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Nude for Satan

original title: Nuda per Satana


  • US DVD (Softcore Version)
  • NL DVD (Hardcore Version)
Release: Aug 05, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVD by Image and the Dutch DVD by sodemented.

So far, the US DVD by Image/Redemption was the best choice concerning this film. But at the end of April, the Dutch label sodemented released a new DVD, containing a longer, hitherto unreleased hardcore version of the film. At every halfway reasonable point, the film was extended by hardcore scenes. Those exhibit the same quality as the rest of the film. However, everyone who aspires to catch some more glimpses of Rita Calderoni, will be disappointed. For those scenes, body-doubles were used. In principle, one can say that the scenes were integrated in the film quite well; much better compared to such disasters as "99 Women" where, apart from the actors, the backgrounds changed, as well.

According to an interview with Jess Franco, which is featured on the US DVD of "99 Women", there was a company in France, which was specializing in expanding export films with hardcore material. Then, those new version were released in porn movie theaters. It is possible that this also happened in the case of "Nude per Satana". One can assume that director Luigi Batzella had nothing to do with these scenes.

Whoever really wants to see the longest version of the film or the hardcore scenes, should get his hands on the Dutch DVD. In terms of quality, both DVDs are equivalent. It should be noted that the new footage mostly consists of rather uninteresting licking and groping and does not eventually contribute anything to the film. The focus should be on Rita Calderoni and her charms, anyway. Accordingly, the US DVD is still the better choice.

The below mentioned cuts are hardcore scenes. The pictures were kept "soft" intentionally.

Run times:

Dutch DVD: 90:35 min. (PAL)
US DVD: 81:35 min. (NTSC)

The hardcore version offers 12:27 min. of new footage.

After Benson has opened the door, in the Dutch version he sees a little orgy: two girls and a couple are having fun. (Oral and vaginal intercourse)

2:21 min.

In the US DVD, one shortly sees a man fondling the breasts of a woman.

3 sec.


The scene in the shower was expanded. Susan amuses herself with a black girl. Of course, one does not see Rita Calderoni here, but a double.

1:08 min.


Susan longer amuses herself with the black girl in the dream sequence, as well.

3:06 min.


After the whipping, the black girl is penetrated with a candle.

51 sec.


During the love scene between Benson and Evelyn, some hardcore footage was inserted. There is some oral intercourse and groping.

2:13 sec.


The two ladies from the coffins have fun with each other. (Oral intercourse). Then, of them them turns to Peter and Susan. (Oral intercourse again)

2:48 min.