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Heart of Dragon

original title: Long de Xin


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • German Blu-ray
Release: Jul 02, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the regular HK Theatrical Version (represented by the US DVD) and the German Blu-ray (except for the logos identical with the Japanese Blu-ray)

- 6 additional scenes
- Running time of the additional footage with the different logos left out: 572.2 sec (= 9:32 min)
(Therefore, the HK Theatrical Version contains alternate end credits: 93 sec or 1:33 min)

As you know, there are two versions of this classic with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. Compared to the most common HK Theatrical Version, the longer Japanese Version contains two more fight scenes and outtakes during the end credits. In Hong Kong, only the HK Theatrical Version has been released on Blu-ray and it is not even a HD release but a lame SD upscale. In Japan on the other hand, one gets to watch a true HD master presenting the longer version. Fortunately, the German label "Splendid Films released the longer version on Blu-ray on which the following comparison is based.

Anyhow, we took a closer a look at the longer Blu-ray version and guess what? There are even more differences than we could find when making the comparison with the Japanese Laserdisc. Consequently, the HD master is a little longer than the Japanese Laserdisc. The chase contains a few more shots (all in all approximately 30 seconds) that are missing in both the HK Theatrical Version and the Japanese Laserdisc Version. The Japanese DVD from 2008 has been varified as the version that includes the additional footagr of the chase.

The audio track differences (new songs) pointed out in the other comparison won't be an issue in the following one. The audio track of the German Blu-ray contains the original music from Hong Kong but please follow the above link for more details.

Time index refers to
US DVD in NTSC / German Blu-ray
Credits / Logos

Several logos at the beginning of the German Blu-ray.
The Golden Harvest reference is also on the US DVD (therefore, no screenshots), the following Bo Ho Films reference is missing though.

German Blu-ray 49.3 sec longer

Please note: The Japanese Blu-ray does NOT have the Golden Harvest logo and begins with an additional text at the beginning.

Now, the Bo Ho Films logo already illustrated above.
This is also the explanation for the difference of 38 sec to the German Blu-ray - if one intends to get the time code of the Japanese Version, these 38 seconds need to be deducted.

08:01 / 08:50-11:50

After Jackie lead the fiend outside, a longer scene is missing.

The clinic the guy is supposed to be taken to is being taken over violently by same gangsters. They are discussing whether or not the feind is going to snitch on them. Because the time without dope will be hell for him, they don't worry about it. Meanwhile, the put on the work clothes for the clinic staff.
Jackie and the feind arrive at the clinic. On their way in, Jackie already realizes that something is fishy but he doesn't give it a second thought. He asks for methadone for his companion and one of the gangsters passes him a cup. That is when Jackie recognizes a gang tattoo on his arm. Jackie tries to stop the feind from drinking out of the cup but he is too late and his companion is already is agonizing pain.

A fight takes place. As common in Jackie Chan movies, the premises are being incorporated in the fight. At the end of the day, Jackie beats them all (as always) and they are being taken away by Jackie's colleagues downstairs.

Subsequently, Jackie is at the police station: he is supposed to sign a document. The following comparison with his superior reveals that he doesn't agree with Jackie's methods.

180 sec (= 3:00 min) in total

27:05 / 30:54-33:48

Meng Hoi turns around in the very same shot and speaks to his colleagues. Cut to Jackie's girlfriend, then the cops and the thugs preparing themselves in the parking lot. Hoi gets scared but Jackie talks some sense into him and convinces him stay.

The fight starts. Escpecially Hoi is having a hard time but Jackie supports him and Hoi wants to exercise his authority with his CID badge. But his opponent in the red shirt is not impressed. At the end, Jackie brings him back to reason. Subsequently, one of Jackie's colleagues gets his head hit on the hood of a car several times. Funnily enough, he can free himself with a headbutt.

Further fights follow in which Jackie is mostly the one who keeps his colleagues from getting their butts kicked. In the end, it is just one man still standing. He lets got of Jackie's colleague when he realizes that his buddies have already slipped away. Then, Jackie expresses his anger to Hoi, the trouble seeker.

173.6 sec (= 2:54 min) in total

Longer Than the Laserdisc
70:02 / 76:45-76:53

After Jackie's colleagues left, there are a few more shots of the chase.

They all have in common that they are being played faster (= more frames per second). This was probably too comic relief for the HK Theatrical Version.

7.6 sec

Longer Than the Laserdisc
70:47 / 77:37-77:58

More footage of the chase - but this time with the appropiate number of frames per second.

21.1 sec

78:49 / 86:00-86:03

Censored in the HK Theatrical Version - it looks pretty rough, too: Actually, there is another close-up of the guy Jackie blocked with a pickax. He has his hands in front of his face because he is in pain. Jackie rams the pickax in his belly and the poor guy stays lying on the ground while Jackie is running off.

2.9 sec

End Credits

Like in many other Jackie Chan movies, one gets to see outtakes on the Blu-ray.
Please note: the Fortune Star logo at the end (~ 6 sec) is missing on the Japanese Blu-ray

193.1 sec (= 3:13 min)

In the HK Theatrical Version, the first credits appear during the freeze frame of Jackie and Sammo and the credits continue on a black background.

93 sec (= 1:33 min)