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original title: Luk ding gei


  • Theatrical Version
  • Taiwanese Laserdisc
Release: Nov 23, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the theatrical version (on the British Blu-ray from Eureka) and the Taiwanese extended version (on the Taiwanese Laserdisc from King's Video):

  • 42 cuts
  • Duration: 659.7 seconds (= 11:00 minutes)

Additionally, 6 missing segments in the Taiwan version with a duration of 35.2 seconds.

A few other minor discrepancies with a duration of each < 0.5 seconds were not listed in the editing report.

Good times for fans of Hong Kong superstar Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer), because in 2023, several of his early '90s blockbusters were released on Blu-ray in the UK. From our perspective, the Fight Back to School trilogy stood out, especially as there exists a version of Part 2 that is about 30 minutes longer. Unfortunately, this particularly intriguing version was not included in the sets – similarly "incomplete" is the Royal Tramp Collection Blu-ray set available since November 13, 2023.

Both parts have been released in Taiwan in longer versions, but in HD, one only gets the familiar theatrical versions. The first part already runs quite long at 110 minutes in the theatrical version, but in Taiwan, the 2-hour mark was surpassed. The literary source material, Louis Cha's The Deer and the Cauldron, is indeed quite extensive and (aside from various silly toilet humor and anime-influenced moments, typical of director Wong Jing and Chow) was mostly adapted relatively faithfully. Accordingly, the extensions here are somewhat more interesting; certain characters get more space, and subplots in the extended version are resolved better. Also intriguing is a small bit of violence in the finale, which was likely censored in the official theatrical version.

Runtime indications are arranged as follows:
British Blu-ray at 23.976fps / Taiwanese Laserdisc in NTSC

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Taiwanese Laserdisc 1.7 sec longer

British Blu-rayTaiwanese Laserdisc

In the shot that can be seen from 00:54 / 00:56, the spoken off commentary is also shown as a rolling text in the theatrical version.

British Blu-rayTaiwanese Laserdisc

Note: The picture format "wanders" slightly on the Taiwanese laserdisc, so the black bars at the top/bottom are always larger or smaller. The screenshots were only roughly cropped a little to ~ 1.5:1 (while the correct aspect ratio is ~ 1.66:1).

01:20 / 01:22-01:27

Before Chang waves the banner, we see a shot of the ground. A lizard jumps around.

5.6 sec

02:16 / 02:23-02:27

The choreo is a little longer.

3.7 sec

02:22 / 02:33-02:38

And another shot.

5.8 sec

02:26 / 02:42-02:48


5.5 sec

02:39 / 03:01-03:03

Another one before the close-up of O'Brian (Elvis Tsui).

2 sec

02:45 / 03:09-03:11

An explosion shot begins a moment earlier...

1.9 sec

02:48 / 03:14-03:16

...and it's a little longer too.

1.5 sec

03:18 / 03:46-03:47

The long shot with the people wearing scarves begins a moment earlier.

0.8 sec

12:25 / 12:53-12:55

After a reaction shot of Wilson (Stephen Chow), there's a quick moment of someone waving swords around and another guy being torn to pieces.

1.9 sec

13:28 / 13:58-15:01

When Wilson looks out, the theatrical version continues abruptly with Hoi Tai Fu (Ng Man-Tat) justifying himself to the general. In the Taiwan long version, the general enters instead, whereupon Wilson immediately asks in a panic what they should do now. They quickly hide in the bed of Lai Chun and Wilson's sister Chun-fa. The henchmen push up the covers and the two of them foolishly think they are having sex. The general and his men are briefly irritated, but then decide that the wanted men must be in the next room.

62.6 sec (= 1:03 min)

15:42 / 17:15-17:38

More allusions to Triad rituals: the guy's middle finger gets some work done and Wilson looks on in amusement. Then it's his turn, but he fights back and runs away.

23.1 sec

16:29 / 18:25-18:41

Chan (Damian Lau) speaks in more detail to the students, who cheer him enthusiastically. Wilson thanks him.

15.9 sec

20:32 / 22:44-23:23

Typical trimming edit to make the gag just work more crisply: Wilson sees a job offer on the sign at the entrance and after he walks in, the camera zooms in on the supplementary note "for eunuchs". In the theatrical version, it continues immediately with the predictable result for the viewer that he lies spread-eagled on the table to be castrated. In the longer version, Wilson is seen coming in between and an old man makes a few smirky comments, which only unnecessarily delays the course of the scene and the actual punchline.

39 sec

22:44 / 25:35-25:40

At the end of the scene, the two walk away in another shot from above.

4.8 sec

30:37 / 33:33-33:37

Another close-up of the emperor's feet.

3.9 sec

30:45 / 33:44-34:00

Empress Dowager (Sharla Cheung) and her servants walk through the room in a long shot.

16 sec

30:48 / 34:03-34:06

After Wilson has commented a little, the women's follow-up shot starts a little earlier again.

2.4 sec

35:48 / 39:06-40:03

In a completely additional scene, Wilson is handed a letter for the Emperor. According to his counterpart, it says that he should learn more martial arts. But Wilson is still skeptical and asks about it. The man says that he knows the emperor well as a gambler and that he owes him some money. Wilson takes the letter from him and punches him in the face. The man is delighted; Wilson would hit him very differently than many other eunuchs.

56.6 sec

37:48-37:49 / 42:03

The tracking shot of the table with the pig begins a moment earlier in the theatrical version.

+ 0.5 sec

49:12 / 53:26-54:25

Dowager meets another guy outside who comes to her in costume and jumps out of a tree like a monkey. In the conversation that follows, it becomes clearer to the viewer that she has smuggled herself into the palace for a secret society, but has not yet found out anything relevant. She also doesn't think the Emperor is that bad and thinks O'Brian is the problem, but the man tells her to kill the Emperor within a month.

58.8 sec

51:43 / 56:56-56:57

Before they pull the carpet away, the servants can be seen jumping up in a short additional shot.

1.2 sec

56:22 / 61:36-61:37

Before the shot of the ceiling, Dowager and Wilson look up in a short shot.

1 sec

57:02 / 62:17-62:18

Hoi Tai Fu makes the snake hand movement a moment longer.

1.1 sec

57:14 / 62:30-62:34

Before she takes off his mask, Dowager says at the end of the shot that she wants to know who he is.

3.4 sec

57:25 / 62:45-62:47

When the two look at each other in a long shot and Wilson joins them in the background, the shot begins slightly earlier.

2.5 sec

59:44 / 65:05

A shot of Wilson's feet begins an insignificant moment earlier in the theatrical version.

+ 0.7 sec
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