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original title: National Lampoon's Pledge This!


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Mar 03, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The R-Rated version (represented by the Free-TV-broadcast on German telestation RTL on 02.01.2010, identical in content to the R-Rated version) has been compared to the Unrated version (represented by the Film Mates' US-DVD)

Rated R: 79:48 min w/o credits (85:16 min w/ credits) in PAL

Unrated: 85:12 min w/o credits (91:03 min w/ credits) in NTSC
=> equals 81:42 min w/o credits (87:19 min w/ credits) in PAL

- 12 altered parts, including
* 3x alternative footage
* 2x only R-rated version longer

- Difference: 114.6 sec (= 1:54 min)

Paris Hilton acts as the leader of a sorority and tortures aspirants with tasks like collecting used condoms. Background is the contest for a cover fotoshoot for men's magazine FHM, which wants to elect the most beautiful sorority.
Naturally, an absolute must for any fan of sophisticated film art with a sense of deep humor.

Like so many times before, the movie was released not only as a regular R-rated version but also an unrated DVD is being sold, labelled "Naughty Version".

Runtime designations follow this order:
R-Rated in PAL / Unrated in NTSC
13:23 / 13:57-14:09

After Paris has stepped in front of the mirror, the unrated version shows the bathroom: One of the girls gets topless and the guy soon caresses her breasts.

12.2 sec

13:34 / 14:21-14:29

Before the doggy makes its way out of Paris' bag, another shot of the action in the bathroom from a different perspective is shown.
His belt is being grabbed.

7.8 sec

13:39-13:40 / 14:34-14:35

In the RV, the dog looks to the right, in the unrated one to the left - the latter one makes more sense, because the threesome takes place to his left after all.

no time difference


13:47 / 14:42-14:44

After Paris has left through the door, the unrated features yet another short view into the bathroom.

2.3 sec

19:31 / 20:43-21:08

There are closer shots of the sorority girls throwing flowers around, stroking each others' breasts and kissing - resp. are shown naked longer altogether.

22.9 sec

37:33-37:34 / 39:55-40:49

The outside view of the house is slightly longer in the RV (not picturized). In return, the unrated cut starts much earlier with what is inside. The naked girls hoping to get an appearence in "The Real World" indulge Derek's roommate much longer resp. suck on his toes and stroke his body.

Unrated 49.4 sec longer

Only RV longer
37:37 / 40:52

A shot is longer in the RV for a change (although the breasts are covered).

+ 0.4 sec

45:46 / 49:26-49:27

A black screen a little longer.

1 sec

50:27-50:29 / 54:15-54:17

The unrated is a little closer to the breasts. (By itself the same shot, though).

no time difference

Rated RUnrated

50:33-50:35 / 54:21-54:23

The unrated version zooms-in a little in between. (By itself the same shot, though)

no time difference

Rated RUnrated

53:24 / 57:19-57:21

Gloria kisses Derek in the same shot.

1.5 sec

Only RV longer
53:25-53:27 / 57:22

The following shot is longer in the RV in return.

+ 1.4 sec

56:20 / 60:23-60:44

The unrated version continues after Paris has asked whether they had learned anything. She calls a girl to come to the front, whereas she presents Prof. Milchick her breasts and he faints.

20.3 sec