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Release: Nov 27, 2015 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the UK-DVD by Optimum Releasing and the UK Blu-Ray by network.

After a successful diamond robbery, criminal mastermind Paul Clifton and his posse are planing the next coup that is supposed to be so huge that they will be set for life. Objective of their heist is a mail train always transporting loads of cash after a long bank weekend. Being in hot pursuit of the gang is Inspector George Landon. He can't stop the robbery from happening but he has great ambitions to catch them.

Inspired by "The Great Train Robbery", during which a mail train of British Royal Mail was robbed near Ledburn on 08/08/1963, "Robbery" meticulously tells the story of planing the heist and executing that plan. In the center of all this is Paul Clifton (Stanley Baker) who, despite adversities, puts his plan into action. Right at te beginning, the film contains an outstanding chase sequence across London. That sequence was redone in San Francisco one year later. That car chase in San Francisco became the best car chase ever filmed - I am talking about "Bullitt" of course. The detailed presentation of the planing and execution ensures a high level of suspense even though a few aspects may appear a little naive from a present day perspective. For instance, there is a prison break and all it takes is a rope that gets tossed over the wall.

For quite some time, the UK DVD by Optimum Releasing was the only digital release. Unfortunately, the DVD is in 1.33:1 (open matte) and the picture quality is mediocre. On top of that, the DVD is not uncut either. The chase sequence at the beginning lacks a shot from inside the police car with a length of approx. 10 seconds. In the meantime, network released the film on Blu-ray. The aspect ratio is finally correct (1.85:1) and colors and contrast are highly superior to the DVD release. The missing scene is back in the film as well. Also worth mentioning is the bonus material on the Blu-ray. Besides interviews with Michael Deeley, Stanley Baker a "Behind the Scenes" featurette about the shoot, there is a documentary regarding the shoot and also another version of "The Great Train Robbery" edited for international audiences on the Blu-ray. Fans of gangster films should definately get this release.

Screenshot Comparison:


UK Blu-ray:


UK DVD: 109:19 min.
UK Blu-ray: 114:09 min.

Missing shot of the squad car during the chase sequence.

UK BD: 10 sec