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Beauty and the Liquidman (aka The H-Man)

original title: Bijo to Ekitainingen


  • US Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: May 07, 2010 - Author: azog - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
While dealing with drugs, the gangster Misaki suddenly starts yelling and gets hit by a car. When the driver looks after him he is disappeared and only his clothes are left. Police chief Tominaga is clueless and thinks that the idea of a friend of him proves him wrong. His friend believes that beings can transform into a liquid mass which is caused by radioactive fallout.

The gangster story was shortend to show the plot with the liquid man 'H-Mann' earlier. Therefore a 4 minute part in the middle has been cut where a hint to the Hanada gang was placed. Additionally there are some smaller adjustments and one violence cut.

Beside the usual adjustments in translating names, sound effects have been revised. The sounds of slaps differ.

Cut report:
Comparison between the US version and the Japanese version (both included in the Icons of Sci-Fi: Toho Collection by Sony Pictures). cut times have been rounded up and the names are oriented on the subtitles of the Japanese version.

Runtime US version = 01:18:55
Runtime Japanese version = 01:26:01
US: 0:00:00
JP: 0:00:00

In the beginning the logos are shown as wel as the detonation of a nuclear bomb. Afterwards both intros differ. The US version shows the credits during the 'H-Man' writing while the JP version shows newspaper articles which tell something about a missing ship.

107,5 sec
162,5 sec

US: 0:11:33
JP: 0:12:28

Just before her first appearence of Chikako, the dancing scene of Emi has been cut.

27,5 sec

US: 0:13:37
JP: 0:15:00

The letter, which is shown to Chikako by Masada, has been replaced.

4,5 sec
4,5 sec

US: 0:33:06
JP: 0:34:29

The shield on the laboratory's door has been renewed (after the hurt seamen tell about their expieriences).

3 sec
3 sec

US: 0:37:22
JP: 0:38:46

After the first experiment to a frog a sequence of the Hanada gang is following.

At first they go to the forensic laboratory. Kusuda and one laboratry worker are looking at pictures of the victims.

Kusuda: „These photos look exactly the way Misaki did.“
Labworker: „Right. If the body had decomposed naturally, the bones would remain.“
Kusuda: „It seems this case is more complicated than we thought.“

Tominaga enters.

Tominaga: „You called?“
Kusuda: „Yes. Since Misaki hasn't been found yet...maybe he has already been killed by the gang or left Japan.“
Tominaga: „Well...“
Kusuda: „We need to start with a clean slate and rethink this investigation.“

Meanwhile the other investigators talk about the case.

Sakata: „Leave the disappearing act to the scientist.“
Detective: „No one's said he disappeared.“
Sakata: „I know everyone secretly thinks that's what happened.“

Ogawa enters and walks towards Miyashita.

Ogawa: „Mr. Miyashita, there was a shooting in Yotsuya. I'll go check it out.“
Miyashita: „All right, thanks.“

Miyashita gets up and walks to the others.

Sakata: „Everybody's lost the excitement. No one's really after this case anymore.“
Miyashita: „You still on that?“
Sakata: „Isn't it true?“

Tominaga enters and Miyashita asks him: „What was it? Are we going to delay the investigation?“
Tominaga: „Don't worry about that.“
Detective: „The second suspect isn't Misaki? He didn't give the girl the money?“
Tominaga: „Sakata, why don't we bring in Chikako Arai again?“

The telephone rings, Tominaga answers the call.

Tominaga: „Hello? All right, we'll send someone.“

He hangs up the phone and says: „A gun smuggler was caught in Yotsuya.“
Miyashita: „Detective Ogawa just left.“
Tominaga: „He says he's seen the gun from the scene of the crime. A .45 caliber Colt. He sold five of them to the Hanada Gang before they broke up.“
Miyashita: „Hard to believe it could be the Hanada Gang.“
Tominaga: „Gangsters these days can be very unpredictable.“

Miyashita goes to his desk and takes some pictures of gang members.

Miyashita: „Should we bring in the questionable members?“
Tominaga: „Did you find the pictures?“
Miyashita: „Yes. We know everyone in the Hanada Gang.“
Tominaga: „Show these to Chikako Arai.“

Now one can see the flat of Chikako where she is browsing pictures of the Hanada gang and recognizes Nishiyama.

Chikako: „This is him.“
Detective Miyashita: „It's Nishiyama.“
Tominaga: „Thank you.“

While leaving Masada and Tominaga meet at the floor.

Tominaga: „You again.“
Masada: „This is important.“
Tominaga: „Scientists should stay in the lab. You'll regret this.“

Tominaga leaves Masada behind. However, Masada follows him after a short eye contact to Chikako.

Masada: „Hey. I need to talk to you. Hey. Part of Ryujinmaru has been discovered.“
Tominaga: „So?“
Masada: „Aren't you excited? It was covered with radioactive fallout.“
Tominaga: „What do you want me to do?“
Masada: „Some kids are playing with it. I want you to confiscate it.“
Tominaga: „Ryujinmaru is a common name.“
Masada: „I want you to look into that too.“
Tominaga: „I don't have time for that.“

Both get into the car and tell different directions.

Masada: „To the port, please.“
Tominaga: „Straight to headquarters.“

Back to the headquarter Tominaga refuses Masada's entry.

Masada: „Tominaga.“
Tominaga: „I'm very busy today. Don't bother me.“

Afterwards there is a jump the the arrest of Nishiyama. In front of his door the policemen meet a lady who says that she hasn't seen Nishiyama in a while. After they enter his flat they find the reason, he has been murdered.

total cut time JP: 273 sec

Right before both versions run parallel the US version shows a door.

US: 4 sec

US: 0:40:55
JP: 0:46:47

After Chikako's collapse the interrogation of a gang member has been cut.

„I've decided to never talk to Nishiyama or Saeki again. The Hanada Gang all agree. The two of them were sneaking around behind everybody's backs. They just looked the other way.“

14 sec

US: 0:44:43
JP: 0:50:50

When Tominaga sketches the positions of the gangsters one can see two different notepads.

3 sec
3 sec

US: 0:45:33
JP: 0:51:39

Emi's second dancing scene has slightly been cut as well as the beginning of the following scene.

15 sec

US: 0:50:24
JP: 0:56:46

One can see how Emi is touched by the slime and drops down (US version). The way she is completely surrounded by the mass is missing.

10 sec

US: 0:53:38
JP: 1:00:10

The police and Masada are looking at Emi's remains.

9 sec

US: 0:54:33
JP: 1:01:14

Adjusted newspapers.

Newspaper JP: „Strange Killings in Kikuchi
Liquid Monster Dissolves Human
Detective Sakata Falls Victim“

6,5 sec
6,5 sec

US: 0:57:34
JP: 1:04:16


Nespaper JP: „The H-Man Appears
H-bomb Creates another Type of Human
Professor Maki Releases Experimental Data
Emergency Declared
Special Task Force Established“

14 sec
14,5 sec

US: 1:05:56
JP: 1:12:38

Uchida discovers the action force in the sewers and pushes Chikako to the next way.

9 sec

US: 1:07:49
JP: 1:14:41

After Uchida forces Chikako to undress herself the announcement to move faster has been cut.

„Hurry up and walk. Walk faster or you’re dead.“

14 sec

US: 1:18:46
JP: 1:25:52

The final overlay differ. In Japan it ends over the flames in Toky while the US version prefers drawn flames.

9,5 sec
9,5 sec