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Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles


original title: Sarah Connor Chronicles, The 1.01 Pilot


  • Pilot 2007
  • Pilot TV broadcast
Release: May 30, 2011 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Blake47 - external link: IMDB
The Sarah Connor Chronicles continues the Terminator saga directly after the movie Terminator 2 – Day of Judgement.The happenings of the third and the forth movie (which will hit the theatres the following year) are ignored. The producers of the Sarah Connor Chronicles wanted to integrate John Connor as a youth in the serial; furthermore, the non-existence of Sarah Connor (actress: Linda Hamilton) in the third Terminator movie was blamed for its relatively bad box-office gross regarding its high expectations. To avoid logical gaps within the whole story, John and Sarah were already transferred in the very first episode of the serial with the help of a time machine from 1999 to 2007.

The basic story of what the serial is about: Sarah, John and the female ‘guardian terminator’ Cameron fight against Cyberdyne and the attempt to successfully construct Skynet. They are being haunted by the terminator ‘Cromartie’ that followed them from the past, as well as FBI agent James Ellison. The resistance succeeded in sending some of their soldiers and scientists to the past to help John and to provide him with arms. John and Cameron visit a high school as brother and sister.

In 2007, a first pilot was spread and some copies also found their way to Ebay.

This pilot is different in many scenes to the actual first episode that was aired in January 2008 on FOX in the USA: Sarah’s fiancé was played by a different actor whose character was originally more sensible than in the posterior version. Also John is not so soft as he was portayed in the pilot from 2007. Among many small changes that are mentioned in the following Schnittbericht there are plot scenes that were cut out or added as well. One of these deleted scenes is quite special: A terminator (dressed up like a teacher) tried to kill John in front of his school. Not only the FBI agent and the policeman can be seen in this scene but also distracted pupils that are walking around helplessly. The attempted assassination scene and the scenes on the parking lot in front of the school were shot before the rampage in the Virginia Tech on 16th April 2007 took place. The producers commented to the incident and put emphasis on the circumstance that this scene is essential for the series. However, they decided to remove the part that shows the traumatized pupils. The images of these youths were simply too similar to the ones seen in the news. The location of the very first scene was also altered due to this reason. Originally, Sarah rescues John out of a school and the terminator shoots numerous policemen in front of the building. In the final version, the school was replaced by a library.
The deleted scenes section on the US Blu-Ray contains an interesting aspect: the attack of the terminator is way more brutal than depicted in the first episode and the killing of the policemen has been extended. The pilots on the other hand are quite alike in this scene.

DVD pilot from 200744:43 minutes
TV pilot (FOX) from 200845:53 minutes
new or alternative material
DVD 20079:45 minutes
The Nightmare

1st minute (alternative)

In the DVD version, Sarah gets John out of his classroom. The other pupils act quite distracted. In the TV version, she gets him out of the library.
DVD 13,5s
TV 13s

1st minute (DVD)
Sarah and John keep on running through the school corridors longer. 4,5s

2nd minute (TV) John sits longer in the police car.1s

2nd minute (TV)
The terminator shoots longer at the police car. You can see someone sitting in the car in the TV version only.

2nd minute (TV) There are more police officers involved and the shootout is longer.4s

4th minute (alternative)
The effects of the nuclear bomb explosion are better in the TV edition. Furthermore, the terminator starts to burn earlier.
no time difference

4th minute (DVD)
The terminator approaches John and Sarah longer.

At home at the Connor's

4th minute (alternative)
In the pilot, Sarah's fiancé was played by a different actor (the name was also changed). Therefore, the same scene was shot twice and according to that, the fiancé's character was altered as well. In the first pilot, the character embodied a caring softie which turned into a way more confident fiancé in the TV pilot. He also tells Sarah that it was John who chose the engagement ring because he himself was a bit overchallenged with it. This is quite believable when you compare both actors with each other. The TV version is also much longer.
DVD 75s
TV 131s

7th minute (alternative)The titles are time difference

7th minute (DVD) Sarah is bent longer over John's bed.1s

7th minute (alternative)John stretches himself in different shots after he has woken up.DVD 6,5s/ TV 4s

7th minute (DVD) Sarah is bent over John's bed a little longer again. 1s

7th minute (DVD) Sarah stands a bit longer in the room after she has gotten up.1s


28th minute (alternative)
The jilted fiancé reports Sarah and John as missing even though he must confess that he was only left. As the actor of the fiancé was replaced by another, the whole scene had to be shot again. The dialogues stay almost the same. Agent Ellison plays his role also in the same way, but the fiancé acts totally different. In the fist pilot, he his pictured as weak and mentally unable to raise the future leader of the resistance in any way. The actor and the character are the real weakness of the first pilot. Sarah would have never gotten involved with such a man. The new fiancé of the TV pilot appears in a much more confident and aggressive way when he receives the facts about Sarah by agent Ellison in a slightly arrogant manner. DVD 167s
TV 162s

11th minute (alternative)
On agent Ellison's monitor, a different photo of Sarah can be seen. In the DVD pilot, you can spot the fiancé on her side that was replaced for the final version of the serial.
no time difference

11th minute (alternative) dito. no time difference

11th minute (DVD) The computer can be seen a little bit longer. 0,5s

12th minute (alternative) It's the photo again, but this time on the terminator's time difference

15th minute (DVD) The airport at the beginning is shown longer.2s

In School

15th minute (DVD)The classroom is shown longer in the first shot. 0,5s

18th minute (TV) As the 'teacher-terminator' fires at John, Cameron turns to the side a little while longer.0,5s

18th minute (TV) After she got hit, she rolls to the side on the floor. 1s

18th minute (DVD) The terminator is shown longer as he turns around to the class once more while standing by the window.1s

19th minute (DVD) Some customers can be seen in the diner before the camera turns to Sarah.5s

19th minute (DVD) The terminator is shown a short moment longer in the parking lot.1s

19th minute (DVD)
John hides longer behind the cars while the terminator looks for him in the parking lot.

12th minute (alternative) John recognizes Cameron's bullet hit in her chest in the TV version a few seconds time difference

20th minute (DVD)
Ellison is in the parking area of the school and talks briefly to the sheriff. Some traumatized pupils wandering about are shown, too.

C&C vs. C.

20th minute (alternative) Due to reasons of continuity, the first few seconds of Sarah watching the school are different.DVD 5,5s/ TV 7s

21st minute (alternative)
The phone call between John and the terminator differentiate. The DVD version shows the terminator only. The TV version switches to John more often.
DVD 16s
TV 22,5s

21st minute (DVD) The terminator lays down Sarah onto the couch a bit longer. 0,5s

22nd minute (DVD) Cameron grabs the terminator earlier. 0,25s

22nd minute (DVD) The terminator bends over Cameron longer. 0,5s

26th minute (DVD) The police officers are shown in the Connor's wrecked house earlier.2s

26th minute (DVD) The last shot of Ellison in the Connor's house is longer.7s

28th minute (alternative)
The conversation between John and Sarah in the hall the following morning is basically the same but is performed in a different way and makes use of alternative takes quite often. John is very whiny in this scene and even has tears in his eyes. He pleads his mother to destroy Cyberdyne because he himself does not have any confidence in leading an army in the war against the machines when Skynet triggers the third World War. Sarah promises to take care of it. The TV dialogue remains the same but John is only depicted as insecure and doubting his skills. He does not plea his mom for help but only asks her for it. Feeble behavior or even tears are not shown.
DVD 77s
TV 75s

29th minute (TV)
Cameron and John are talking to each other at a gas station. He offers her some chips, but she does not react and ignores this gesture. John said that is was obvious that she is a terminator. Otherwise such a hot girl like her would have never shown any interest in the strange new pupil. He also asks her which version of a terminator she is because she is different somehow - by saying that, he looks at her body. Cameron now takes some chips out of the bag, eats them and says that she is different indeed. Sarah observes this scene.

Dyson's House

30th minute (DVD)
The three heroes stop in front of Dyson's apartment and Sarah's off-voice explains what the audience will also actually see in a minute: Sarah tells Dyson's wife that she didn't kill him and his death does not prevent the end of the world as well.

30th minute (DVD) They keep on running towards Dyson's house longer. 3,5s

31st minute (DVD) Sarah stands at the door a little bit longer. 0,5s

31st minute (DVD) Dyson's wife is shown longer for a moment. 0,5s

Back at the Garage

33rd minute (TV)
After Sarah got hit by the terminator in front of Dyson's house, the wound has already been patched in the DVD version. In the TV version, she keeps on driving badly injured and severely bleeding. She stops in front of a Korean supermarket and sends her son to buy her rum for disinfection. The women drive back to the garage where Cameron stitches up Sarah's wound.

35th minute (DVD) The next morning, Cameron stands longer by the window. 1s

35th minute (DVD) Sarah wakes up longer while John observes her. 1,5s

35th minute (DVD) John approaches Sarah longer. 1s

35th minute (DVD) Sarah sits in the car a bit longer. 0,5s

In the Vault

36th minute (TV)
The three of them are walking towards the bank building longer. Sarah: "Tell me whats going on". Summer: "We're making a withdrawal".

36th minute (DVD) They are walking towards the bank longer. 0,5s

36th minute (DVD) Cameron is in the bank longer. 1s

38th minute (DVD) Police cars are driving to the bank longer. 2s

38th minute (DVD) The SWAT team runs longer to the entrance door. 0,5s

40th minute (alternative) The angle of Cameron at the time machine's keyboard is a different one. DVD 1,5s/ TV 4,5s

40th minute (DVD) Sarah and Cameron can be seen a little bit longer while the terminator bangs against the door. 2,5s

41st minute (alternative) Cameron can be shortly seen in a different angle again. DVD 3,5s/ TV 2,5s

41st minute (alternative)
The terminator looks through a hole of the vault door earlier in the TV version. In the DVD version, this shot only exists while the three are already standing under the lightning sphere. For compensating this, the DVD version contains an additional shot of the demolished door.
DVD 0,5s
TV 2,5s

41st minute (alternative) The isotope in the gun turns already red in the TV version. DVD 1,5s/ TV 2s

41st minute (alternative) The isotope is still orange in the DVD version. In the TV version it's already red. DVD 2s/ TV 1,5s

41st minute (alternative) The way the terminator tears away the vault door is slightly different and a bit longer in the DVD version. Additionally, you can also see the scene as he looks through a hole which was shown in the TV version earlier. DVD 11s/ TV 3,5s

41st minute (DVD) Sarah, John and Cameron stand in the lightning longer. 1,5s

In the Present

43rd minute (DVD)
The naked three run to the side longer.1,5s

43rd minute (DVD)
The naked Cameron runs longer towards the car with the three youths. Plus, a sideway shot of one of her breasts has been retouched out in the TV version.



43rd minute (alternative) An additional 'breast shot' has been removed. no time difference

45th minute (alternative)
Sarah's ex-fiancé sees in the news in 2007 that she is still alive. DVD 8,5s
TV 10,5s

45th minute (alternative)
The last scene in both versions is different. In the DVD version, you can see the three of them in a house. Sarah hammers a hole into the wall while Cameron and John are preparing guns. Sarah hides the first shotgun in the wall. The end. The TV version shows the three heroes standing in the garden and then moving into the house. Sarah's off-commentary remains the same in both versions.
DVD 34s
TV 35,5s