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  • Director's Cut
  • Regular Version
Release: Aug 19, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Director's Cut and the Regular Version (both available on the US DVD by AGFA).

Scientist Antoine Lupesci invented a drug that allows him to transform his soul into other people's bodies. When his co-worker Janet Simpson finds out about Lupesci's gruesome experiments, the Whitewood Institute fires him. After a lawsuit and some time in Europe, he returns to the US and rents some isolated house in order to keep working on his research. His assistant Carl, a dope fient, and his faithful assistant Jessica obduct young women in the area for Lupesci's experiments. Reporter Kim believes a good story behind it and starts tailing Lupesci who considers himself to be too much in the center of attention. With her boyfriend Zack, Kim breaks into Lupesci's lab. But inside the lab, they are being confronted with the unimaginable horror.

People who always wondered what a no budget version of Re-Animator shot in Long Island looked like will get their answer with The Soultangler. Despite its low budget, the movie is a little Lovecraft. Thanks to zombies, human experiments and a lot of artificial blood, there is enough to keep the genre fan entertained. The surprisingly well special effects were created by Mike Lackey who has also a little appearance as zombie at the end of the movie. He also plays some homeless guy in Street Trash. Admittedly, the strcuture of the movie is rather weird, camera and editing are not exactly top-notch, the acting is decent with a few flaws though. But then again, that is what small projects like this one are all about, isn't it? The movie is ambitious and the result is pretty decent - considering its limited budget.

The Soultangler is some rather oscure flick that was only available on VHS - even in contries like Brazil or Turkey which is a little weird. As a consequence thereof, it was not that easy to get the chance to watch it. Surprisingly enough, a Special Edition US DVD by AGFA was released on 03/13/2018. In addition to the Regular Version, said release also contais a Directors Cut which is the originally intended cut edited by director Pat Bishow. When the time to do some marketing had come, extensions in order to reach a "regular" length were made. For that, the brother of director Bishow did some reshoots - most of the additional footage is part of the first act though. The concept of the drug is being explained more detailed now and so is Kim's motivation - her father used to be one of Lupesci's patients.
Zack, who is working in administration for the police, has more screentime - hence more dialog regarding the obductions. Other than that, there are numerous rather boring extended shots of cars driving around or people walking from A to B. No doubt, the Directors Cut is the much beter version because a lot of the additional footage looks like what it actually is: Filler footage that does not really fit in with the actual plot. But those who love low budget flicks and who can also a length every now and then should definately stick to the Regular Version. Only that way, one will get the full no budget madness experience. All in all, the movie is recomendable. And thanks to the pretty decent US DVD by AGFA, getting a copy is as easy as pie.


Regular Version: 89:46 min
Directors Cut: 62:30 min

The Regular Version begins with a text by the production company, followed by the title "The Soultangler" which then turns red.

Now the opening credits.

Scientist Antoine Lupesci talks about some drug he invented and which allows the soul to leave the body. Several experiments have proven that only he can handle the drug, other subjects died trying. At the same time, there are scenes of him experimenting on himself which puts him in some rather weird condition.

Then a news report with reporter Susan Slattery trying to figure out Janet Simpson's relationship with Antoine Lupesci whose experiments have become public knowledge. The reporters stop Janet. She thinks about it for a moment and then she explains that closing the Whitewood Institute had nothing to do with Lupesci. She hopes that Lupesci got convicted so that he did not have the opportunity to continue his experiments. Janet then gets in the car and drives off, Susan finishes her report.

Pan shot of some court house Lupesci is walking out of at this very point. It is being announced by some voice that he had been acquitted and he was going to continue his experiments in some foreign country.

The shot of the woman in the lab starts earlier.

The Director's Cut begins with a black screen, then the title which does not turn red here. A woman has car trouble and gets drugged by some other woman. Then the opening credits.

Regular Version: 6:29 min
Director's Cut: 2:54 min


There are several buildings, a letter is being read out loud by some voice. The letter is about a daughter called Kim, about Lupesci being an evil, demonical human being. Janet Simpson is the only one who understands what gruesome things is really going on in the Whitewood Institute. The narrator explains Lupesci was after his soul but he had managed to withstands Lupesci so far.

Lupesci is at the airport. Via narration, it is being explained that subsequent to his stay in Luxembourg, Lupesci was back in the US because the research conditions were better there.

Jessica wakes up Carl because he is supposed to help her carry the lab equipment. She wonders which new insights Lupesci had gained when transfering the souls. Carl accuses her of being secretely in love with Lupesci but Jessica explains she was only interested in scientific research.

In the next scene, some guy is watching a woman doing some jogging. A red van pullss up and the woman gets onducted. The guy is being run over.

A couple is about to hit the road but the woman forgot something. The guy goes inside to check the mailbox. The red van pulls up. Some guy wearing a mask jumps out and knocks the other guy to the ground. The woman is searching for her keys while a fight takes place in the garden. The woman sees the guy with the mask and runs back into the house in order to hide. The guy with the mask follows her, finds her and chokes her until she is unconscious. The guy with the mask turns out to be Carl.

Regular Version: 9:29 min


When the couple gets mugged, the Regular Version contains a shot of the wounded guy on the ground.

The Director's Cut contains a shot of the window instead.

Regular Version: 1 sec


Additional shot of the Batman stand-up display in the Director's Cut.

Director's Cut: 2 sec


Black screen in the Regular Version.

Further additional shot of the Batman stand-up display in the Director's Cut.

Regular Version: 3 sec


(In her dream,) Kim wakes up in the grass and slowly goes to some church - a distorted voice audible as well.

Regular Version: 43 sec


In the Regular Version, zombie priest turns around.

In the Director's Cut, the subsequent shot starts earlier. One gets to see zombie priest turn around here as well.

Regular Version: 3 sec
Director's Cut: 1 sec


Further shot of Kim and zombie priest.

Regular Version: 3 sec


The scene with Kim walking from her house to the car is longer in the Regular Version.

Regular Version: 9 sec


Kim drives away. The shot of her getting to the house starts a little earlier as well.

Regular Version: 42 sec


Kim walks inside the office and says hi to the secretary.

Regular Version: 5 sec


Kim takes a seat and lights a cigarette.

Regular Version: 14 sec


Executive editor Frank also says a story about "religious bed humping" was a much better one. Kim then makes it clear Frank was a dick and the newspaper was about to go down the drain. Frank simply says it already had.

The Director's Cut shows Kim lighting a cigarette while Frank says "Who cares".

Regular Version: 18 sec
Director's Cut: 3 sec


Frank asks Kim if it had anything to do with her father's dead. Kim explains it did but it was a good story. Frank is sorry that her father died but Kim refuses to believe he is serious. Frank then asks whether or not it was true that Kim's father thought he was Jesus. Kim tells him to go screw himself, she intends to publish her story elsewhere. Frank wants to know if she was talking about the supermarket newspaper, Kim calls him a clown.

Regular Version: 42 sec


Kim is on the phone with her boyfriend. He needs a little longer than originally expected so they agree to meet in 30 minutes.

Then Kim working on her article while being on the way home.

Regular Version: 2:43 min


The Regular Version contains footage of Lupesci's lab equipment.

Regular Version: 13 sec


The shot of Lupesci covered in blood is a little longer.

Kim says bye, two women are paddling on some lake.

The Director's Cut contains a transitional black screen.

Regular Version: 36 sec
Director's Cut: 2 sec


Kim and her boyfriend longer by the lake, a car is driving by.

Kim asks her roommate to get a tape for her. The roommate wonders why Kim wants her to get a "Devil Worship" video. She also lets her know there were still leftovers in the fridge.

The Director's Cut contains another black screen instead.

Regular Version: 1:01 min
Director's Cut: 1 sec


Janet lights a cigarette. She nods in order to emphasize that Lupesci had to be stopped under any circumstances.

Cut to Lupesci's surgery.

Some cop gets to Zack. The latter wants to know if there were any news regarding the missing persons, the cop says no and gives him the gist of it.

The DC contains another black screen instead.

Regular Version: 1:42 min
Director's Cut: 1 sec


Shot of some spider subsequent to Jessica cleaning the apartment.

A car is driving around.

Lupesci ends an experiment. Carl and Jessica helo him with the gown.

Lupesci's house earlier.

Regular Version: 45 sec


Kim a little longer when she gets startled by the zombie.

Regular Version: 1 sec


After that little scare, Kim keeps driving.

Lupesci earlier in the lab. He rolls up some bandage.

The DC contains another black screen instead.

Regular Version: 16 sec
Director's Cut: 4 sec


Subsequent to Lupesci losing it, the Regular Version contains a shot of somme microscope.

The Director's Cut contains another black screen instead.

Regular Version: 2 sec
Director's Cut: 2 sec


Kim longer, then a few shots of the lake. Zack tells Kim to share her results with someone but Kim wants to keep working from the shadows instead because she does not want to tip Lupesci off.

Regular Version: 19 sec


Kim says Zack was not a child anymore and she adds he could handle it - then the lake.

Zack calls Kim to tell her he had found some ancient book in the attic. He reads a poem from the book, it is about the eyes being the window to the soul.

Two rather long pan shots of the woods follow.

Carl and Lupesci are on their way downstairs - several close-up of their eyes included.

A car is driving on the street at night, followed by a tracking shot of Lupesci's lab.

Kim earlier.

The Director's Cut contains another black screen instead.

Regular Version: 3:19 min
Director's Cut: 1 sec


Kim earlier. She tries to get free. Then the body.

Regular Version: 7 sec


Shot of the skull with the spider & the door.

Regular Version: 7 sec


The girl a little earlier.

Regular Version: 1 sec


The shot of Jessica and Carl checking the closet is longer.

Regular Version: 2 sec


Jessica and Carl are checking the room.

Regular Version: 5 sec


Pan shot to the skull.

The pan shot to the vehicle starts earlier.

Regular Version: 6 sec


Sandra longer on the ground, then the door earlier.

Regular Version: 4 sec