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Release: Apr 11, 2008 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: OG-Kai - external link: IMDB
What is Grindhouse?

The term Grindhouse describes US cinemas in which exploitation films were shown. It compasses at least the movie genres horror, sex and kung-fu. These cinemas reached their height at the end of the 60’s until the end of the 70’s. When home video systems became popular, the decent of the “Grindhouse cinemas” began.
To reach a broader audience, the cinemas offered “double features”, i.e. they showed two movies in one screening, only disrupted by some trailers. The video footage was not handled with care; thus, it often happened that the film reel was play again and again until it suffered from serious deterioration, causing film tears and jumps or what was even worse, film reels were lost or the movie was completely useless.

Grindhouse (2007)

The idea of Rober Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino was to focus on these aspects. Each one of them produced one part of the “double features”. In addition, Eli Roth, Edgar Wright and Rob Zombie created three fake trailers, which can be seen before the actual movie starts and also between the two movies. Due to the focus lying on authenticity, the viewable quality of the movies is kind of bad. The contrast is sterile, the colors are seemingly washed-out and some artificial abrasions were added. Both main movies were published in separate and extended versions. We can assume that these longer versions were produced first and that they were later cut down to a usual Grindhouse running time. The artificial abrasions are contained in these versions as well, if not necessarily so extreme. The differences between the two Planet Terror versions are not so obvious as the differences in the versions of Death Proof, which are darker looking anyway.

The cuts

The cuts are well made in both movies. Censorship does not catch the viewer’s eye (if you have not seen the extended version yet) and does not cause plot problems.

In Planet Terror the rather less important scenes were removed. Sherries awakening in the hospital was shifted to a later point of the movie and there is alternative footage at two points, but only to display some content from a previous scene. Also, there was a change of the aspect ratio, namely from 1.78:1 to 2.35:1.

With Death Proof it looks a bit different. We can find a lot of alternative footage, primarily to cover cuts and plot problems; however, the new material fits well into the movie. All in all 11 Minutes are missing. If we take a closer look, we realize that in the shop the complete first encounter between Mike and the girls is missing, as well as the whole dance scene of Arlene.

Cuts less than 7 frames were not considered here.

Alternative footage will be highlighted in green and longer scenes of the Grindhouse version will be highlighted in red.

The abbreviations used in this article:

GH = Grindhouse
PT = Planet Terror
DP = Death Proof

Running time:

Grindhouse: 190:36 Min. (NTSC)
Planet Terror: 105:29 Min. (NTSC)
Planet Terror Grindhouse: 90:45 Min. (NTSC)(incl. Machete trailer, without credts)
Death Proof: 113:38 Min. (NTSC)
Death Proof Grindhouse: 87:21 (NTSC)(without credits)

A comparison of the quality

Planet Terror

Planet Terror Grindhouse

Death Proof

Death Proof Grindhouse
The Grindhouse version

For the Grindhouse version both movies were put together as a double feature, containing advertisement and fake trailers in the style of the formerly popular Grindhouse cinemas. In the following the events of the Grindhouse version are listed.

The Machete trailer has always been preceding Planet Terror! The other three trailers can be watched in the Grindhouse version only.

Fake Trailer: Machete
Direction: Robert Rodriguez

Danny Trejo acts as the hero, who takes vendetta together with a priest because he was fooled by his employer about a mission to kill someone.

Movie: Planet Terror
Direction: Robert Rodriguez

Fake Trailer: Werewolf Women of the SS
Direction: Rob Zombie

In Death Camp 13 the Nazis created a new kind of a super soldier: female werewolves. Along with the Germans, FuManChu has a finger in the pie.

Advertisement for Mexican food.

Fake Trailer: Don't
Director: Edgar Wright

On a mysterious country estate, a group sees themselves confronted with bizarre things.

Fake Trailer: Thanksgiving
Direction: Eli Roth

A teenieshlasher about a black dressed killer, who breakes in on Thanksgiving Day with murder.

Movie: Death Proof
Direction: Quentin Tarantino

Planet Terror censorship report


A sentence from Skip was deleted.

Skip: "I've always said you're funny. Like that Chris Rock... only prettier."

3,33 Sek.


The alarm clock rings. William and Dakota get out of bed.

William: "Open the shades. Get some light in here."

Dakota draws the curtain aside.

Dakota: "Nice night."
William: "Coffee."

31,27 Sek.


A short scene of making coffee is missing.

Dakota poured too much milk into the coffee.

Dakota: "Oh, shit."

She puts the coffee away and continues talking at the telephone.

Dakota: "I couldn't get off work this week."

6,00 Sek.


You can see earlier how Dakota puts the toy aside.

0,37 Sek.


You can see earlier how Dakota takes the PDA out of the pocket.

0,67 Sek.


William takes a sip out of the mug.

3,17 Sek.


Dakota runs to the sink and turns on the water tap.

Change of scene: On a toilet Cherry puts her foot under the water tap and pulls the splinter out of the wound.

Cherry: "Fucking catastrophe."

She throws the splinter into the toilet.

25,27 Sek.


There is some dialogue at the counter.

Wray: "Cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes, please."

3,43 Sek.


Wray can longer be seen.

0,47 Sek.


Wray clinks glasses with J.T..

Wray: "You should've thrown a party."
J.T.: "I did. See the balloons?"

12,93 Sek.


A part of the dialogue between Wray and Cherry is missing.

Wray: "Why not?"
Cherry: "'Cause it's the name you gave me."

9,13 Sek.


Cherry can be seen earlier.

0,40 Sek.


Wray can be seen earlier.

0,37 Sek.


Again a part of the talk is missing.

Cherry: "Because I believed everybody, and I've already booked shows in town. Now what am I gonna do?"
Wray: "Yeah. Yeah, that- that sucks, really."

9,50 Sek.


Wray can be seen earlier.

1,10 Sek.


Wray runs to the counter and Cherry follows him with her eyes.

7,70 Sek.


You can see Cherry for a longer period of time.

0,87 Sek.


You can see Wray longer and Cherry earlier.

1,03 Sek.


They take a look at each other. J.T. heads for the kitchen.

4,27 Sek.


A cut is missing before Dakota takes the injection.

1,50 Sek.


Dakota leaves the room. Then there is another shot of her. After that you can see William, cleaning his glasses and approaching the patient.

5,40 Sek.


William gives a diagnosis.

William: "See this? This shows the advanced stages of gangrene and epidermal rot. And this over here..."
Patient: "Advanced rot?"
William: "...shows the swelling of tissues and the lack of any type of circulation. See, you're telling me that you just got this bite?"
Patient: "Yeah, just like a half hour ago."
William: "What I'm seeing here is a deep impact wound with several virals and secondary bacterials, and that, by the accumulation of denuded tissue around the incision mark s, indicates that you've had this bite for over 14 days."
Patient: "Uh... uh, at least 14 days."
William: "Could that be possible?"
Patient: "14 days? No way. I mean- Well... what is today?"
William: "Today's Wednesday. The 15th. Of April."
Patient: "Aw, hell. Can't I just get a tetanus shot or something?"

During their talk Dakota comes in.

45,33 Sek.


While riding, the dialogue between Wray and Cherry was shortened.

Wray: "Not really. It's just a clear case of you or him."
Cherry: "Or her."

8,17 Sek.


You can see Wray a little bit longer.

0,27 Sek.


Wray is lead away.

A doctor calls for a notebook.

Doc: "Hey Block. Want to be here for this? Taking your friend's arm off?
William: "No, you do it."
Doc: "Suit yourself."

The doctor draws the curtain and starts the saw.

17,60 Sek.


A part of the dialogue between Wray and the sheriff is missing.

Wray: "Not even hunting?"
Hague: "Not even hunting. And you know that. Not with your history."

6,20 Sek.


Another part of the dialogue is missing.

Hague: "I stick it out far."

2,50 Sek.


Hague: "And here you're saying in front of everybody that someone up and snatched it? And that you shot at 'em with a gun that you never should've had in the first place? And that now they're gone?"

9,23 Sek.


In the GH version a part of the dialogue follows.

Hague: "And here you're saying in front of everybody that someone up and snatched it? And that you shot at 'em with a gun that you never should've had in the first place? And that now they're gone?"

The last sentence was dubbed into the next scene.

5,93 Sek.


A complete scene of J.T. is missing.

J.T. is phoning while he cuts a piece of meat with the saw for his dog

J.T.: "I know it sounds a little arrogant puttin' up a sign- "Best damn barbecue in Texas...Period." But, hell...who's gonna come in here and argue about that? Oh, yeah. Big contest comin' up. Mm. I'm workin' on the perfect sauce. Yeah. That'll put me on the Food Channel. Put this place back on the map where it belongs. I'll talk to you later."

During the phone call he walks up and down in his store and discovers a figure in front of his house.

With a plate of meat in his hand, he steps in front of the door.

J.T.: Can I interest y'all in a plate of soon-to-be-award-winnin' barbecue?"

In the meantime there are two figures.

J.T.: "You're from Dinky's, ain't ya? Well, you tell that sumbitch, he think s he's gonna come over here and get my recipes...well, I got a double-barreled answer to his query right inside."

He eats from the meat and goes back in.

J.T.: "God damn, that's good."

The camera makes a movement towards the two figures.

81,90 Sek. (1:22 Min.)


Some more talk before he finds the corpse.

Sister: "He's already on 620 picking up another two."
William: "Fucking Wednesday nights."

4,87 Sek.


The ceiling can longer be seen.

0,20 Sek.


William steps aside.

0,43 Sek.


A sentence from William is missing.

William: "Not if I'm the only one using it."

1,83 Sek.


William grabs the blanket earlier..

0,67 Sek.


Wray is brought in chains to the police station.

Wray phones, while Hague is sitting in front of him.

Wray: "DC-2? Mm. Yeah. Well, what about countering with atropine? Yeah. Okay. Gotcha, gotcha."

Wray hangs up. Earl appears and says that he goes home now.

Earl: "Well, boys, I'm beat. I gotta get home. I'll see y'all tomorrow."
Hague: "All right, then. Thanks for the extra help, Earl."
Earl: "Hey, Wray. You in trouble again?"
Wray: "Just passin' through, I hope."
Earl: "Well, me, too."
Wray: "How's the wife, Earl?"
Earl: "Well, she's not too good. Thanks for askin'. Most of it's her own doin', you know. Smokin' them goddamn cigarettes. Pack a day for 40 years. Yeah, she doesn't want anything to do with, uh... chemo. So... it does take its toll. You don't smoke, do you, Wray?"
Wray: "No."
Earl: "That's probably good. See y'all."

Wray lightens up a cigarette.

Hague: "You're gonna start by telling me when you first started carrying this gun. And then we'll move up to when you first set eyes on this gal Cherry."

Change of scene. Cherry wakes up in her sick bed and sadly realizes her leg is missing

158,43 Sek. (2:38 Min.)


J.T. can be seen earlier.

1,20 Sek.


Alternative scene.


Hague: "I wish there was something I could do."

3,03 Sek.


Instead you see Wray phoning.

Hague: "I wish there was something I could do."
Wray: "DC-2?"

2,33 Sek.


J.T. can longer be seen.

0,37 Sek.


Alternative scene.


Hague: "What's the trouble?"

2,03 Sek.


Instead you see Wray at the telephone.

Hague: "What's the trouble?"
Wray: "Well, what about countering with atropine?"

2,03 Sek.


In the GH version it follows the scene in which Cherry wakes up in the hospital and realizes that her leg is missing.

41,73 Sek.


The keys can be seen earlier.

0,37 Sek.


The scene of the front court continues.

People run around. Tolo looks about tensely und accidentally shots a patient.

Hague: "God damn it! Let's sort this shit out, boys!"

Hague sees the dead person.

Hague: "Dumbass."

Change of scene. Wray takes a pair of gloves while an attendant is being shot.

35,73 Sek.


The camera zooms to the tortoise and the scorpion while the girls are running to the door in the background.

4,43 Sek.


The scene in the restaurant continues.

J.T. takes the sauce and licks his fingers.

J.T.: "I think I nailed it. Holy shit, I think I finally cracked it. I finally found my- my award-winning barbecue sauce!"
Hague: "Your blood's in it."
J.T.: "God damn it, he's right."

20,17 Sek.


In the car there is a dialogue missing between Dakota and her son.

Tony: "Hey, my other tooth fell out."
Dakota: "Heh. It sure did."
Tony: "Hey, your tooth fell out, too."

She looks at the rear view mirror to check it.

Tony: "We're toothless buddies."
Dakota: "Oh, we sure are."

19,97 Sek.


Dakota tries to open the doors.

William: "I'm gonna eat your brains...and gain your knowledge."

5,97 Sek.


The flash „missing reel“ can be seen longer.

0,27 Sek.


Some more dialogue.

Wray: "What about countering with atropine and PAM-2?"
Abby: "Interferes with the neurotoxic delivery, sets off the cell-blaster, and you're gushing blood and pus through every sacred hole in your body."
Cherry: "Appetizing."

11,53 Sek.

Death Proof censorship report


Some dialogue is missing between Shanna and Jungle Julia.

Shanna: "Yes, you are. You've been in the car all of two seconds, and you're already cursing at me."
Jungle Julia: "I am not cursing at you."
Shanna: "You said "Jesus Christ, Shanna," and then before the sentence was over you threw a "fucking" in there to emphasize your irritatedness."

14,33 Sek.


Shanna’s sentence was deleted.

Shanna: "That's how we tolerate each other after all these years."

3,00 Sek.


Some more dialogue is missing.

Shanna: "So, what's the plan, man?"
Jungle Julia: "Margaritas and Mexican food at Guero's. Did you call Rafael and tell him we're coming?"
Shanna: "Of course."
Jungle Julia: "You 're so good."
Shanna: "I know."

8,73 Sek.


Alternative footage.

In the GH version there is a cut showing the girls while in the DP version Shanna is still in the picture.

0,47 Sek.


The red highlighted part of the Jungle Julia’s sentence is missing.

Jungle Julia: "You bet your ass he is... with Jesse Letterman."

1,57 Sek.


Alternative footage.


Shanna: "Oh! Billboard!"

The girls start cheering as they are passing the advertisment.

Shanna: "Yeah, but you get those legs of yours around him, and it's all over."
Jungle Julia: "Yeah, well, when I'm redecorating his house in the hills that I am also living in, I'll let you know it worked."

18,53 Sek.


Alternative dialogue.

Jungle Julia: "But other than that, he was pudding in my hands."
Shanna: "So, what's the plan, man?"

4,70 Sek.


Alternative footage. Arlene gives another point of view.

Shanna: "What else?"
Arlene: "That was it. So we made out for a little while on the couch...and I said, "Okay, I'm gonna go to bed now, so it's time for you to leave." And then he starts to whine, "Oh, right now?" And I said, "Yup, right now. Let's go." And he says, "Wait, what about this?" And I said no. He said, "What do you mean? You don't know what I'm gonna say." I said, "I already know what you're gonna say, and the answer's no." He said, "Well, how can you say you know what I'm gonna say?" And I said, "Because you're gonna say, 'Let's just go to sleep together. 'We don't gotta do nothing. 'Just cuddle, sleep next to each other, wake up in the morning together.'" "No. You 're gonna leave... but I'll see you tomorrow.""

36,73 Sek.


Shanna: "So what about tonight?"
Arlene: "We'll see, Shanna. I mean I like Nate he's all cute, he's a pretty good kisser but it ain't a deal."

6,53 Sek.


Alternative Scene. For the GH version the dialogue was shortened.


Shanna: "Remember... no hookin' up tonight. You can hang out with them, you can make out with them, but no hookin' up with them, because we are driving to Lake L.B.J. tonight, and my daddy's pretty clear about one thing...He said, "I am lettin' you and your girlfriends stay at my lake house, not you and a bunch of horny boys trying to get their fuck on with my daughter.""
Arlene: "Your dad talks like that?"
Shanna: "Hell yeah. And it's not like he ain't gonna know, either, because when I'm staying at the lake house with my girlfriends in our bikinis, Daddy just has a tendency to pop up and make sure we don't need anything."

The girls start laughing.

Shanna: "Look, he's totally harmless and cute as a bug's ear! But you know, when he's got a bunch of half-naked poontang walking the floor of his lake house, he just likes to pay us a visit and make sure we got everything we need. And if you flirt shamelessly with him, like the six-foot baby giraffe in the backseat, you got a puppy dog for life."
Jungle Julia: "I have my own relationship with Ben, and you're just jealous 'cause it don't include you."
Arlene: "You call her dad "Ben"?"
Jungle Julia: "I'm not a child. That's his name."
Arlene: "So, when are the boys showing up?"

69,50 Sek. (1:10 Min.)


Arlene: "???"
Jungle Julia: "He's a good friend."

3,93 Sek.


In the GH version you can see Arlene longer. The next shot in which Jungle Julia is talking was postponed (7 frames) due to the fact that in the DP version Julia is shown earlier. Also, you see Shanna earlier when she exhales the smoke.

9,73 Sek.


The girls are sitting longer at the table.

0,23 Sek.


Some dialogue is missing.

Shanna: "Oh, come on! It's gonna be funny!"
Arlene: "Yeah, everything's funny to you two when it's happening to me."

4,27 Sek.


The primed girls leave the bar and go to their car. Mike is watching them and giggles. He flaps down the sun shield, on which pictures of other girls are glued. Then he uses his eye drops.

49,70 Sek.


Alternative Scene.


Arlene: "Oh! Jesus Christ!"
Nate: "Whoa-ho!"
Arlene: "You scared the fuck out of me, you shitty asshole!"
Nate: "I swear, Arlene. I was not trying to scare you."
Arlene: "Oh, hardee-fucking-har. Let's go inside."
Nate: "Wait a minute."
Arlene: "Why?"
Nate: "I was thinkin' we could make out."

Arlene: "What, on a porch? Not even in the bar, but in front of the entrance? Forget it."
Nate: "No, in my car."
Arlene: "What, out there? It's wet as fucking 'Nam out there."
Nate: "Not in my car it's not. Look, you won't get wet. I promise you."

Nate takes the umbrella.

Arlene: "You know, most guys wouldn't brag about that."
Nate: "Ha ha ha. I mean... you know what I mean. Look, I know you guys are going to Lake L.B.J. and we can't come. I wanna make out..."
Arlene: "Okay, just stop with the whining. It's not attractive. I don't want it super fucking obvious to everybody in the bar we've been gone, so we'll make out for six minutes, deal?"
Nate: "Great."
Arlene: "No, no, no. Deal or no deal? If you're gonna whine when I pull the plug in six minutes, we could just walk back inside the fucking bar right now."
Nate: "Deal. No whining."
Arlene: "And no begging."
Nate: "And no begging. When you say "done," it's done."
Arlene: "I'm gonna remember you said that. Okay, let's go. Oh, you got two jobs... kiss good and make sure my hair don't get wet."

Both run to the car.

28,57 Sek.


After the camera focused on the car, a cut shows Arlene.

3,36 Sek.


Alternative Scene.


More dialogue between Dov and Omar.

Dov: "And I know I can at least get "Shanna Suck-my-banana" to do a fucking Buttery Nipple shot. What's Julia's sweet shot?"
Omar: "Key Lime Pie."
Dov: "Oh, come on, dude. Even fucking Leroy Brown would do one more for dessert."

10,60 Sek.


Mike’s scene starts earlier.

0,50 Sek.


Dov’s sentence that ridicules Mike was deleted.

Dov: "Hi, could I get a chicken suit for Stroker Ace, please?"

5,33 Sek.


The GH scene lasts longer. The footage shows heavier deterioration. The DP version shows Arlene 4 frames longer.

1,23 Sek.


Some dialogue is missing between Pam and Mike at the counter.

Mike: "Alcohol is just a lubricant for all the individual encounters that a barroom offers."
Pam: "Ooh. Is that cowboy wisdom?"
Mike: "I'm not a cowboy, Pam. I'm a stuntman. But that's a very easy mistake to make."
Pam: "How do you know my name?"
Mike: "When you were talking with Warren...couldn't help but overhear."
Pam: "Fair enough."

25,50 Sek.


The GH version shows Mike and Pam a little bit longer.

1,47 Sek.


The girls get drunk together with the boys.

A cut shows Mike and Pam, who springs for a drink.

Mike: "You know, Pam, I think it's time for my big drink."
Pam: "Well, Stuntman Mike, since I have a tab here, can I buy you that virgin piña colada?"
Mike: "Thank you, Pam. That'd be lovely."
Pam: "Warren! A, uh, virgin piña colada for my stuntman friend and I'll have another Cadillac Cabo Wabo margarita."
Warren: "Cabo Wabo, virgin."

47,30 Sek.


The wheel of the music box rotates longer before the record is put on.

2,63 Sek.


The music box stops playing. Outside rain is pattering on the asphalt.

11,83 Sek.


Alternative Scene.


A sentence of Jungle Julia is missing.

Jungle Julia: "What about "kind of cute, kind of hot, kind of sexy, "hysterically funny but not funny-looking guy who you could fuck" did you not understand?"

Finally, Arlene starts a sexy dance for Mike.

In this scene Mike goes to the girls earlier.

185,37 Sek. (3:05 Min.)


You can see the flash: "Reel Missing"

5,70 Sek.


Alternative Scene.

Alternate take of Mike.


Mike: "I'm afraid you're gonna have to start getting scared immediately."

He says this sentence with a sarcastic smile.

6,20 Sek.


Mike: "I'm afraid you're gonna have to start getting scared immediately."

In the GH he has a more severe look.

6,23 Sek.


Alternative footage.


Pam: "I get it. I... I know it's a joke, and super funny. Um, but if you just stop right now, you know, and... and let me out, I'll never tell anybody because I know it's a joke. I know all about jokes. Ha ha ha! I promise everything'll be fine. Just... just... just let me out. Please? And... and... and..."

26,80 Sek.


Pam: "Ha ha I get it. This was all a joke, super funny, really funny. Ok, you can stop now and and and if you drop me off I will."

21,67 Sek.


The photos can longer be seen and the girls earlier.

0,23 Sek.


Earl and Edgar step through the first door.

3,90 Sek.


Longest cut, about 11 minutes.

The dialogue between Earl and his son Egar continues.

Earl McGraw: "Well, I'd guesstimate it's a sex thing. The only way I can figure it. High-velocity impact, twisted metal, busted glass, all four souls taken exactly the same time. Probably the only way that diabolical degenerate can shoot his goo. Yeah, I think the only thing we can dream of getting that bastard on is vehicular manslaughter for the hitchhiker in the death box. That was just plain old, goddamn reckless endangerment. But I got me a goddamn bartender gonna testify that ol' Stuntman Mike didn't drink a drop all night. And his passenger was left stranded by her date, in the goddamn rain, no less, and she asked him for the fucking ride. Now, on paper, this is gonna look like he was just trying to help her out. I mean, that's the way the jury's gonna see it."
Edgar McGraw: "So, what are you gonna do, Pop?"
Earl McGraw: "Tsk. Well, I could take it upon myself to work the case, Search for evidence, you know, prove my theory. Alert authorities. Dog that rotten son of a bitch... wherever he goes, I go. Or I could spend the same goddamn amount of time and energy following the NASCAR circuit. Hmm. I've thought about it a lot. I think I'd have a hell of a lot happier life if I did the latter. And just because I can't punish Old Frankenstein in there for what he's done, I'm gonna tell you like the Lord told John...if he ever does it again, I can make goddamn sure he don't do it in Texas."

"Lebanon, Tennessee" fades in. Then "14 months later". Mike stops his car in front of a restaurant.

The video turns black and white. He starts smoking while Kims’ car stops next to him.

Kim: "Are you on the same floor as him?"
Lee: "No, he's on the fourth."
Kim: "And who's in whose room?"
Lee: "He's in mine."
Kim: "And so what happened then?"
Lee: "We made out for about ten minutes, and then I sent him off to his room."
Kim: "So how's the Rock as a kisser?"
Lee: "Mm, he's damn good. He's got them mushy lips, smooth fingertips."
Kim: "Mm, I love them mushy lips."
Lee: "He's a big guy, so he spins me around so my back is up against him, takes his big hand and puts it on my throat, tilts my head back and leans over me, kisses me from behind."
Kim: "Damn, that sounds sexy!"
Lee: "It was sexy."
Kim: "But then that was it? You sent him off? How'd he take it?"
Lee: "Wait a minute, what are we doing here?"
Kim: "If I'm gonna power through and pick up Zoë at the airport, I need coffee."
Abernathy: "Since you're getting that, can you get some more vodka and sugar-free Red Bull?"
Kim: "We didn't know you were awake."
Abernathy: "I'm not awake. I'm asleep. But get some more vodka and some sugar-free Red Bull anyway. And some Red Apple Tans."
Kim: "Damn, I didn't stop to get you bitches groceries. You remember how to get to the airport?"
Abernathy: "Uh-huh."
Kim: "Then you should get behind the wheel, 'cause you gonna drive. Motherfuckers."

Kim leaves the car and enters the shop while Lee is sitting down on the driver’s seat.

Kim: "They ain't got sugar-free Red Bull. They got regular Red Bull and sugar-free G.O. juice."
Lee: "G.O. G.O.!"

Mike leaves his car and slowly approaches the two girls.

Lee sings. First, he touches Abernathys’ feet, which are hanging out of the car. Then he starts licking them. Abernathy startles while Mike pretends to pick up his keys. He goes back to his car.

Lee: "Sorry, I didn't mean to give you a concert there."
Abernathy: "No, it wasn't you. That guy bumped into my feet when he walked by. I don't know why, but that kind of creeped me out."

Mike hits the road.

Lee: "Little dick."
Abernathy: "Clearly. Since I'm up, I might as well hit the ATM. Get me a fuckin' smoke."

Abernathy gets out of the car and leans against the hood and starts smoking.

Mikes’ car drives past them. Abernathy is looking puzzled.

The picture turns colorful.

Lee takes a lemonade out of the machine. Abernathy looks about her.

Lee: "What?"
Abernathy: "Did you just see the..."
Lee: "What?"
Abernathy: "Nothing, honey."

Abernathy goes into the shop and takes the change. Her cell phone rings.

Abernathy: "Y'ello."
Lee: "It's me."
Abernathy: "Miss me? You best get your ass off Kim's car."
Lee: "I've seen Kim sit on it before."
Abernathy: "Her ass ain't your ass."
Lee: "Okay. So, I think I'm in this month's issue of Allure."
Abernathy: "You got Allure?"
Shopman: "Magazines by the window."

Abernathy grabs the magazine in which Lee’s picture is printed and presses it against the window.

Abernathy: "Here you are! You hot mama, you. See you in a second."

Abernathy pays.

Shopman: "$3.85... out of 20. And you get 16 and change back. Thank you very much. You know, I got other fashion magazines for sale behind the counter."
Abernathy: "No, that's okay. This'll be all."
Shopman: "Thought I'd ask."
Abernathy: "Thanks anyway."
Shopman: "Have a good one."

Abernathy heads to the exit.

Shopman: "I got this month's issue of Italian Vogue."
Abernathy: "This month's?"

Change of scene. Abernathy is talking to Lee in the car.

Abernathy: "The Circle A clerk has this month's issue of Italian Vogue."
Lee: "No way."
Abernathy: "Way!"
Lee: "I can't believe fuckin' Circle A carries Italian Vogue."
Abernathy: "It doesn't. It's his own personal copy. He'll let it go for 27 bucks."
Lee: "27 bucks?"
Abernathy: "What the fuck do you care? We're talking about per diem here. We found an issue of Italian Vogue in Lebanon, Tennessee. We're lucky he's not asking for fuckin' Krugerrands. I'm getting it, and we're splitting it three ways."
Lee: "What, me, you, and Kim?"
Abernathy: "Kim doesn't give a shit about Italian Vogue. but Brandy'll come in with us, and if she won't, Tisla, her sister, will."
Lee: "Okay, but if anybody tears out any sheets I want, you gotta make color Xeroxes of those pages, and I'm not talking Kinko's. You take it to the art department and have them do it fuckin' right."

The next scene shows the girls earlier.

681,70 Sek. (11:22 Min.)


The next scenes, in which Mike is taking pictures of the girls, were made denser. Because of that we only name the scene and its length.

During this GH scene, you can hear the sheriff talking.

3,53 Sek.


9,17 Sek.


3,27 Sek.


some alternative footage.


Abernathy looks about something, then the girls can be seen again.

2,87 Sek.


The Girls are distributing kicks.

3,00 Sek.


3,27 Sek.


3,63 Sek.


3,57 Sek.


3,87 Sek.


Alternative Scene.


Last shot of the girls, then you can see Mike.

9,90 Sek.


Alternative scene showing Mike. Then is car can be seen earlier.

5,73 Sek.


Kims sentence was deleted.

Kim: "Oh, yeah, this is an all-star crew. We got a guy who looks like Nic Cage and Pee Wee Herman, too."

5,03 Sek.


Alternative Scene.


Abernathy: "Can we just take my sex life off the table?"
Zoe: "Actually, it was Cecil's sex life that was on the table...and your lack of one."

6,73 Sek.


Zoe: "You know, some cultures might say he made the wiser choice."

3,33 Sek.


The dialogue continues in the car.

Abernathy: "Fuck both of you and your little high-five."
Kim: "Before you can claim a nigga, you got to claim a nigga, and you can start by giving that motherfucker a hand job in the back of the van on Tuesday."
Abernathy: "I'm not gonna do that!"
Kim: "I know you won't! But you know who will...the bitch that ends up living in that big-ass mansion of his."
Lee: "I haven't entirely agreed with everything Kim's said, but it is true if you've stretched it out like you have with Cecil and you suddenly get dirty on them, it blows their mind."

32,43 Sek.


The scene, in which Zoe says "I'll crack your back." gets postponed. In the GH version it begins earlier, in the DP version it lasts longer.

No time difference. (22,00 Sek.)


The dialogue continues.

Kim: "You crack my back, give me foot massages, and after a shower, you moisturize my butt."
Zoe: "Deal."

9,43 Sek.


The GH version has more dialoge.

Zoe: "You guys looke like shit. Who died?"
Kim: "Thats?!?!"

Zoe laughs. Kim takes off her gloves and hits the steering wheel with them.

Abernathy: "Are you ok?"
Zoe: "I've got a hell of a ???"

20,93 Sek.


You can see Mikes car for a longer period of time.

0,23 Sek.