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original title: Wei wo du zun


  • HK Laserdisc
  • Japanese DVD
Release: Sep 07, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut HK Laserdisc by Mei Ah and the uncut Japanese DVD by Medicos Entertainment.

- 12 cuts
- Total cut length: 254,2 sec (= 4:14 min)

Mastering mistakes will only be mentioned if they are longer than 0,5sec and have not been counted towards the total cut length.

This is an ok thriller, which has been made in 1990 in Hongkong and features the pretty Joey Wong as well as some other familiar faces (for the genre fan). It contains drama, comedy and heroic bloodshed elements in a triad setting, the latter two points were the reason for some censoring in the country of origin.

The Laserdisc that serves as a comparison is cut by more than four minutes. A big part of this consists of a rather longer and more or less funny part in the beginning, which is making fun of the triad rituals. There are also some cuts that are hard to understand because they have been made in seemingly irrelevant scenes. Additionally, various instances of violence have been removed. On the other hand, the rape/humiliation scenes with Joey Wong and Fong Lung were kept in the movie.
The only cut version probably ist he Japanese DVD, on which, however, the widescreen picture was shifted upwards to create a larger black border at the bottom, in which the hardcoded Japanese subtitles were place (they still extend into the picture). The UK VHS i seither identical with the HK version or at least cut very similarly. Note: The image for this comparison displays cover of the (identically cut) HK VCD.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
HK Laserdisc in PAL / Japanese DVD in NTSC
Logos / Credits

The Japanese DVD features an additional note at the beginning, the first credits overlay is missing on Laserdisc as well.
The remaining credits sometimes feature differend text overlays.
Japanese DVD 17,6 sec longer

HK LaserdiscJapanese DVD

00:42 / 01:02-01:37

The first real movie scene is missing: Uncle Tung is praying in front of a statue.
(When Fung-Yee is praying in front of the same statue, the scene was left in the movie maybe because she holds her hands in typical praying gesture?).
35,3 sec

03:45 / 04:48-07:10

Chung can be seen a bit longer in the office. Pictures are being shown and hand signs and rituals of the triads are being explained obviously reason enough for some censoring.
The policemen are rather inapt when imitating it and get criticized by her superior.

Then the policemen talk in the corridor.
142,1 sec (= 2:22 min)

06:35 / 10:08-10:10

Mastering mistake: The city shot can be seen earlier.

1,7 sec

28:06 / 32:38

Insignificant missing moment when Cheog is shooting around aimlessly on the sea.
0,8 sec

41:22 / 46:28-46:34

The HK version directly cuts to the next close-up whereas the uncut version shows Cheong turning his helper into a sieve from a different view.
6,6 sec

47:24-47:25 / 52:53

Chung can be seen a little longer in the Laserdisc before the scene in the nightclub.

+ 0,6 sec

55:20 / 61:09-61:11

Because of a roll change, an insignificant moment during the transition of two shots gets lost.

2,2 sec

56:57 / 62:52-62:54

Chung fires two more shots and a guy is being used as a human shield by Cheong (earlier).

1,5 sec

57:48 / 63:47-63:50

There is an additional thrilling moment, when Cheong drives towards Chung.

2,6 sec

57:51 / 63:53-63:54

Ditto: Chung can be seen from behind.

1,5 sec

75:40 / 82:31-82:40

After several brutal scene during the crazy restaurant massacre, which have been left unaltered, a shot of a guy being hit with a machete is missing. He is going down in slow motion, then another guy continues stabbing him.

9,5 sec

75:54 / 82:54-83:18

A guy is being attacked with machetes from several sides in a long slow motion sequence, his blodd mixes with the water from the hydrant.

24,1 sec

76:07 / 83:32-83:39

The lunge can be seen in Hongkong as well, but the bloody impact and fumbling around in the wound are missing.

6,9 sec

80:08 / 87:51-87:54

Cheong is being stabbed more.

3,2 sec

80:57 / 88:44-88:47

Lui shoots more often and Cheong is being hit. The beginning of the following sideways shot is missing as well.

2,5 sec

The credits at the end differ insignificantly.