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  • Theatrical Cut
  • Extended Cut
Release: Oct 27, 2009 - Author: Teento - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German DVD by Laser Paradise and the Dutch Extended Cut by CIC Video (VHS)
The story of the Extended Cut goes as follows.
When the movie was first shown in American movie theaters, the audience was outraged. Hardly anyone could accept the loose morals portrayed in the movie. Therefore, Maas was forced to shorten the original Dutch Cut to make a release beyond selected cinemas possible. Unfortunately, this cut also became the international one. However, the original cut was also released in Spain, in cinemas as well as on DVD. This DVD release is the only one that contains the Dutch Extended Cut and therefore, is the only real option for true Flodder fans. It has to be mentioned though, that even that version is less than perfect. The DVD doesn`t contain the movie in the original 1,78:1. The movie is full screen. The only other option would be the old Dutch tape that was released in the early 90`s but whose quality is not any better than that of the Spanish DVD.

Theatrical Cut: 91:24 min without credits (95:04 min with credits)
Extended Cut: 111:10 min without credits (114:52 min with credits)

17 cuts
difference: 19:46 min
The logo of First Floor Picture is not on the DVD by Laser Paradise.
10 Sec

A civil servant points out to the city councillor (William) that Flooders are extremely dangerous. Sjakie is angry about that assertion. The Americans notice that and want to know, since they don`t know any Dutch, whether something is wrong. The city councillor calms down his guests. Then the lady notices that the father of the family is not in the picture shown to her. William explains that nobody is perfect.
30 Sec

Sjakie arrives at the house of the Flodders with two cabs, greets Ma and asks her whether she is already looking forward to the flight across the ocean. Meanwhile, the kids are causing trouble, Ma Flodder is complaining about everything and Johnny is carrying two suitcases to cab number one. While Sjakie and Johnny are talking in front of the trunk of the cab, the two cab drivers discuss about the Flodders. Driver nr. 2 decides not to let this "scum" enter his cab and drives away. Sjakie gets very angry over that because he had ordered two cabs. Johnny stays calm and says that would not be problem since they would fit in one car anyway. The cab drivers tries to dissuade them but when Johnny stares at him angrily the cab driver lowers his head.
84 Sec

Johnny calls his buddy Karl, while Kees' siblings are taking a bath drinking champagne. Johnny gives the maid a slap on the bum before he enters the bathroom. Kees pops the corks, in the course of which a mirror breaks. Johnny comments on that, gets himself a glass and then rid of the broken glass. Then the three toast to each other.
44 Sec

After Flodders have watched the dancers, they visit Wall Street. During that visit Ma Flodder sees a blind beggar and puts her lit cigarillo into his head. The beggar says, "May God bless you." Afterwards they plan a visit to the Statue of Liberty. In the background the hat starts to burn.
54 Sec

After they have followed the hot dog cart with their eyes, Johnny smiles and says "room service". Next, the audience is shown how the Flodder offspring steals the hot dog cart. Sister Kees plays decoy by pretending to faint, the owner runs toward them to help the girls. In the background, the kids get the cart. Then Johnny goes to the owner and the girl and asks what he is doing with his woman. The owner says he only wanted to help but Johnny pushes him away and leaves with Kees. The owner is hurt and when he turns around he sees that is cart is not there anymore.
55 Sec

Sjakie tries to get the attention of a cab driver longer.
22 Sec

Johnny and both Kees' walk through a park and talk about financial issues.
37 Sec

Enhanced scene! A beggar frees Sjakie and they walk away together. At the same time, Flodders arrive at the night club.
75 Sec

The son of the president, Geoffrey, is at his psychiatrist's office and talks about his feelings to Kees. Afterwards, he enters his limousine, where his adviser suggests him to leave for Washington immediately. But Geoffrey wants to find Kees and orders his driver to drive to the Plaza. Then they drive away.
75 Sec

Geoffrey asks for the Flodders in the hotel and throws a tantrum after he is told that they have been thrown out of the hotel.
34 Sec

Ma's youngest son deep fries some food when his mother enters the room. At the same time, Kees is stealing gas from a car of another guest. Werner is in a hospital and his doctors talk about the upcoming surgery.
76 Sec

Skajie drives up a car of guest in front of the night club. A couple leaves the club and says good bye to Larry. After that, Sjakie opens the door of their car and they enter. Then the driver notices that they don`t have enough gasoline and complains to his girlfriend about that. The next morning, Johnny goes shopping with sister Kees and the two have a conversation.
94 Sec

Another enhanced scene. Kees and Geoffrey leave in front of the police station together.
27 Sec

Enhanced the third. US-civil servants visit Sjakie in the hospital. (After Sjakie has had a look on his blanket.) Since they know about his surgery they want to cheer him up but he tries to put his hands around their throats and doctors have to seperate them. At the same time, the night club is being cleaned. Ma cleans the bar, lifts the head of a sleeping guest and lets it slam back onto the bar. Larry enters the room for a moment and his wife asks Johnny whether he has a lighter, looks at him seducingly and eventually kisses him. When she leaves, Ma Flodder scolds Johnny not to behave like that. Kees carries two jerry cans up the stairs to the roof. Sister Kees comes home with Geoffrey and talks about it with Johnny.
123 Sec

The last enhanced scene. The conversation in the White House is longer. On the roof of the night club sister Kees bathes in the sun, while Ma is hanging out some laundry. Johnny enters the scene and sees how Kees (male) fills a jerry can with water. (This is the explanation why the water tank blows up at the end of the movie!!!!!!)
Johnny asks what that's good for as gas is is so cheap in the US.
Kees replies that he wants to make money with it when they are back in Holland. Johnny looks at him in disbelief and tells him that the tank is in the US and not in Holland. Furthermore, he asks him how he plans to get it to Holland. Son Kees feels offended and walks away and Ma asks Johnny to leave him alone. Then Johnny walks towards Kees to comfort him and tells him that there will be many opportunities to earn money in the US.
236 Sec