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  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jul 09, 2011 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Bensn - external link: IMDB
Caprica, which is the prequel of the most recent Battlestar Galactica-series, sheds light on the incidents that led to the emergence of the Cylons on the Planet Caprica. In particular, it shows the effects of advancement in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics and how these advancements affect a society which has reached its pinnacle and is about to dig its own grave. As it is also the case in BSG, the issues politics and religion play a big role again. For instance, the conflicts between monotheists and polytheists are already in the pilot as inevitable as the problem of racism is.

Although there is not less action or tension than in BSG, the series always dragged behind in terms of the number of spectators for many of whom missed the space-battles. The station SyFy plans on providing a remedy for that by creating soon another series which is set chronologically between Caprica and BSG. As how harmful the quite unusual end of the main series was to Caprica is not known. Caprica was an ambitioned Sci-Fi series, probably too ambitioned, and could satisfy only a few viewers at the end of the day - nonetheless it was an interesting one.

Compared were:

DVD: 92:18 min. (88:29 min.) NTSC
TV (SyFy): 87:46 min. (without closing credits) NTSC

There was enough time between the DVD-release in 2009 and the start of the series in January 2010 for spicing up the pilot by a few CGI-shots. Especially Caprica-City looked very usual on the DVD. Despite of this, there are only very little alterations, i.e. mainly some fine tuning and a couple of shortened or changed scenes containing sex or violence.

On July the 1st 2011, the series finally started off in Germany, broadcasted by the station TNT.
The DVD contains a logo. DVD + 25s

0:25 | 0:00
Alternative title - The TV-version shows Caprica in the background.
6,5s | 15s


0:40 | 0:23
Alternative shots inside the area for group sex and drug dancing
6s | 5,5s


1:00 | 0:43
More entry wounds at a victim of the kill-zone.
DVD + 1,5s


7:14 | 6:55
Again, alternative shots inside the area for group sex and drug dancing
17s | 12,5s


9:12 | 8:40
Alternative shot of the Greystones’ house.
no difference in time


10:59 | 10:36
Caprica-City has been embellished by CGI a bit for the TV-version.
no difference in time


views of the train and the city during the terrorist attack have been enhanced slightly at 3 points.

the transition from the explosion to the Greystones’ home is different and a bit longer in the TV-version. TV +4s

13:57 | 13:38
Amanda pets Daniel a little longer.
DVD +5,5s


14:23 | 13:59
There is a CGI-view of the city hall.
TV +2,5s


14:54 | 14:32
In the TV-version, the logo of the “terrorists” is extended by its name.
no difference in time


19:37 | 19:15
Additional CGI-view of Caprica-City.
TV +5s


Alternative transition in which the DVD shows Zoe for one moment longer. DVD +3s

23:35 | 23:15
Lacy asks Zoe where the blood she is dashed with came from. The red part is missing in the TV-version.
Zoe: "I don't know maybe the bombing."
Lacy: "The Bombing? But … you weren't even there. You couldn't have been there."
Zoe: "I know. But ... but still I felt it."
DVD +2s


24:51 | 24:29
Another short part of the dialogue is missing.
Lacy "I grew up with Zoe Greystone. And you're not her. You're something she created. You're just a thing."
DVD +2s

25:31 | 25:04
Zoe tries to convince Lacy that they are still friends.
Zoe: "I've never been to your house. Never played in your room. Never puked in your bathroom. Or... Never put on your make up or tried on your clothes."
The sound has been superimposed onto the image differently.
DVD +3s

After having surprised Lacy, Daniel Greystone can be seen longer for one moment. DVD +1,5s

27:14 | 26:45
During the court hearing, there is a cut which almost is not noticeable. As Joseph Adama sends a subtle signal to the judge by his eyes in order to make her discharge his client, the judge looks disappointed for a short moment longer.
DVD +0,5s

28:28 | 27:59
Alternative shot of Graystone’s factory.
no difference in time


You can see Daniel speaking with his assistant on the phone slightly longer. DVD +0,5s

34:55 | 34:26
Alternative transition. The TV-version shows a CGI-view.
3s | 6s


As Lacy sneaks into Zoe’s room again, she first of all looks around whether somebody is in the house. DVD +5,5s

39:46 | 39:14
CGI-view of Caprica-City
TV +3,5s


In order to make following dialogue of Amada and Sam fitting, the subsequent shot is a little longer on the DVD. DVD +1s

Amada keeps on sitting on the bench longer after the end of the conversation. DVD +2,5s

41:27 | 40:55
As in the beginning, an acted out murder-phantasy of a Teenager has been shortened.


41:29 | 40:57
There are more shots at the victim. The TV-version does not show the victim at all but only the boy who is shooting.


41:33 | 40:59
Alternative scenes inside the area for group sex once more.
8s | 7s


There is a dialogue during this scene which has been censored for the TV-version as well.

Daniel: "What goes on here?"
Lacy: "Pretty much anything. No Limits. That's the motto. Down there is the Killzone. Get a gun. Get a pumpgun. Walk in and start shooting. Shoot your friend, shoot the Prime Minister, shoot yourself, whatever. Back that way are the group sex and drug dance people. Pass that or you'll find really gross stuff.

As Daniel ignores Zoe, he can be seen for a moment longer.DVD +2s

Additionally, Zoe says in the DVD-version at this point that the brain had a capacity of about 300 MB, whereas in the TV-version she talks about 300 TB of data. Later in the TV-version when Daniel “assembles” Adama’s daughter Tamara for the VR it is yet 300 MB again.

Instead, a shot of the two shortly afterwards is longer in the TV-version. TV +2s At the very end of the scene, Daniel can again be seen longer in the DVD-version. DVD +1s
Eventually, only in the DVD-version he reaches for the USB-stick. DVD +2s

48:56 | 48:17
When Daniel leaves the VR, there is a varying dialogue.
Lacy "What did you do to her?"
(TV) Daniel: "I captures her avatar."
(DVD) Daniel: "I captured the code Zoe used to create the avatar."

An alternative transition. DVD +1s
Lacy and the agent in the office of sister Willow. Here we have a short alternative scene on the one hand and a short extension on the DVD on the other hand. DVD +1s | DVD +1s

50:55 | 50:12
Alternative scene during the conversation of the agent and sister Willow. The DVD lasts longer.

Agent: "What is the Athenian Academy stand on the question of monotheism?"
Willow: "Are we under investigation now?"
Agent: "Just a question."

Willow: "The academy ist dedicated to follow the path of the gods. The godess Athena being our patroness, we however are open to all forms of worship. Including believe in a singular god."
4s | 0,5s


51:12 | 50:26
A differing dialogue once more. The DVD lasts longer here, too.

Agent: "That's very tolerant. And how many of your students are practicing monotheists?"

3,5s | 1,5s

52:15 | 51:26
The match that Graystone and Adama together with his son watch features completely different scenes. Whilst the DVD-version shows the losing team (Graystone’s own team) disappearing into the dressing rooms, the match is still running in the TV-version though it is clear that they will lose. The dialogues of Adama and Graystone and his son are virtually identical in content.
27s | 31,5s


As Graystone and Adama walk into the basement, the TV-version has been cut and Graystone’s shy comment regarding the size of his house was shifted to the next scene. DVD +3,5s
The next scene-transition after the VR-scene is alternative again and lasts a bit longer in the DVD-version. Moreover, there is another view of the house. DVD+2,5s

64:20 | 63:30
Alternative view of Caprica-City.
3s | 5s


65:06 | 64:18
New CGI-shot of the city


68:23 | 67:38
Alternative shot as Sam Adema cuts the Minister’s throat. Only on the DVD you can really see the cut along with the blood splattering.
2s | 0,5s


68:36 | 67:50
Blut splatters out of the wound.
DVD +0,5s


Later, alternative shots of the Graystones’ house can be seen again. no difference in time.
One alternative transition TV +0,5s.
an alternative shot of the factoryTV +3s.
Also the very last shot of the pilot showing the Cylon differs a bit but is equal in difference in time