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  • International Blu-rays
  • German Blu-ray by Turbine Media
Release: Jul 14, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US Blu-ray from Synapse Films and the uncut German Blu-ray from Turbine Media

- 1 cut
- Cutting time: 97.7 sec. (= 1:38 min.)

The movie Long Weekend, written in Australia in 1978, has an interesting basic premise: After all sorts of disrespectful behaviour towards nature (pollution, killed animals etc.) it strikes back purely personally and teaches a camper couple to be afraid, whereby the interpersonal tensions there still cause further drama. A nice example for the fact that horror doesn't always have to come from (in)human killers and that on the threshold too often you can still discover some gems in the trashy, sometimes silly drifting-off animal horror cinema. In 2008 a Remake of the same name was created and Turbine Media offers an interesting release of the original movie. This version (Turbine) even contain a longer version compared to foreign HD releases, which we present in more detail in the following comparison.

Strangely enough, the version published in Australia as well as in the US on DVD and also on Blu-ray lacks a longer camera movement or the end of a shot shortly before the end. There doesn't seem to be any censorship background, but the scene seems a bit choppy in the cut version and should obviously appear in the movie as well. Therefore it is pleasing that Turbine Media wasn't satisfied with the licensed HD master, and searched again for this scene, which is contained in older German versions. Thus, one could actually arrange a re-scanning of the scene in question in Australia, which the label then adapted in colour grading, so that it now blends seamlessly into the movie and presents it again in its uncut original form.

In addition, the film was shortened by 2 minutes in former Germany releases, whereby also a short dialogue was missing. This small moment was now dubbed, so here too (in contrast to the old DVD from Marketing Films) there is no qualitative leap nor foreign audio language change to complain about.

Thanks for the provision of the Mediabook's goes to Turbine media!

Runtime specifications are arranged according to the following scheme
American Blu-ray / German Blu-ray
On the US Blu-ray disc, the umbrella logo is missing at the beginning.

9.4 sec.

Before describing the actual flaw, it should be pointed out that the beginning of the already shortened HD master was taken from the other scan. While the picture is otherwise qualitatively identical, it deviates a bit:

US Blu-rayGerman Blu-ray

84:33 / 84:42-86:20

Peter stands longer in front of the car, removes a few cobwebs and then hesitantly opens the car door. Inside, he first looks around, wipes the window and reaches for the steering wheel. At first, the engine doesn't start, so that he breathes in desperation. After another unsuccessful attempt, however, it works and the car starts moving or reverses in some additional scenes.

97.7 sec. (= 1:38 min.)