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original title: Luk ding gei


  • Theatrical Version
  • Taiwanese Laserdisc
Release: Nov 23, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
61:56 / 67:17-67:21

As Hoi Tai Fu jumps around the room like a bouncy ball in typical anime fashion, the TW has additional cuts between him and Wilson.

3.6 sec

66:31 / 71:56-71:59

At the beginning of the shot, Chan first asks if there is anything else to report.

2.9 sec

70:08 / 75:36-75:39

Two more reaction shots, shortly before the map is rolled out.

3.4 sec

70:11 / 75:42-75:44

Wilson again and the map once more.

2.5 sec

Additional material in the theatrical version
75:53-76:04 / 81:26

Before Wilson comes to Dowager to warn her about O'Brian, he is seen walking around in additional shots in the theatrical version.

+ 11.7 sec

79:02 / 84:24-84:37

The scene begins a little earlier with a distant shot of the stairs and then a close-up of Wilson laughing.

13.3 sec

79:04 / 84:39-84:44

The follow-up shot is also much longer and then a sideways shot of the girls being shooed around.

5.1 sec

79:07 / 84:47-84:54

And the next shot is also longer. It cuts back to the path where the girls have to kneel down.

6.6 sec

81:19 / 87:06-87:40

Wilson takes a few steps and asks for a price. His companion corrects the price down by a few zeros several times.

33.7 sec

82:54-82:55 / 89:15

A few insignificant frames are missing from the TW at the transition between two shots.

+ 0.5 sec

83:45-83:47 / 90:05-92:50

In an additional scene, Lai Chun throws Wilson's sister Chun-fa out of his service in the Taiwan long version. She begs him to allow her to continue being a prostitute. He allows her to stay if she cleans the toilets. There are also a few (comic-like) blows with an oversized cane. However, Wilson suddenly grabs hold of it and has Lai Chun tied up by his servants. After some dialog, Chun-fa takes revenge by also giving Lai a few blows with a big red stick. She makes Lai Chun play out a few theatrical faces and forces him to sign the house over to her at a favorable price.

In the theatrical version, there is an exterior shot of the brothel's sign to introduce the scene.

Taiwan long version 162.9 sec (= 2:43 min) longer

84:45 / 93:48-93:49

Wilson is whirled through the air for a moment longer.

1.5 sec

85:06 / 94:10-94:44

Wilson is brought into the rooms earlier and Chan gives a little speech.

33.6 sec

96:49 / 106:27-106:33

The conversation between Wilson and Dowager is one sentence longer.

5.8 sec

98:14 / 107:58-108:20

On the way out, the false empress sprays some "magic" powder - but it has no effect.

21.5 sec

Additional material in the theatrical version
101:24-101:36 / 111:29

The Taiwan version is missing a short piece of the fight in the forest with some nice artistic shots.

+ 11.7 sec

102:24 / 112:17-112:19

Chan pushes off from the tree in a short additional shot.

1.5 sec

At 102:32 / 112:27, the optical effects are also included in the Taiwan version, but protrude across the bottom of the image.

British Blu-rayTaiwanese laserdisc

104:02 / 113:56-114:01

More shots of the fight in the air + cut to Wilson.

4.9 sec

104:10 / 114:09-114:10

Another short shot of the fall.

1 sec

104:26 / 114:26-114:29

Censorship: After the sword has landed in the head in several shots, only the TW still has a frontal shot with blood running down the forehead.

2.9 sec

109:10-110:49 / 119:13-119:46

In the theatrical version, there is a soft fade to So Chuen (Brigitte Lin) in a red robe, followed by the credits - absurdly introduced with a reference to the sponsors Pepsi and Seven-up.

In the Taiwan long version, the shot of Dowager is longer instead and is followed by an alternate shot of Brigitte. Then just an end fade-in where Wilson is attacked while lying on the ground.

Theatrical Version 66.1 sec (= 1:06 min) longer .

Slipcase and cover of part 1 on the UK Blu-ray set:

Taiwanese laserdisc: