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Repo Men

original title: Repossession Mambo


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 16, 2010 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
This atmospheric action-thriller with Jude Law and Forest Whitaker is based on the 2009 novel The Repossession Mambo and, even while author Eric Garcia wrote his book, the conception for the filming began. Law and Whitaker are depicted, doing the dirty work for the mighty organ company "The Union" as Remy and Jake, because their works starts when customers cannot pay their new organs. As soon as the payment deadline is exceeded, the so called Repo Men are sent to retrieve the valuable technology. Almost always, this ends in the customer dying. When Remy has an accident himself with a faulty defibrillator during a retrieving-mission, that gets him an artificial heart, he himself is sucked into the whirlpool of financial problems, making him the hunted in the end. Remy is not anybody, though, and so he goes to destroy his former employer's system, even if it means making his best friend Jake his enemy...

Repo Men received an R-rating by the MPAA (strong bloody violence, grisly images, language and some sexuality/nudity), and looking at the film it is a very fitting description. The home cinema exploitation came to be now and for this, the willing customers are provided with a longer, unrated version. It extends the film by some plot scenes (a.o. two long, new scenes), fixes a few continuity errors and also has small violence extensions to offer.

The theatrical version (Rated R) was compared to the Unrated version (both contained on the US-DVD by Universal).

34 changes, of which there are
16 extended scenes
11 scenes with alternative footage
3 additional scenes
2 scenes with different dialogue
1 additional scene in the theatrical version
1 extended scene with alternative footage.

The unrated version is 603.36 sec. resp. ca. 10 minutes 4 seconds longer than the theatrical version.
Extended scene
0:09:23: The talk between Remy and Ray is a little longer in the unrated version.

Ray: "Hey, my sister's kid, he wants in. He's a good kid."
Remy: "Talk to Frank."
Ray: "Yeah, but I figured I'd get a recommendation from you, you know? Level Five?"
Remy: "I don't know the kid, do I?"
12.12 sec.

Additional scene
0:10:23: You see Remy and Jake leaving a Christmas decorated house, obviously they just finished a job. Their uniforms are full of blood and after a short time they look at each other and start laughing. Remy does an explaining off-screen commentary.

Remy: "After the war, a job at The Union was a perfect match for our specialized skill-set. The recruiter told us we were protecting America's medical establishment. We didn't care who we were protecting."
21.96 sec.

Extended scene
0:10:54: The scramble is shown insignificantly earlier in the unrated version.
2.36 sec.

Extended scene
0:10:57: Jake asks Remy: "Oh, you okay, man?"
1.84 sec.

Extended scene
0:13:16: The talk between Remy and Jake is longer.

Remy: "P. Morton? That's Patrick Morton."
Jake: "The guy from Company C?"
Remy: "Yeah."
Jake: "Here, let me see it."
Remy: "The bastard... Bastard, he still lives with his parents."
11.32 sec.

Additional scene
0:14:47: The unrated version has a new scene showing how Remy's family life looks. He comes home, turns on some music, and then wants to seduce his wife in the kitchen, but she distinctly turns him down.

Remy: "Hi".

He takes off his jacket and walks into the kitchen.

Remy: "Remember this? Jimmy T-Bone. Hmm?"
Carol: "Peter's sleeping."
Remy: "Well, we'll turn it down and use our quiet voices."
Carol: "Music's too loud."

Carol goes away, turns off the music, then you hear a door closing as Remy looks frustratedly in the kitchen.

A new scene follows after that, in which Remy enter his son's sleeping room.

Remy: "Peanut."

He finds a baseball bat tinkered by Peter. "Dad" is written on it.

Remy: "Peanut. Wake up. You awake? Hi."
Peter: "Hi."
Remy: "How was school?"
Peter: "We learned about the Romans."
Remy: "Mmm?"
Peter: "I made the club."
Remy: "I can see."
Peter: "One for you, too."
Remy: "Thanks. Weren't these from medieval times?"
Peter: "Yeah. Mrs. Begs is making me redo the project."
Remy: "Well, if she says redo it, you better redo it."
Peter: "I hate the Romans."
Remy: "Aw, that's a shame. The Romans were real badass. You know, they used to make people fight with lions."
Peter: "Mrs. Begs says they used to burn down all the villagers when they attacked them."
Remy: "She's right. Scorched earth. Stones at the enemy. Pretty effective tactic."
Peter: "Hey Dad?"
Remy: "What?"
Peter: "Why did the Romans stone people to death?"
Remy: "'Cause they didn't have any guns."
Peter: "Mmm."
Remy: "Go to sleep. Good night."
222.12 sec.

Extended scene
0:18:50: Absolutely insignificant. A little error was fixed in the unrated version, the theatrical version cut too fast to the next shot while the dialogue actually still goes on. In return, the shot begins earlier in the theatrical version.
The unrated version is 2.2 sec. longer

Alternative footage
Unrated: 0:19:37: The unrated version features the first violence change. There, you see Jake pressing the knife onto the taxi-customer's belly (no stabbing yet). The theatrical version, the view of Jake just continues and so it is more harmless.
The theatrical version is 1.12 sec. longer

Theatrical versionUnrated

Extended scene
0:19:39: Jake is shown a bit longer as he bludgeons the man off-screen with the knife.
1.12 sec.

Extended scene
0:22:54: The unrated version first shows an enemy in the hallway falling to the ground before Jake enters the screen.
2.2 sec.

Extended scene
0:23:09: In the unrated version, Jake hits the man lying on the ground two more times with the nightstick in the face.
2.96 sec.

Extended scene
0:27:46: The talk between Remy and Jake was extended.

Remy: "You ready to go after the Patrick Morton's?"
Jake: "I was there this morning. I was said to say 'hi'."
Remy: "You didn't do it?"
Jake: "Oh, no, I did it. He said to say 'hi' before."
14.44 sec.

Extended scene mit alternativem Bildmaterial
Unrated: 0:38:47: In the theatrical version, the stripper puts the brochure into Remy's shirt and he looks at Jake. In the unrated version, the thing with the brochure is abandoned earlier and instead shown how the stripper undresses before Remy. He smiley a little tormentedly as the other colleagues have their fun.
The unrated version is 8.2 sec. longer

Extended scene
1:06:49: Beth pulls her pant leg a bit and her damaged knee appears.
2.2 sec.

Alternative footage
Unrated: 1:07:03: The theatrical version shows Beth a bit earlier as she is asked by Remy where she got all the equipment from. The unrated version shows Remy saying his line and then Beth's bloody knee wound before she is shown like in the theatrical version.
The unrated version is 1.92 sec. longer

Theatrical versionUnrated

Alternative footage
Unrated: 1:07:13: The unrated version starts the close-up of Beth's knee a bit earlier and it is clearly visible how she presses the scissors a little into her knee and blood drips out of the wound. The theatrical version prefers to show Beth a bit longer from the side.
No time difference

Theatrical versionUnrated

Alternative footage
Unrated: 1:13:50: The scene in which the airport-worker checks Beth's knee only differs noteworthy in the view of the wound. The unrated version shows this more explicitly than in the theatrical version, where the wound is still concealed. The following scenes differ as well, but not in the footage, only in the length.
The unrated version is 5.92 sec. longer

Theatrical versionUnrated

Alternative dialogue
Unrated: 1:15:25: Alternative footage again, another extension in a figurative sense. The dialoge differs a bit.

Theatrical version:

Remy: "We got to dump this car, get you a new kneecap."
Beth: "I know someone who can help."
Remy: "We can't trust anyone."
Beth: "Believe me. It's the last place I want to go."


Remy: "We got to dump this car, get you a new kneecap. Hold on."
Beth: "I know someone who can help. He's outside the Union."
Remy: "Is he a vulture?"
Beth: "We don't have any choice. Believe me, it's the last place I want to go."
Remy: "This is a bad idea."
No time difference

Screen for classification:

Additional scene
1:15:46: The next big, new scene in the unrated version, that even evolves into an entire block of scenes.

Beth is looking for a key. Remy does a jealous remark, whereas Beth looks at him amorously.
Beth: "He always left me a key up here."
Remy: "How well did you know this guy?"

Then Asbury comes with the elevator and drives a dead man through the hallway in a shopping cart, he mumbles something in the process.

Asbury: "I gave her my loving, she gave me blue balls. I gave her my money, I gave her the thing a man--"

Remy and Beth take cover and pulls his gun.

Beth: "Put it away. Put it away. Asbury."
Asbury: "Little, little Miss Muffet."
Beth: "Don't call me that."
Asbury says something in spanish.
Beth: "We need your help."
Asbury: "Why'd you have to drag me a U-man, huh?"
Remy: "I'm not with them anymore."
Asbury: "Why? Did you quit or was he quitted?"
Beth says also something in spanish, then: "Got my cookies?"
Asbury: "Yeah, I got your cookies. Mi casa es su casa, cabron."

They are in Asbury's quarter then. He supports Beth and helps her sit down.

Asbury: "Don't touch anything, U-Man. Come on, stop your whining. I was thinking of you when I tweaked this."
Asbury presses the remote control and immediately Beth's mouth opens in a mechanical way and scraps of sentences are heard: "He always left me a key up here...Asbury...Don't call me that."
Asbury: "Universal remote. Vocal auto-playback with an eight-hour buffer, man. I'm telling you, this is gonna be a head-blaster at all the parties. Mark my words."
Beth: "I see you haven't changed."
Asbury: "Well, no, I haven't. Have you?"
He reaches into his trouser pocket and gets out a little glass with drugs, then throws it to Beth.

Remy looks irritatedly, Asbury turns on the music and finally starts treating the man's body with a saw, probably to remove an artificial organ. Remy notices a cupboard with some organs and asks:

Remy: "You pay for these?"
Asbury: "What'd you say?"
Remy: "Did you pay for these?"
Asbury: "Pay for yours?"
Remy: "That's different."
Asbury: "Yeah, how's that different, U-man, huh? I'm Robin Hood, baby. I'm Jesus, I'm Ghandi. I can lift the valve from some fresh meat and then drop it in a new client for half the cost. Bottom line, I don't kill my clients. I wait for them to die."
Remy: "What do you do to your clients when you're finished with them, huh? Chop them up for dog meat?"
Asbury: "You know what? You got your own thoughts, huh? Company parrot?"
Remy: "I'd rather be a fucking parrot..."
Asbury: "Parrot!"
Remy: "..than a fucking vulture!"
Asbury: "Parrot! Parrot!"
Remy: "Fucking vulture!"
Asbury: "You think you're the solution, man? You're the problem."
Remy: "I'm the problem? You're the fucking problem!"
Beth: "Hey. When the pissing contest is over, may I have some help?"

Remy and Asbury move away from each other, Asbury drinks something and turns off the music.

Asbury: "So what do you want me to do? You want me to put you two on the boat, is that it?"
Beth: "Yeah. But I can't run if I can't walk."
Asbury: "I'm sorry, baby. I just don't fly with joints anymore. We're gonna have to switch over to Alva for that insertion."
Beth: "That bitch almost killed me."
Asbury: "Well, that's your side of the fairytale, isn't it? But I'll tell you something. It warms my cock that you're still sore about that."

The theatrical version has another scene exclusive instead. Remy supports Beth and she points towards the corridor, but Remy cannot see anything there.
Remy: "Where?"
Beth: "There."
250.32 sec.

Extended scene
1:21:10: The little surgeon pods longer inside Beth's knee.
The unrated version is 1.52 sec. longer

Alternative dialogue
1:21:27: The two versions have different dialoge again. In the theatrical version, you don't know Asbury yet, of course, which is why Beth gives the information he can get them a way out here.

Theatrical version:

Beth: "I feel like break dancing. My friend Asbury can get us on a boat. Of course, getting out of the country is a crapshoot."


Beth: "I feel like break dancing."
Remy: "Go on, then. Hop along."
No time difference

Alternative footage
Unrated 1:21:48: The two versions show Remy both in a different way, approaching the apartmen with his gun. The unrated version also has a view of the record player.
The unrated version is 3.28 sec. longer

Alternative footage
Unrated: 1:22:06: The theatrical version has another view of dead Asbury lying on the couch. This change as an explaining function as well, since you hear Beth say: "Asbury."
The theatrical version is 2.28 sec. longer

Alternative footage
Unrated: 1:22:09: In the unrated version, the shot of Beth going to Asbury's body is longer. The theatrical version has a new view of the apartmen until finally Beth enters the screen.
The unrated version is 3.32 sec. longer

Extended scene
1:22:22: Beth approaches Asbury's corpse more closly, there is also a close-up of it. Operation successful, patient dead.
8.6 sec.

Alternative footage
Unrated: 1:22:32: Both versions show different material again. The unrated version is longer and more explicit here. While Beth turns around in the theatrical version and you then see Remy looking around, Beth walks to Asbury's body in the unrated version and closes his eyes. The mouth opens up mechanically and recordings of a scream as well as fragments of sentences are heard.
10.72 sec.

Theatrical versionUnrated

Extended scene
1:22:52: Of course, in the theatrical version you do not hear the mechanical playback of the lines of Asbury's body, which is why the following line of Jake ("It just goes on like that for a while.") would make no sense. In return, Beth is shown.
2.16 sec.

Additional scene in the theatrical version
Theatrical version: 1:14:44: The theatrical version shows Jake again, looking towards Remy.
+3.8 sec.

Alternative footage
Unrated: 1:29:30: The woman is shown longer in the unrated version and she says: "They're singing my favourite song."
5.16 sec.

Extended scene
1:39:14: The other U-Men keep on kicking Remy, who then whips out a little knife and rams it into one of the adversaries' leg, who then loudly screams out.
3.4 sec.

Alternative footage
Unrated: 1:45:04: The unrated version is more explicit and shows Remy moving the scanner inside Beth's knee wound longer. The theatrical version on the other hand only features the view of suffering Beth a little earlier. Two scenes were also swapped, but this is not noticable.
The unrated version is 0.08 sec. longer

Theatrical versionUnrated

Alternative footage
Unrated: 1:46:33: The unrated version first shows the open stomach-wound of Beth, then pan up to her face. The theatrical version only shows her face.
The unrated version is 1 sec. longer

Theatrical versionUnrated

Extended scene
1:48:22: A difference for continuity purposes. When Jake is shown in the unrated version saying "Scorched earth. Just like you told the kid.", to Remy, he makes a reference to an additional dialogue earlier in the film not featured in the theatrical version.
3.92 sec.

Extended scene
1:48:26: And again. Jake: "Romans... they were some badasses."
4.2 sec.