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  • US Version
  • Japanese / Italian / NL VHS
Release: Jul 05, 2022 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

For this forgettable female Rambo knockoff, we compared the Japanese VHS (yes, really) to the VOD version from the US. And lo and behold, in the US the film has been made faster and has been lightened by a bit of "plot ". What exactly the cuts are supposed to achieve is not entirely clear, but it does not make for a different movie experience.

Compared the US version (by Filmhub / VOD at Amazon Video US) with the Japanese VHS (by Tokuma Japan Video).

7 cuts, 4 re-cuts = 405.2 sec. or approx. 6 minutes 46 seconds

0:00:00: The Japan VHS features another insert of a production studio and the lettering of the film's title.
21.72 sec

0:00:35 / 0:08:09: Right at the beginning, a noticeable difference, namely a recut. While the Japan VHS starts with the mercenary standing on a rock, then shows a moving army vehicle, and then switches to the mercenary group at the table, the US version doesn't show that until timecode 07:54. Also, the US version is missing a large part of the conversation at the table, where the Vietnam veterans tell a rather unsympathetic story about a war crime they committed. They once picked up three Vietnamese there and threw two of them out of the helicopter for not giving them useful information during interrogation.
92.64 sec.

0:10:49: Manny is saying to Tina, "Hey, see you around, doll!". The cop who heaves him into the car is still talking to Tina about her father, and she says that he's had to deal with far worse guys than creep Manny.
12.44 Sec.

0:11:23 / 0:10:39: When the biker gang is doing their tricks and cheering each other on beer-fueled, it comes in a different place in the US version and is also shortened. A bit of wheelie and neck-snuggling is missing.
24.16 Sec.

0:12:07: A rather drawn-out scene is missing, in which Hargrove is called to the phone by his housekeeper (?), saying a lawyer is on the line and wants to speak to him. He goes to the phone and says he'll be on his way then - but of course not without harshly reprimanding his housekeeper to clean up properly. He gets into the pickup truck and off he goes. The US version spares you that.
126.56 Sec.

0:15:24: Insignificantly longer as the car drives through the desert.
5.44 sec

0:15:29 / 0:11:44: The sequence with the encounter between Hargrove and Manny with the bikers comes at different times in both versions, but is identical in content.
No time difference.

0:22:07: Two mercenaries show up at Hargrove's house and harass his housekeeper. Another colleague comes along and calls them off. They get in and say that they were just having fun with her, but that she is a bitch anyway. Then more desert acrobatics from the motorcycle gang.
94.64 Sec.

0:23:26 / 0:11:18: By the way, there is also a recut here in the US version, because the scene when the mercenaries ride closely past the bikers, provoking their displeasure, comes elsewhere. The Japan VHS is even slightly longer and shows how the biker leader still orders to rather party. Then another shot of the moving car.
7.08 sec.

0:24:49: The mercenaries are reporting to Hargrove on their way to the base. Nothing special, just a couple of bikers, one of whom was doing tricks on the road and almost got run over by them. As Hargrove laughs about it, the US version also sets in.
19.56 Sec.

0:25:12: One shot goes minimally longer, but with no insights for the viewer.
0.96 sec