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Season 5 on Blu-ray (incl. Extended Versions)

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April Fool's Day

Hump Bang

Dangerous Cargo

Sons of Anarchy

5.04 Stolen Huffy


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Oct 08, 2013 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series

In the US Drama series Sons of Anarchy, we follow the adventures of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO). Jackson 'Jax' Teller, son of founding member John Teller, is the main character. The core business of SAMCRO is buying and distributing illegal weapons. When Jax's stepfather and President of the club Clarence 'Clay' Morrow intends to expand their business with drugs, the young man begins to question the club and his own values.

Season 3 started to air on 09/03/2008 on FX and the ratings went through the roof. With almost 5 million viewers a week, the show had become more successful than other hit shows such as Nip/Tuck or The Shield.

Creator Kurt Sutter (husband of lead actress Katey Sagal) once explained that he had enough ideas for seven seasons. Well, it looks like he's going to make it because Season 6 has started to air in September 2013 and the final Season 7 has already been confirmed.

Since there's only a limited time window for TV, a few scenes needed to be cut out. In addition to the uncut TV Versions, the Blu-ray/DVD contains a few Extended Versions.

Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version of Season 5 Episode 4 called "Stolen Huffy".

TV Version: 44:43 min. NTSC (no end credits)
Extended Version: 48:49 min. NTSC (no end credits)

Difference: 4 minutes 6 seconds

Among them:

2 additional scenes: 3 minutes 16 seconds
2 extended scenes: 50 seconds
Additional Scene Extended Version:
Clay is still recovering from getting shot. But he's much better already than he admits to his friends. Home alone, he sits on his bike. He doesn't done that for quite some time. When Bobby anf Juice come in, he fakes faintness and lets himself help.

55 sec

Juice: "Easy. Easy."
Clay: "Ugh! Sorry man. I thought I could hold it."
Juice: "You will, brother."
Clay: "Yeah."
Juice: "Think he'll be riding before he loses his vote?"
Bobby: "It don't look good. He ought to ride the trike."
Juice: "Won't do it. Says it ain't riding."
Bobby: "Yeah. Well, I get that."

Extended Scene Extended Version:
While Jax and Chibs are taking Emma Jean, staff member of Nero's "Escort Service", to the clubhouse, Gemma is hanging with Happy, Chuckie, Ratboy and V-Lin.

30 sec

Gemma: "What the hell is that bitch doing here?"
V-Lin: "The broad is scary, man."
Happy: "Yes, she is."
Chuckie: "Her bark is worse than her bite. Actually, that's not true."

Extended Scene Extended Version:
Gemma is angry at Jax he didn't tell her he was going to take Emma Jean to the clubhouse. Chibs tries to calm her down. It takes longer in the Extended Version.

20 sec

Chibs: "Why don't you go check on Lyla, see how she's doing?"
Gemma: "Okay. Thanks."
Chibs: "I love you."

Additional Scene Extended Version:
Before Gemma can check on Lyla, Tara is knocking on Lyla's door to bring some groceries. Lyla is heavily medicated, she can barely speak.

2 min 21 sec

Tara: "Hey. Purchased some things I thought you might need."
Lyla: "Okay."
Tara: "Where are the kids?"
Lyla: "Mary's picking them up from school. My mom has Piper."
Tara: "They know?"
Lyla: "Know what?"
Tara: "About their dad."
Lyla: "No. They don't know that."
Tara: "Someone give you something?"
Lyla: "I have my own supply."
Tara: "Sorry, Lyla."
Lyla: "Do you know what I was doing when Opie got his head caved in? Sucking on black pussy while two little Asians tongue-jammed my asshole."
Tara: "Okay. If you need anything from me or the club, just let me know."
Lyla: "Oh, that's right. You're the new queen. Oh. Holy shit. Look, it's the old queen."
Tara: "She's high as a kite."
Lyla: "Sorry about you and Clay, Gem. Nothing says 'I love you' more than a good beatdown."
Tara: "Hey, shut your mouth! You need to sober up, take a shower and put a dress that covers half your ass. You need to represent your family at your husbands wake. Do you understand me?"
Gemma: "All right, come here, sweetie. Come on. Let me get you in the shower. All right, baby."
Tara: "Sorry."
Gemma: "No. That was right. Come on, honey."