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  • BBFC 15
  • German DVD
Release: Oct 19, 2009 - Author: Bravia - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British DVD from Warner Home Video (BBFC 15) and the uncut German DVD from Warner Home Video (FSK 16).

Running time of the original version: 109:37 min
Running time of the British DVD: 107:06 min

41 cuts = 153.52 sec
When Johnny Castoleone who went into the witness protection program is being tortured the British version is heavily shortened.
At the beginning of the movie a shot was cut out in which the captivated southerner gets hit in the face so hard that his plaguer's hand starts to hurt.
2.84 sec

Shortly after that another string of action is missing: a woman who is tied to the ground gets soused with gas and the witness "Johnny" gets hit in the face, again.
9.12 sec

When US-marshal John Kruger who came to save the day disables one of the minions with a sling we do not see the strangled man tearing his eyes open.
0.32 sec

The following part of the torturing has been cut out, too: the witness gets a knife presented to him, then he gets thrown to the ground in the chair and the culprits try to pull out his teeth with pipe tongs.
18.68 sec

Marshal Kruger eliminating another criminal using a refrigerator door cannot be seen, either.
5.00 sec

A Closeup of the mouth of a firing gun has been cut out.
0.80 sec

After Marshal Kruger has thrown an incendiary composition in the living area the spreading fire is missing.
1.44 sec

When William Donohue is at the armaments manufacturer Cyrez and puts a gun at the employee Lee Cullen his aggressive behaviour has been cut out.
2.64 sec

At his suicide the bullet exiting the back of his head was removed.
0.92 sec

Shortly after that, a shot of the dead man has been cut out.
0.40 sec

Special part

0:41:47,84 - 0:42:48,24
Several scenes of the attack of the holiday home have been switched.
The following images illustrate the order the single parts have in relation to the Original version.

1) Marshal Kruger stabs an opponent who is behind a door and shoots an aggressor.

2) Marshal Deguerin kills a colleague to get to the witness.

3) Kruger throws an armed man out of the window.

4) Deguerin uses the dead colleagues weapon to shoot at the witness and then fakes first aid taking her breath away.

Original version:British version:

Also, the end of scene No.1 has been shortened.
After Kruger has stabbed his opponent through the door and shoots his weapon at the aggressor the man who has been hit staggers back, but not in this version.
- 7.44 sec

The fourth scene has been shortened, too.
We do not see Deguerin shooting the witness. The beginning of the deadly ventilation is not shown, either.
- 17.96 sec

A shot of the dying woman waving her arms was cut out, too.
- 3.92 sec

Special part - over

When Marshal Deguerin shoots the young agent on the plane his twitching has been shortened.
0.52 sec

During the fight at the zoo one of the opponents gets caught by two crocodiles. The British DVD does not contain his arm being ripped off by one of the reptiles.
2.44 sec

A little shot of Marshal Kruger hitting his elbow in a security guard's face in the Cyrez-building is missing.
0.84 sec

When further security guards come from an elevator Kruger using the guard as a shield has been cut out,...
1.48 sec

1:18:33,32 has been him unlocking the guard's grenades and kicking him in the elevator.
5.28 sec

The following explosion has been cut out for reasons of continuity.
3.00 sec

After Lee Cullen got under the sway of Marshal Deguerin, him hitting his gun against her head is not being shown.
1.32 sec

While trying to follow Deguerin there are shots at John Kruger from the helicopter Deguerin is using to escape. A man attacks the Marshal who is searching for shelter and Kruger breaks his neck. This has been cut out of the movie, too.
11.12 sec

Also the finale at the port lacks many shots:
Like Kruger standing on the neck of a security guard who is lying on the ground and hitting his knee against the head of another guard.
4.72 sec

One of the helping union-mobsters hits a guard in the face with his butt-stock.
2.24 sec

From beneath the hardwood floor, John shoots at two opponents.
2.24 sec

After Kruger gained the possession of two rail-guns he shoots at two people, them flying through the air is missing.
0.80 sec

Same cut - different person.
1.16 sec

A sexually interested man threatens the captivated Lee Cullen with a knife.
2.12 sec

When Lee is able to free herself she kicks against the head of the guy who is crouching on the ground.
2.24 sec

Three opponents are being blown away by an explosion.
4.72 sec

Kruger shoots into the eye of one of Robert Deguerin's snipers through his eyepiece.
0.68 sec

Deguerin pulls Lee's hair after she got under his sway, again.
1.64 sec

The sexually interested man from before calls a man with a weapon.
3.20 sec

Then he and Johnny Castoleone's other sailors are shot by the union-mobsters.
2.80 sec

Two more sailors are being shot by the union-mobsters.
3.24 sec

When Robert Deguerin and John Kruger are fighting on an intermodal container Deguerin beating Kruger with a crowbar has been cut out.
2.12 sec

Shortly after that, the tool being misused have been cut out, again.
2.28 sec

Towards the end of the movie Deguerin and two other men are being left on a crossing in a locked stretch-limo. We do not get to see the men trying to escape the car in panic while a train keeps approaching and eventually hits the car.
22.68 sec

Another shot of the burning vehicle is missing.
4.92 sec