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One Million Years B.C


  • US Version
  • UK Version
Release: Jun 19, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Spanish DVD (= US Version) by 20th Century Fox and the UK DVD (= Uncut Version) by Optimum/Studio Canal.

One Million Years BC is a co-production of Hammer Film Productions, Associated British-Pathé and Seven Arts Productions. In the US, 20th Century Fox brought it to theaters but only in a shortened version (approx. 8 min were removed). This US Version is still being released on DVD by Fox.
Most of the removed footage are fight and violent scenes to make the movie available for a bigger (younger) audience.

Besides that there are some general differences:

  • The opening credits are slightly different, furthermore the speed of the movie is different until the "big bang": the UK DVD is slightly faster (more frames per seconds).

  • In the last shot, the image gets brighter in the US Version. In the UK Version instead, it remains grim and kind of colorless, plus the speed is different again.

    Running times:

    Spanish DVD (US Version): 87:59 min
    UK DVD (Uncut Version): 96:04 min
  • [00:08:35][00:08:45]

    Extended shot of the prehistoric pig's horn getting twisted.

    3 sec


    An old man shrinks back from the fire. The "cook" tosses a stone at him which hits his head and makes him drop. Cut to the two girls, the tribe leader and the old man, who touches his head.

    12 sec


    The tribe leader throws the bone away, two elderly men leap at it. Then some scenes of eating cave dwellers.

    The US Version starts when Tumak appears.

    18 sec


    Dissolve to the following sequence. Some scenes show Tumak checking out the area, in the process he passes a weird plant and a prehistoric skeleton.

    58 sec


    Some missing scenes of the fight with the giant turtle. The cave dwellers toss some stones and keep it busy with their sticks. One of them gets on a hill and attacks the shell, but the attack can be rejected.

    The giant turtle rushes forwards which makes the cave dwellers step back.

    39 sec


    Cut to Sakana, who watches the girl with the bear skin being turned up on the table.

    17 sec


    The girl starts dancing in front of the cave dwellers, Sakana seems to like it. The girl is being pushed back on the table.

    53 sec


    Extended shot of Tumak checking the cave. He looks at the hot spring, the paintings on the wall and the paint.

    51 sec


    The girl on the tree is being threatend by the dinosaur. Tumak gets his stick.

    9 sec


    Extended shot of Tumak circling the dinosaur, cut to the girl. Then a couple of scenes that show Tumak fighting the dinosaur.

    20 sec


    Extended shot of the dead cave dweller when he's being burried. Then a cut to Tumak, who's cutting his way through the crowd. The dead gets some adjuncts.

    26 sec


    The fight of the ape-men continues. The inferior's head is being hit on a stone several times. Then he's dragged under the tree while his head is still being hit.

    33 sec


    Extended shot of the heaven. One of the apes runs to one of the sticks with a disembodied head and sticks the head on it. Two further apes move some remains of cooking plus an earlier beginning of the shot of Tumak and Loana.

    26 sec

    Extended fight vs. the pterosaurian. The men attempt to defend with sticks, but the pterosaurian also attacks Tumak and Loana in the water. Both can make it ashore.

    The US Version starts with Loana's escape with the child.

    49 sec


    The pterosaurian vanishes behind a mountain, Tumak and his companion follow him.

    13 sec


    Missing shot of Tumak and his companion following the pterosaurian.

    5 sec


    Loana is being washed up, then a shot of the fighting pterosaurians.

    7 sec


    Missing shot of the pterosaurian eating the young, then a shot of Tumak.

    8 sec


    Some missing fight scenes. Stones are being tossed at the attackers plus some wrangling.

    16 sec


    Sakana escapes with Loana but she tosses her on the ground to kill an enemy. Loana attacks him with a stone. Then a cut to another girl who is being kidnapped.

    18 sec


    Sakana grabs Loana and runs away.

    2 sec


    The cave dwellers escape from the stones falling off. The tribe leader returns to his cave.

    12 sec


    Some cave dwellers fall in a canyon, others on the ground.

    13 sec


    A landslide swallows some cave dwellers.

    9 sec