5 sec

Calvin and Adam do not really understand what Helen, who more and more suffers from being locked in underground, is so upset about.
4 sec

Extended shot of Helen and Calvin dancing when the door opens.
4 sec

Before Calvin gets to the ground level, one gets to see what happened to the milk bar after the son took over. A shithole.
35 sec

Extended shot of Calvin wandering around a back alley where he also sees a woman eating from a trash can. He is shocked and runs off.
23.5 sec

Before leaving the bunker, Adam pays his sick dad another visit. His dad has some advice for him such as staying away from porn stores because invisible poisonous gas has leaked there. Furthermore, he recommends that, if he managed to find a young and healthy woman, he should bring her down to the bunker.
70 sec

Adam got distracted when he saw the black woman because it was the first time ever he had seen someone with that skin color. Of course, he did not realize in time he was standing in front of the porn store. And when he did, he makes a big fuss and sends other people away so that they are safe. Meanwhile in the bunker. Calvin is doing better. He did not have a heart attack. That means he can bug his wife again. Cut to Adam waving his money around in a bus. The driver refused to accept that bill. When the bus pulls away, Adam is delighted by its high speed.
60 sec

When Adam introduces Eve to his parents, they do not go upstairs immediately. Instead, they have dinner with his parents. Helen gets to know Eve better when they are cooking and Calvin is at the bar with Adam. They get along very well.
52 sec

Even though the interior of the new house is very 60s, there is a microwave - as this scene reveals. Helen is pleased with the coffee and Calvin puts his head in the microwave.
17.5 sec

To be safe, Calvin asks Adam one more time if Eve was Russian, as implied by her last name. Her parents are Ukrainian though.
13.5 sec

When Adam explains to his dad that the Cold War is over, the shot of Calvin doubting that is longer.
10 sec